Notice on the organization planning and project application of the 18th Shenzhen Care Action

Service teams:

Following the notice on organizing, planning and Project application of the 18th Shenzhen Caring Action issued by Shenzhen Caring Office, the 18th S深证指数henzhen Caring Action will be launched in January 2021. In order to make overall planning, the relevant matters are hereby notified as followorganization动词形式s:

I. Guiding ideology of the 18projectdollth Shenzhen Care Actiapplicationcontexton

18th shenzhenproject怎么设置无休息日 love action in jorganizationallyinping new era China characteristic socialism thought as the instruction, the comprehensive implementation of jinpiactionng general secretary to attend and inspection of the shorganization可数吗enzhen special econoactiongirls女兵人mplanning怎么读音ic zone set up 40 anniversary of guangdprojectong, shenzhen's important speech, important indicatorcareless spirit, to cultivate and practice the socialisapplicationletter英语作文t core values as the leading, based on the urban civilization model orientation, powernotice过去式 co褪黑素nstruction of "同花顺double", Vigorously carry forward the concept of care, according to the actual circumstance of shenzhen'application是什么意思中文s economic and social development, the key to carry out series深圳市最新疫情 of people can see and touch, and affordable care projects, let the reform development achievement more fair aaction翻译nd benefit the people, enhance the peoplaction对魔忍e's feeling, happiness, security, and promote the establishment of "weak have all helped up" long-term care system, to further同花顺 deepen the "care for the city construction", To help Shenzhennotice翻译 build a benchmark for people's well-being.

Secoplanningnd, the fthocus of the 18th Shenzhen Care action

Th深圳天气e planning and organization of the project wplanning是什么意思英语ill focus on the fol退婚后大佬她又美又飒lowing key aspects:

(1) "thoughHappy Spring桃花源记翻译 Festival" Warm Action:Concentrating on "new love action", during the Spring Festival launched characteristic, rproject翻译icactionsh variety of sprinoticeng care activities, including "sympaplanning怎么读发音语音thy" graactiontitude "in the New Year" "warm home" welfare "culture" such as the content of the plate, the深圳大学 party committee, the officiplanning怎么读英语al and the social from all walkprojectors of life care and warmth to the people in the heart of the masses, improve their homes and the feeling of belonging.

(2) "Happy heaapplicationletter英语作文rt" happiness action:Attention people spiritua桃花源记l needs, through integration, profeplanning翻译ssional institutions such as hospitals, schools, community resou深圳天气rces, strengthenthin t深圳风险等级hecare是什么意思 mentaorganization和organisation区别l health service talented person troop construction, broprojectionadeningapplicationcontext the ways and methods of psychological care, culture, loving, establish and improve the psychological and cultuapplication是什么意思中文ral care service深圳市最新疫情 network, widely porganizationopularize mental health knowledge, skills, and advocate the civilized healtthoughh life style, To meet the diverse psychological and culturanotice用法l service needs ofcare怎么读 the papplicationublic, such as providing comprehensive quality improvement services such as moral chplanning怎么读音aracter, psychological qnotice的固定搭配uality and cultural accomplishment, to help torganization的用法eenagers andcareer children grow up happily; Provi深圳天气de深圳大学 cultural respect深圳疫情最新消息 for the elderly, family companiocareer翻译nship and other activinotice的固定搭配ties to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the elderly; Provide professional development, interpersonal communication, marriage anproject是什么意思d family, parent-child relationship and other guidance services to promote social harmony and family happiness.

(3) "Waprojectionrm the Hearts of the People"organization怎么读 Sunshine Action:Pplanning和plan区别ay attention to the neecareer翻译ds of specific groups such as builders, special professional groups (doctors, policeorganizational, sanitation workers, etc.), eldplanning怎么读英语erly people in difficulties, women andorganization chorganization是什么意思ildren, people with disabilities, volunteecarelessrs, heroes anorganization动词形式d models who have made outstanding contributions tapplication的动词o urban developmen童话故事t and their families, and provide them with activities that meet their needs and prathoughctical and eplanning怎么读音ffective assistance; We willorganization的用法 pay attention to hot issues concerning people's livelihood, promote the implementatioactionscriptn of public policies and assistance mechcarefreeanisms in social security and social assistance, including medical care, education, employment, housing, aaction是什么意思英语nd assisapplication是什么意思中文tance to special groups, and actively carry outorganization的用法 projects that meet people's needs.

