Jiahe County: Shancun School receives thoughtful "gift package" from Shenzhen Lions Club

Rednet time on April 16 news(Correspondent Liu Yuanwei and Li Chao) On April 16, Panjiang Central School and Panjiang Middle Schoo深圳疫情最新消息l, two mountain village schools in Jiahe山村名医 County, welcomed a delegation of Shenzhen Lions Club six zone, and received a "gift package" of 255,800 yuan.

"We visited the school last year to idegift怎么读ntify the actual difficul山村野花开ties in the developackage什么意思pmengift翻译t ocount英文单词怎么读f the school and provide more thoughtful help a嘉禾望岗站是什么梗s nereceive是什么意思eded." Li Juyuan, a member of Lions Club oschooldaysf Shenzhenshenzhen, was born in Panjiang, Jiahe County. After graduating from a normal school in her youth深圳疫情最新动态, she worked for the educaschoology官网登录tion cause in her hometown.

Jiahe County: Shancun School receives thoughtful

Panjiapackage是什么文件夹ng Central School's teachers and students performreceivesed the interactive pschool怎么读rogram "Listen to me and thank you".

Panjiang Central School and Panjiang Middle School are located in the northeast side of Nanling Mountains in J山村咏怀iahe County. The campus is surroun深圳疫情ded by mountaischoolns, and the school conschooldaysditions argiftse relatively simple compared with urban schools. Panjiang Central School and Panjiang Middle School are the objects of the county's "Weak scgiftshool improvement Project". The "gift packages" receipackage造句ved from Shenzhen Lions Club incthoughtfulness翻译luded two speed printersschool valued at 15,000 yuan, multimedia equipment valued at 68,000 yuan, school uni甲贺忍蛙forms valued at 21,000 yuan, and repairing water leakage in the to山村野花开p f深圳天气loor of panjiang Central School wit嘉禾望岗是什么意思h a total donation of 255,800 yuan.

"Reschoolpairing the leaking problem on the top floor of the teaching building and buying speed printingschooling mathoughtfulchine are the most difficult problems that the school ne深圳地铁线路图eds to solve, which will be remembered forever." The county panjiang Central School principal Xiao Hongfan grateful.

During the ceremreceive是什么意思ony, the teacherspackage和pack的区别 and students showed their gratitude to The Shenzhen Lions Ccount用法lub by performing "Kung Fu Breceive什么意思中文aby", "Domestic Style", "Hear me Say Thank Youpackage和pack的区别" and "Motherland is in my Heart".

"Dripping of gr山村名医ace, when yongquan深圳市最新疫情 phase reported, I hop山村爱情by贪观e the students in the future life and study of the heart of gratitude, inheritance of red genes, and strivschoolinge to absorb nutrition in the gloriou山村爱情by贪观s struggle history of the Party, and strive to grow into a towerin深圳g tree of the Chinese nation." Li Zhgiftedixiong, director of the countypackages's education b深圳天气ureau, expressed his gratitudeshenzhen to the students.

Jiahe County: Shancun School receives thoughtful "Gift Package" from Shenzhen Lions Club

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