Representatives of the project management team of shenzhen Lions Club low vision rehabilitation System visited Hong Kong Society for the blind

Representatives of the project management team of shenzhen Lions Club low vision rehabilitation System visited Hong Kong Society forproject软件使用教程 the blind

  &nbspvisionstreetwear;       On December 22, 201lions英语怎么说1, led by Xi深圳天气ao Xin深圳gping, former director of Shenzhen Lioclub用英语怎么说ns Club and chaivisionstreetwearrman of Shenzhen Lions Club low vision Rehabilitation System project, A delegation consisting of tong Xinshi, ch深圳疫情最新动态airman of the Committee for Preventing and helping Blindness of Shenzhen Lions Club and executive Director of low Vision Project, and doctors’ representatives from Shenzhen Eye Hospitaclubmedl and Shenzhen Peking University Hospital, co-sponsorepresentative是什么意思rs of low vision Project, visited Hong Kong Society for the Blind and carrimanagement是什么意思中文翻译ed out communication activi深圳市最新疫情ties.

          The Hong Kong Society for the Blind was founded in 1956. The organisation mproject翻译ainly develops a wide range of ophthalmic and low vmanagement专业ision services, rehabilitation and vocational training, education support, employment counselling, assistive equipment consultancy services, applicatilions翻译中文on of counselling technology, rehabilitation of people with multiple disabilities and residential servlions是什么意思ices for the elderly with visual impairment for the vi深圳sually impaired. By watching Hong Kong bank-inteamo service introduction CD, meet with the acting executive director discussion and technicrepresentativesal exchange, edition staff led to visit the career support in development center, auxiliary inlow是什么意思strument services, rehabilitation center, general eye and low vision center, barrier-free message center, the central braille production center, massage healtproject软件h care treatment center, Theproject软件使用教程 delegation learned about the operation and mprojectdollanagement mode of the Hong Kong Society for theclub用英语怎么说 Blind, and learned technical experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of low visiteamoon, which served as a good reference for the development of shenzhen Lions Club’s lomanagement是什么意思英语w vision rehabilitlion是什么意思ation system.

          After consultation, Shenzhen Lions Club will maintain a long-term cooperative relaclubstionship with Hong Kong Society for the Blind, amanagement游戏nd continuously promote the cooperationlow是什么意思 and exchanges in training, rteamoesource shlow的比较级aring, medical technology and other aspect深圳市最新疫情s.

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