China lion award | shenzhen lion lion for 2020-2021 China pledged in suzhou

Dear friends,

In order to better raise funds for service, encourage and commend members to carry forward t苏州一高速加装刀片防护网he lion spirit of "we serve", Shenzhen Lions Club decided to establish the "Chinese Lion Award", referred to as the "Chinese Lion Award", after deliberating andpledge翻译中文 passing the resol深圳风险等级ution on tlion是什么意思he establishment of the "Chinese Lion Award" alion的中文意思t the district annual meeting in 2004. Since 2004, as of June 30, 2020, Shenzhen宿州天气 Lions Club has received a total of 5,403 "Hua Shi Award" pledges. Now we propose that all lion friends contishenzhennueaward什么意思 to pledge to donate th宿州天气e Chinese Lion Award.

Method of pledge

Any lion who donates RMB 5,000 to the Shenzhen Lions Club Service Fund will苏州大学研究生院 receive a "award什么意思Laward什么意思ion Hua Award".


Purpose and reward method

The huas苏州大学研究生院hi Award will be used to propledge记忆方法vide community service for the苏州科技大学 district club and servpledge翻译中文ice team of Shenzhen Lions Club next yeapledge的意思r. Every huashi award donor will receive a permanent honor from the Shenzhen Lions Club.

(1) Rewards for ind苏州大学ividual pledges

Awards will be givelionkkn according to the amount pledged:

1.  For the first time, a medal wiaward和reward区别ll be awarded

2.  Those who pledge 1 Huashi Award in to深圳天气tal willpledge怎么记忆 get a Huash苏州天气i Award medal (without diamond). 3. Those who pledge 2 ~ 9 "Huashi Award" in total will get one "Huashi Award" medal with 1 ~ 8 diamonds suc深圳疫情cessively.

3.  Those who have pledged a total of 10 Huashu Awards will receive a huashu Award medal with a red diamond.

4.  A total of 20 wah Lion awa深圳大学rds will be awarded with a wah Lion Awlionsard medal with two red diamonds.


(II) Rewards for team pledges

In order to demonstrate the exemplary role of leading lion friends and enhance tlion复数eam cohesion, all me苏州疫情最新消息mbers of the distawardedrict Council, board of Supervisors, advisory committee of the president, service team and other tea苏州疫情最新数据ms who pledge "Huashi Award" will be rewarded. The rewards are深圳地铁线路图 as follows:lions

1. If all the members of the service team (excluding the adjournment memb深圳大学ers) pledge 1 "Huashu Award", the service team will be awarded the flag of "100% Huashu Award". If all the members of the service tpledgeeam pledge 2 "Huasheng Award", the service team will be awarded the "200% Huasheng Award" flag. And so on.

2. The service team that has pledged more than the number of current members will be awarded the med深圳疫情最新消息al of "Outstanding Service Team Award". 1, 2 awards are not high on the low, can not have both.

3. The top 10 service teams that have pledged the Huashi Award will be awarded the "H苏州大学研究生院uashi Outstandin苏州大学g Service Team Award". The winpledge的意思ning saward什么意思ervice team will be honored at the New Year charity gala. The number and amount subscribed by the president, former president, director and supervisor will be counted by the service team they belong to.

4苏州疫情. All other tlionkkeam members who donate "Huashi Award" will be awarded "100% Huashi Team Award".

5. Service teams that have pledged 5 or more Chinese Lions Awards will be eligiblchina翻译e for funding from Lions Club of Shenzhelionn in 2021-2022.

The lion club mem宿州信息网bers of a service team have pledged 5 or more Lion Prizes. 70% of the total amount of lion prizes pledged by the service team will be directly allocated to the service fund account to support thlionele service activities of the service team. The fund will be transferred to the account of the service team in July 2021 by Lionpledge的意思s Club shenzhen. If the number of donations is less than 5, the club will not receive 70% of the grant support深圳大学.

To ensure that shenzhen Lions Clubchina翻译 meets the financial requirements of the "two Exemptions",70% of the total amount of donated Huashi Prize shall be used for service echina意思xpenses before Mar深圳疫情最新动态ch 31, 2022, and the unused part shall be returned to the account of the District Council.

(awards3) Wall of Hlion怎么读onor

Shenzhen Lions Club office set up a wall of honor. A donor's pledge may be permanently recorded on the Wall of Honochina读音r.


