Brief on epidemic prevention of Novel Coronavirus pneumonia in Shenzhen Lions Club (10)

As of 17:00 on 22 February 2020, Shenzhen Lions Club and 111 service teams have raised RMB 5,405,5063 yuan for novel Coronavirus infection prevention services, and the value of matershenzhenials has been RMB 797,22shenzhen2 yuan. Among them, the districtcoronaviruses council raised 2.04674 million yuan for epidemic prbriefevention, which actually reached 1.74674 million yuan.

At present, 3,614,4653 million yuan has been invested in epidemic prebrief翻译vention services, mainly including: 100,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan, rprevention是什么意思espectively, to the Domestic Lioclubsn Asnovel的名词sociation, hubei Wuxiu City Charity Association and Wuhan Cacoronavirus是什么意思idian District Charity Association, totalilions的音标ng 250,000 yuan; The vclubsalue of donated epidemic preventepidemic是什么意思中文翻译ion materials was 3,364,brief465.53 million yuan, including 4,307 pieces of isolation clothinovelty翻译ng, worth 479,000 yuan; 10,116 goggles worth 277,257 yuan; 368,880 masks, worth 54,088 yuan; 120 temperature guns, worth 11,880 ybriefcaseuan; 682,000 medical gloves, worth 526,195 yuan; 3380 masks, worth 74511.3 yuan; 7,580 pieces of disinfectant, worth 154,564 yuan; 1 hand washing robot, worth rmb1980; 24 bottles of hands-free disinfection gel, worth 1320 yuan; 424 bottles of hand sanitizer,coronaviruses worth 12,432 YUAN; Double carbonclubmed steel uv sterilization lamp car 20, the value of 9000 yuan; Ultravionovellet disinlions读音fection calionsgater (including ultraviolet lamp) 12 sets, worth 10320 YUAN; 6 air disinfection machines, worth 34,800 yuan; 16 ventilators, worth 150,800 YUAN; 6400 medical hats, worth 22,200 yuepidemic怎么读音an; 84 100 barrels of disinfectant, worth 24,000 yuan; 640 bottles of chllion是什么意思orine dioxide disinfecting water,深圳疫情最新动态 worth 69,120 yuan; 50 barrels of alcohol disinfectant, worth 20100 YUA深圳天气N; 1000 bottles of alcohol disinfectant, worth 12000 YUAN; 40 sets of ozone sterilization air purifiers, valued at 32,000 yucoronavirus音标an; 8prevention是什么意思 tons of chlorine dioxide disinfecting water 560,000 yuan; 1000 pants type sanitary napkins, worth 8,500 yu深圳地铁线路图an; Self-heating meals 1000 pieces, worth 3深圳0000 YUAN (inspirational materials); 1020 pieces of medicine, wonovelsrth 1novelist05,000 YUAN (inspirational materials); 1000 bottles of ethanol disinfeclion是什么意思tant, worth 40,000 YUAN (inspirational mate深圳风险等级rials); Disinfection powder 30 p深圳疫情ieces 11040 yuan (inspirational materials); 15400 pieces of chemicabriefly是什么意思啊l defense clothing 73600 yuan (inspirational materials); Nut 1895 two retro projectors, worth 19,998 yuan (inspirational materials); 3 Strong SV-328 projectors, worth RMB 4,050 (inspirational materials); 3 screens of Dela Cinema, worth 2550 YUAN (inspirational materials); Quick discount 2 cinema scclubsreenslions英语怎么读, worth 6000 YUAN (inspirationallions是什么意思 materials); 200 cases of bnovelist翻译abao porridge, 200 cases of mineral water, 200 cclubman是什么牌子车ases ofepidemic instant noodles, worth 38,000 yuan; 300 boxes of Huoxiang Zhengqi capsules, subtotal 2160 yuan.

At present, the special expenditure olions怎么读f the District Council for epidemic prevclubention is RMB 1,488,956 yuan, as follows:

1. Support the Association to carry out epidemic prevention serviepidemic和pandemic的区别ces of Hubei RMB 150,000 (RMB 50,club翻译000 purepidemic和pandemic的区别chased masks, and another RMB 100,000 has been transf深圳风险等级ecoronavirus怎么读rred to the Domestic Lion Associatioclub翻译n);

2. Purchase 180,000 disposable medical gloves, subtotal 119,2epidemic是什么意思80 yuan;

3. Purchased 10,000 N95 masks, subtotal 150,000 yuan;

4. Purchased 100 balions的音标rrels of disinfectant, subtotal 24,000 yuan;

5. 3500 pairs of goggles, 69,000 yuan subtotal;

6. Purchaclub怎么读se 13 uv sterilization lamp vehicles (including UV disinfectioclubn lamp), subtotal 11,118 yuan;

7. Purchase 1000 bottles of chlorine dioxide, subtotal 108,000 yuan;

8. Chlorine dioxide 8 tons, subtotal 560,000 yuan;

9. Purchased 4,620 bottles of 75% alcohol disinfectant, with a subtotal of 49,深圳疫情最新动态896 yuan;

10. Purchased 2 sets of SV300 intensive intensive version equipment, subtepidemic是什么意思中文翻译otal 194,000 yuan;

11. Purchase 200 cases of Babao porridge, 200 cases of mineral water, 200 cases of instant noodles, subtotal 3epidemic翻译8,000 yuan;

12lions翻译. Purchase 2000 bottles of 100ml 75% alcohol disi深圳市最新疫情nfectant, subtotal 15,600 yuan.

In addition, the mateepidemic和pandemic的区别rials co深圳大学llected and delivered by the District Council are as follows:

1. He Jianhao donated 2000 Korean KN94 masks (inspired by Guo Yclubmed官网预订ongyong);

2. Lion friend LAN Xiangyong donated 150 imported深圳大学 masks (30 N95 and 120 N94) (Wu Jinzhi inspired);

3. Lion Friend Librief是什么意思 Xia donated 1000 self-heateclubman是什么牌子车d meals (insclubmedpired by Wu Jinzhi);

4. Shenzhen Jiatai Pharmaceuticanovelist翻译l Donated 3000 boxes of Zangjiefeng soft capprevention是什么意思sules and 6000 bopneumonia记忆方法xes of Huoxiang Zhengqi clions翻译apsules (Jinming Service Team, Wu Jinzhi ibrieflynsnovelspired);

5. Shiyou Ye Ning donated 180 ha深圳风险等级nd creams;

6. Shenzhen Fuxi Health Technology Co., LTD donated 58 boxes of soda water (10L/ box),60 boxes of soda water (24 bottles/box, 333ml/ bottle) anpneumoniad 30 piecebriefcases of protective clothing.

The district Council has completed three batches of donated supplies, and will now stockpile epidemic prevention supplies and organize service teams to carry out community epidemic prepidemicsevention services.brief是什么意思

A, & have spent Details of donations are as follows:

















Hats off to the lions! Thumbs up for lions! We firmly believe that in the near future, spring will usher in floweepidemic是什么意思rs, everything will recover, and thenovelty翻译 Sons and daughters of the Chinese nation will unite aclub怎么读s one and win this tough battle against the epidemic.



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22 February 2020


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