The first special council of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2015-2016 was held successfully

          On the afternoon of August 15, 2015, the first special council of shenzhen Liocouncil翻译ns Club for 2015-2016 was held in the office. 24 directors of Shenzhen Lions Club, including Lin Tcouncilorao, thewas怎么读 president of 2015-2016, Shi Jianyospecializedng, the first vice President, Yu Qian, the second vice President, and Zeng Shiyang, the Secretary General, attended the meetin深圳大学g. Li Wenqiu, Chen Shaohua, special assistaspecial怎么读nt of president of China attendedspecial怎么读 the meeting. The meeting was moderalions怎么读ted by Mr Liaoclub是什么酒 Wing-fai, Chairman of members Managemenfirst namet Committee (Eastern).
          The meeting deliberated and approved the adjustment of the budget of lions Club of Shenzhencouncil什么意思 in 2015-2016; Members development and retention, return visit of service projects, preparation for the fourth Charity Fair, collection of membership dues, settlement of tribute and inaugural ceremony, etc. We also discussed about visiting the northern and southern routefirst青年电影展s of brother dicouncil词根strict and the enrollment of the 8th students of leadership Acadfirst翻译成中文emy.
 washed         President Lwas怎么读in Tao made a brief introduction to the recent work of this year. She said that since July 1, Shenzhen Lions Club ha深圳s taken part in the election change of 10 brother distrifirsthandcts to send the blessings of Shenzhen to them. She pointed out that the workfirsthand of member developmespecial翻译nt and retention should be done well according to the annual target, and promoted in a planned way according to the stage, and strive to minimize the attclub是什么酒rition rate. She called on the council memb深圳市最新疫情ers to activelspecial怎么读y participate in the community return visifirst namet activities and wingclubmed expansion plan, and hoped that the chairmen of each division should do a good job in mobilizing the service teams under theirspecialization jurisdiction, report the service projects of wing expansion plan as soon as possible, and guide the change of the service teaclubmanms under their jurisdiction to make them standardized. Shclubmane suggested that the work report of the chairmen of each district should be added to the agenda of the next council meeting, so as to betterspecial communicate with each other and effectively promote the development of lion work.

          At the meeting, under the elaborate arrangement ofclubmed President Lin Tao, the participating board members celebrwashedated the birthdays of the direlion是什么意思中文翻译ctors in July and August together, and wished them a smooth work and a successful outcome.

    &nbcouncil翻译sp; &nbsclubmedp; &nbs深圳p; The meeting made arrangements and arrangements for the recent work of this year, laying a good foundationlions for the smooth development of the annual work. I believclub怎么读e that under the leadership ospecial怎么读f President Lin Tao and with the joint efforfirst翻译成中文ts of all the council members, all lions club members of Shenzhen will make concerted efforts to accomplish the an深圳市最新疫情nual work objectives. Let’s walk with love and dream together!


By Cheng Zhaohuclubman是什么牌子车a/Su Zhuangbin

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