Iii. Pledge highlights

1. Encourage donations for collect苏州疫情最新消息ive honor

The Hlion翻译ua Shi Award relion的音标flects both the individual contribution to lions club and the collionellective sense of honor lion club membersawards hapledged翻译ve for their team. This year, sh苏州一高速加装刀片防护网enzhen Lions Club will invite lion club members to donate more than one hlion的中文意思undred percent Lion Clchina意思ub team and two hundred percent Lion Club team to encourage lion club members tolion复数 donate for the collective honor and strive for higher honor.

All the members of the service team pledge 1 Chinese Lion深圳疫情最新消息 award, and the service team willion是什么意思l be awarded "100% Chinese Lion Award Service team".

2013-2014 "100% Huasheng Award" Service team深圳市最新疫情: Tai 'an

2014-2015 "100% Huashi Award" serv深圳疫情最新动态ice team: Yitian, Gaoxin

2015-2016 "100% Huashawardsi Award" Service team: Main meeting, top steplion复数

2016-2017 "100% Huasheng Award" service team: Baibei, Datong and Huahan

201china意思7-2018 "100% Huashan Lion Award" Service team: Tai Shan, Huashan

2018-2019lions英语怎么读 "200% Huasheng Award" Service team: Huatian;shenzhen "100% Huashi Award" Service Team: Yishan (fuaward怎么读nding) & NBSP;

2019-2020 "200% Huasheng Award" service team: Yitian, Zhuhui; "100% Huashi Award Service Team" : Huanggang, Hongli


2. Help the service team rapledge记忆方法ise money

In order to encourage the service teams to donate, next year, L苏州一高速加装刀片防护网ions Club shenzhen will continue to return a high percentagelionkk (70%) of the donations pledged by the service team to help the service tealion复数m raise moneaward什么意思y through the donation of the "Lion Wah Award深圳风险等级".

70% of the service funds raised by huashi Award will be directly allocated to the service fund account of the pledging service team, which can carry out service activaward和reward区别ities at its own disposal. 10% wipledgesll be used to ca苏州科技大学rry outshenzhen all brand services in the district committee in the next year; 20% will be left to the Shenaward的用法和搭配zhen Lchina读音ions Club for emlionkkergency major project expenditures.  

Compared with the self-fund-raising of the service team, it requires a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resourc深圳风险等级es. Th苏州大学e hi苏州一高速加装刀片防护网gh return ratio of Huashi Award creates a new fund-raising mode for the service team, saves a lot of manpower costs and administrative expenses, and can raise more service funds.


4. Pledge the Lion award and the Mervyn Bell Award

We encourage liolion复数ns to continue to donate to the Lion award and the Mervyn Bell Award. The Lpledge的意思ion Prize is RMB 5000 / piece, and the Merman Bepledgesll Prize ispledge翻译中文 RMB 7000 / plion怎么读iece.

When carrying out their service activities, the serlion怎么读vice teams can apply for service funds from the China Lion Foundation, and the amount is 80% of the pledgeawardedd amount.

 china意思; The Lions Club office in Shenzhen set up a wall of honor for the Lion award and the Mervyn Bell Master Award. All pledges can be permanently深圳地铁线路图 recorded on the Wall of Honor.


V. Payment methodawards:

Lion club me深圳mbers can transfer to the lions Club account throu深圳gh Huashi onlin宿州天气e, cash, credit card, transfer and other means.

Account Name: Shenzhen Lions Club;

Bank: Shanlionkkghai Pudong Devepledge怎么记忆lopment Bank, Shenna苏州天气n Miaward是什么意思英语ddle Road Sub-branch;

Account number: 7913 0155 2600 00178 (please sp苏州一高速加装刀片防护网ecifawardingy the purpose of payment in the postscript).

Contact person:深圳疫情 Peng Li 25688519.  


Six, the first statistical deadline

The de深圳天气adline for the first count and recognitichina读音on of donations for this year's Huashi Award is December 3.  深圳疫情最新消息;


Being kind andlion benevolent, we are proud to pledge huashi Award! Every donor is a hero! Let us use the most simple, the most sincere kindness to promote the development of the lion cause. S深圳地铁线路图henzhen Lions Club, our common home, pledges to "Hua Shi Award", looking forward to the active participation of lion friends!    


Shenzhelions英语怎么读n Lions Club

2020-2021lion的音标 President: Lu Zhiqiang

Ch深圳风险等级airman of Shishi Foundation Committee: We苏州疫情ng Hua

Chairman and First Vice President: Guo Yongyong

November 3, 2020

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