(IV) "Shenzhen Energy" Transmission Action:Toapplication form carry out propaganda and practice activities such as preaching, performance, display and broadcasting with the theme of sprcareful是什么意思eading thorganization动词形式e concept oactiongirls女兵人f caring, promoting the spirit of caring and advactionocating the new trend of civilization, or to carnoticery out all kinds of in-depth and influential public cultural activities that areth conducive to spreading the concept of cplanning翻译aring and promoticareer翻译ng the new trend of civilization.

(5) "Salute devotees" series of actions:To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC), comprehensively promote rural rorganization的用法evitalizatthion, and normalize epidemic prevention and control, we will take care of veteran CPC membeorganizationallyrs, military personnel and theapplicationcontext.xml配置文件ir families, and pioneplanningers in the constru同花顺ctshenzhenion of special zon深圳疫情最新消息es. We will hold s深圳疫情eminars on Red Classics and red culture Tours to promote patriotism. Targeted care will be given to the front-line construction workers from She退婚后大佬她又美又飒nzhen, village cadres and epidemic preventio深圳地铁线路图n and control worke深圳rs, and activities will be carried out to show gratitude, respect and care, and publactionicize typical casproject中成本分为es, so as to fosaction翻译ter a social atmosphere of courage, reprojectorsponsibility and dedication. Each unit can, based on but not limited to the above content, combine the work characteprojectorristics and actual situation of the jurisdiction and the unit, plan a caring action prorganization怎么读oactionscriptject with rich content, diversified forms, wide social participation and certain innovation.

Requicare是什么意思rements for organization and planning

All units should focus on the work of the 18thproject软件 Shenzhen Care action, actively planning, extensive mobilization, coaction翻译ncentrating on the shenzhen care action ofaction the wcarefreeork of the fine implemaction的动词entation. Social organizations should actively expand service content and improvaction翻译e service qualnoticeity in accordance with the diversicareer翻译fied and personalized neaction怎么读语音eds oforganizationally citizens, and launch a number of caring activities based on public welfare, caring f桃花源记翻译or society and heprojectdollart-warmthing.application什么意思 At the same tiaction翻译me, we will strengthen our own capacity building and promote the in深圳疫情stitutionalization and professionalization of social services.

Iv. Project development time and quantity requirements

Each service tetham submitted the project according to the five caring sections of "Happy New Year" warm action, "Happy heart" happiness action, "warm peocareer翻译ple'sorganizational hearts" sunshine accareful是什么意思tion, "channelnotice of energy" transmission action, "salute devotees" series actiactionon.

(1) "Happnotice过去式y New Year" warm Action is a project to be carried out or launched during the Spring Festival period from January 1, 2021 to February 28, 2021. Among them, the caring projects organized by the unit with centralized resources, which cover a wide range of activities orplanning是什么意思 benecarefit groups and have ce深圳风险等级rtain innovative demonstration significcareerance shall submit work plans (hereinafter referred taction翻译o as "key projeprojectcts"), and the numproject翻译ber submitted by each unit shall not exceed 10; There is no limit on t陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿he numbeactionabler of routine caring activities (hereinafter referred to as "routine projects") carried out by the unit with small coverage or benefit groups.

(2) The "Happy Heart" Happiness action, "Warm the Hearts of the People" sunshine actinoticedon, "Zhen Energy" transmission action, "Salute devotees" series of actions are after the Spring Festival of 2021 or the whole year of the project. Among them, key projects need to submit the work plan, the number of each unit to submit is not more thaplanning怎么读音n 12; There is no limit on the quantity of routine items.

5.care什么意思中文意思 Requirements for project filling

Please filorganization动词形式l in the declaration form according to the project declaratiactionson requirements, and the service team leader will sign it in 2020Friday, November 6, 12:00 a.mPlease send the original paper version to she童话故事nzhen Lions Clnotice过去式ub office and the elecplanning怎么读音tronic version to

Shenzhen Lions Club will hold a standing board selection according to the application and report tcarelesso the municipal Care office.

Conplanning怎么读英语tact person: Yang Xin 25688590

Mailing address: 13 / F, Building D, Huaqing Garden, Luosha Jinger Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen    


Notice is hereby given.


Notice on the organization planning and project application of the 18th Shenzhen Care Action news picture1ZhangAttachment: the 1planning怎么读音8th Shenzhen Care Action Project application form.doc



Shenzhen Licare什么意思中文意思ons Club

November 4, 2020

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