2015-2016 “Lilac August” Lion Culture Learning Week Newsletter

          From August 5 to 6, 2015, the lions Club of Shenzhen kicked off the “Lilac August” Lion Culture Learning Week 2015-2016 in the multi-flionkkunction Hall of the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. Nearly 140 raugust泰星epresentatives from 40 service teams attended the training session. Eleven lecturers including Ma Min, head of the Lions Club of Shlearning的音标enweek是什么意思英文zhen, attlilacs怎么读ended the training. Xiao Xingping, chief financial officer of Lionslion复数 Club of China, Chen Shijun, vice chairman of ficulture什么意思中文nancial Management Committee and Bi Yongtao, Chief financulture怎么读英语cial officer of Lions Club of Shenzhen were also invited as lecturers.
      &nbspculture什么意思;   In the traininglion是什么意思 onewsletter的中文意思n August 5th, Li Feng, the dnewslettereputy head of the division, explained the relationship between the captain and the members and the unique culture of the Lions Club with the topic of “Captain’s duties and practical operalilac英文tion”. He focusedweek怎么读 on the lions club’s unique culture of democracy and lunzhuang, inheritanewsletternce and companionship, respect and appreciation, diversity and tolerance,weeks and communicatioculture是可数名词还是不可数名词n and etiquette. Fang Mansong shi Brother introduced the new secretaries’ role positioning, responsibiculture形容词lities, working practices and basic qualities alilac是什么意思nd abilities with the titlearning chocolatele of “Secretary responsibilities and practical operation”. He analyzed the important role of secretaries in the work of the service team in detail, and made the lion friendsaugust怎么读英语 learn liculture怎么读on work by asking questions, writing and other methods.
  &nbculture shocksp;       In the course on Auguweekend是什么意思英语st 6th, Ma Minaugust泰星, the leader of the clnewsletter模板ub, took “How to build an excellenlion的音标t Service Team” as the title, summarized the service vision of the service team, membership development and retention skills, etc. In addition, shelilace especially anaugust翻译alyzed and discussed the balance between lions Club and family and career. Bi Yongtao explained the financial wnewsletterork of Shenzhen Lions Club this year. This year, the district Club opened online banking business in Shenzheweek怎么读n Branch of Shanghai Pudlilac英文ong Development Bank, which is convenient foraugusttaylor后门 lculture形容词ions club members to handle account checking, transfer, reimbursement and other services online without leaving home. Xiao Xingping for financial standard management, put forward 10 points of glilac怎么读uinewsletter模板dance, sheweeks stressed that this year the district will manage the administrative expenses of the service team, the service team will reimburse the administrative expenses to the district in the future accoraugust翻译dingnewsletter to the relevant process, at the same time, she reminded the liculture翻译on friendlionkks must baugust怎么读英语e transparculture怎么读英语ent fund management, away from religious, commercial and other behaviors. Chen Shijun introduced the financial management structure of CSL, the financial managculture形容词ement structure of the service team and the main work of CSL with the title of “CSL Financial Management Model”.
          Good time is always very short, lecturers in just two days, refined contentculture可数吗, interesting teaching, for lion friends to present wonderful courses. Ma Min said that the “Lion Cultuaugust音标re Learning Week” was just the beginning of this year’s training, and she hoped that more lion friends would sign up to learn and grow together.




By Wenjie Turin


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