Lion love into a forest save warm left-behind children about love

Lion love into a forest save warm & NBSP; Left-behind children are about love

“Give love, spread love, warm the world! New Lion, climb the peak, you and ME together!” The resounlove直播破解版ding slogan resoleft函数怎么用unded through the sky. On December 3, 2016, tlion怎么读he 5th “Lion Love Forest,into1成员 Lion Walk” love hiking activity was held in Lianhuashan Park to care for lebehind的用法ft-behind children and spwarm是什么意思ecial children. Tian Xingwangwarmth, the second vice President of Shenzchildren是单数还是复数hen Lions Club in 2016-2lion是什么意思017, Qu Zhangliang, tsave的过去式he chairman of Zone 1, Chen Zong, the chairman offorest游戏 Zone 6, Mr. Li Xiang, chairman of environmental Pforest破解版rotection and Transportation Civilization Committee, and more than 80 people, including service team leaders from OVERSEleft函数什么意思AS Chinese Town, Diforest破解版wang, Bijia Mountain, Phoenix, United, Xinzhou, Handshandou, Hongsave翻译ya, Huayuan, Bagua Mountain, Mileage, Blue Sky, Daynature, Boya, Happiness, Xinchildren翻译gzhi, Tiande and shiyou, attended the event. The activity was hosted by Tang Ruling and Luo Yangui of oct Service Team.

“Lion Love Forest, Lion Walk” has been sforest下载uccinto1小跟班essfully held since 2012,behind是什么意思 this year is the fifth year, the activity is mainly a combination of walking and charity to advocate healthy life, calling on the whole society to care fleft是左还是右or left-behind children. In thislions year’s activity, the theme of caring for special children was added, which attracted many clovealarmitizens to stop and browse before the background board of project introduction. During the event, The 2nd Vice President of The Company, together with Chairman Chen Zong, presented awards to all the participating service teams, caring enterprises and organizations.

Li Chunchanbehind的用法g, chairleft4dead2man of the conference,warming and Qiang Qiuxisavefroma, executivelion的中文意思 chairman respectively delivered ainto怎么读 speech. Li Chwarm翻译unchang said significantly: “Left-behind children is a prominentleft social problem in recent years, so care for lefleftt-behind children has extrsaveasemely far-reaching social significance.” Strong qiuxia to participate in the activities of the love ofleft是左还是右 the people expressed a warm welcome, and to the friends and lion friends of the lonforest专注森林g-term concerninto1小跟班 ainto1nd schildren是什么意思upport of this projeleft是什么意思ct. Presidlionelent Chen zong expressed his deep gratitude to the service teams and lion friends who prepared and organized thforest破解版e evenchildren英语怎么说t and wished tintohe event a complete success.

The activity inviteliond poverty-stricken left-behind children and special children to draw anintod interacwarmt with each other, made donations tochildren翻译 poobehind的中文翻译r children and special children on site, and carried out love walking after the ceremony. It is very meaningful for the Lions club to cawarm是什么意思rry out charitable activities in this special way. During the activity, every participant who completes the whole course will be awarded the “Certificate of Love” medal, which is the most significant and powerful proof of their enthusiastic participation anbehind翻译d kindness. Charity is neverlionkk just about giving.children翻译 It is the goalchildren英语怎么说 of this lions tour to support the childrinto1超话en with love and their hopes for tomorrow.

Growtchildren翻译h on the wayinto怎么读 to love peers, the liochildren是单数还是复数n love the rlion的中文意思oad with you. Through this public welfaresaved activity, the acchildrention of stasave的过去式nding for love and running for love will be transformedwarm怎么读语音 into a goleft怎么读od act of caringinto1超话 for left-behinlion是什么意思d children and special children. Evleft反义词ery person running for public welfare is a shining star. Whenbehind怎么读英语怎么说 countless luminaries gather togetheleftr, they will eventually clionelondense intsave翻译o shining stlionars.

[Text] He Gang, reporter of Shenshsaveasi News Agency

[Photo] Zhao Annie, reporter of Shenshi News Agency

[Edit] Wan Chaolin, Zhao Annie & NBSP, Shenshi News Agency;

              Office Mlions英语怎么读a Huijlion复数uan Chengsavefrom Zhaohua

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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