Initiative | about to carry out the “warm engineering – 2020 blu-ray action” service activities initiative

Service teams:

Since 2007, the United Nations has designated November 14 as the “United Nations Diabetes Day” to encourage the authorities and society of all countries to strengthen the control of diabrayetes and reduce the harm of diabecarry怎么读tes. “Blue Light Action” is a large-scale diabetes prevention and control campaign organized by the Disease Preventioinitiativelyn and Contblue特殊含义情侣rol Bureau of the Hewarm的名词alth Commission, PRC and diabetes Society of Chinese Medical Association around the Uniteray什么意思d Nations Diabetes Day. Domestic lion federation (hereinafter refwarmererred to as the cib) response to actively carry out prerayon是什么面料vention and control of diabetes education aninitiative翻译d relengineering怎么读英语ief wwarmingork, has forinitiative的名词 many years to carry out “quality engineering – blu-ray actioncarry的过去式过去分词” service activities, to awwarmlyaken people awareness of diabeteoutstandings and disillusion, continue to spread knowledge of prevention and cure of diabwarm是什么意思etes and relief for poor people with diabetes.

2020 UN diabetes day propagandraya theme of “the nursoutcomee and diabetes”, aimed at strengthening the importance of health care workers in diabetes management, effeaboutcg网站ctive intervention in diabetes risk factors, promote high-risk populatcarry是什么意思ions and in paengineeringvillagetients with early detectoutrageion and intervention, to improve diabetes self-management ability, effectively reduce diabetes harm,outline to protrayect people’s health. According to tcarry全场he notice of The Domestic Lion Association, it is proposed thblurat all service teams cengineering怎么读英语arry out the theme activity of “Warm Project -2020 Blue Light Action” on November 14. The relevant information is as follows:

I. Theme of the activity

“Wbluemingarm Project -2020 Blue Light Action”.

Two, activity ticarry outme

14 November 2020 (The first phase of regionalinitiative的名词 linkage)

Iii. Foraboutm and content of the activity

Each service tinitiativelyeam carries out its own service activitieswarm怎么读, the specific form is not limited. The slogan name, Logo, doutputiabetes brochure, main VI and activiblue是什么意思ty plan are provided by the Federation, and each service team makeinitiative的用法s adjustments according to the specific situation. The activity background boaabout后面动词什么形式rd is designed and made by each service team.

Activities can include diabetes pwarmerublicity, forum, walking, various expert lectures, community blood glucose scrwarm反义词eening, publicity and education materials distribution, etc.

Four, other

1.  It is suggested that all lion friends change thrayseir wechat profile pictures during the activity on November 14 (see attachment 1).

2.  “Warm Project -2020 Blue Light Action” activity planninbluntg (see Attachmoutrageent 2).

3.&warm怎么读语音nbsp; This service activity willout be reported to Lions Club Interabout是介词吗national as a brand project of the association. All service teams are requested to actively summarize the work,initiative是什么意思啊 and the main indicators include: number of service parcarry ontblued官网icipants, nuwarm反义词mber of service objects, service excarry是什么意思penses, service durwarmeration, etc. The final report and 3-5 photos will be sent to before 12 noon on November 20.

4.&nbspblued官网; Contact person and contact information: Service Officer Yang Xin 25688590



Initiative | about to carry out theAttachmeengineeringvillagent 1:2002 Blu-ray Action

Initiative | about to carry out theAttachment 2: Warm Project -2020 Blue Light Activity Planning document.doc


Shenzhen Lions Club

November 4, 2020

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