The city’s first comfort center was established (source: Shenzhen Business Daily A06 edition)

The city‘s first comfort center was established & NBSP;

            [Shenzhen Business Daily] (reporter Zhang Yan intern Lin Lanting) ycenteresterday morning, as the red cloth slowly openeestablished怎么读英语d, our city’s first relief center & LDquo; Lion Love Home & Middot; Relaxation center & RDquo; Tumor radiology department of the city people’s Hospital was formally established. The refirst翻译成中文porter learned that this hospital, which aims to relieve pr深圳市最新疫情essure for cancer patients and carry out health education and other activcomfortingities, is also the first place in our provinestablished是什么意思英语ce.

              City people’s hospitawaspl tumor radiology directorfirst怎么读英语 Li Xianming told reportwasn’ters, now more than 50% of tucenterpoint是什么意思mor patients have the possibility of cure, that is, the survival period of more than 5 years. However, due to the great psychological pressshenzhenure, pawash怎么读tients often lose confidence in treatment. &深圳大学ldquo; Gresource引擎at psychologfirst是什么意思ical pressure will also lead to low immunity of patients, so a good psychological state is the first step in treatment. ”

          &nb深圳天气sp;   The reporter learned that the comfort center started construction in November, and all the expenses were donated by lions club members. The relaxation center is divided into t深圳疫情wo areas. One is the relaxation area, where patients can read books for leisure and surf the Internet for entertainment.firstname填姓还是名 The other is the counseling meetibusinesswomanng area.

              &citydo杭州城市大数据nbsp;   Relatedestablished怎么读 links: the city’s first comfort center was estacenterpoint是什么意思blished & NBSP;

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