Shenzhen children's poster won the first prize

Shenzhen children's poster won the first prize
Eleven-year-old Maggie Hsien-hsien will take part. Peace Poster & RDquo; Global Finals

       poster英语;     Mai Qia我能提取副作用nqiprize是什么意思an, an 11-year-old child from Nanshan District, w深圳on the grand prize of the first National Children's World Peace Poster Contest and the first prize of the Nationalposter英语 Lions Association Peace Poster Contest in 2012 for her work "Peace Dream". This work will represent Lions Shenzhen in the Lions International Peace Poster Finals.

        “ Imagine peace. — World Peace Poster Contest & RDQUO; It is an annual peace poster design cofirstname填姓还是名mpetition organized by lions International. This year is the 25th World Peace Posterchildren怎么读 Contest and the first Domestic Children's World Peaposter模板ce Poster Conposteritytest 2012. About 40,000 children in Shenzhen took part in the contest with their works.

            This year's Peace Poster Contest in Shenzheprize翻译n lasted for 4 monfirst怎么读ths anfirst named recechildren翻译ived 21,740 entries. At last, 194 entries were selected, among which 1 special prize, 30 first prize, 30 second prize, 40 thwonird prize and 93 finalists weprize翻译re selected. Mai's poster work waprize和award区别s recommended by the Shenzhen Lions Riverside Service team and directed by the Shenzhen Little Painters Art Center.

            It is reported that the International Peace Poster Competition hasfirst name been held by Lions Since 1988 and has been held for 25 years. Every year, about 350,000 children aposter模板ged 11-13 from 65 countries and regions tafirst翻译成中文ke part in the competition. Previously, the children's works selected by Shenzhen Lions Club have been awarded two sessions & LDquo; Internatiofirsthandnal Award & RDQUO; .

Pictured is Maggiechildren怎么读 Flourishing's award-winning work "Dreams of Peace"

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