"Love ignites hope, charity warms the world"

“ Love ignites hope, charity warms the world.
-- Shenzhen Lions Club Charity Collection Service Team Qingxin County assistantship acigniter使用教程tivity

  &nbslovely什么意思p;         In September 2011,ignite怎么记忆 shenzhen lion lion brigniter安卓下载other President of charity collection service including bridigniter使用教程ge twarmso fresh county, guangdong province town of dragon neck BNP first primary school, and understand the local authoritiehope选手s, the National People's Congress, bureau of education and some people love very seriously, concerned about the development of the school and the educatlove直播软件安卓下载ion of children, teachers and students at the proviigniter使用教程ncial, municipal discipline knoignitewledgeignite翻译, sports competition and won several awards in the teaching and researching activities, Nearly ten years of school teachinwarm什么意思中文g achievementscharity宽容的爱 have been ranked in the forefront of fresh County Longneck town. But the school is now facing more difficulties, runninworld怎么读语音g alove直播破解版 schowarm是什么ol fundiignite刀剑神域ng shortage, teaching equipment and facilities are seriously inadequate, very need the community from all walks of life to help.
      &lovenbsp;     Shenzhenlove Lions Club Charity Collection Service Team actively respond to the Domestic Lions association & LDquo; Is helping others and serving the socwarm是什么意思英语iety. After preliminary investigation and discussion by all members, we plan to help Fuqin No.1 Primary Scignitedhoollovely in Lolovely什么意思ngqin Town, Qingxin County,ignite怎么记忆 Guangdong Province, and intelovend to take this activity awarm是几度到几度s a counterpart service activicharity和love区别ty of our seignitesrvice team.

          &nbswarm是什么意思翻译p; After nearly two months of careful preparation, lion friends have purchased more thanignitemotion 300 pairs of sports shoes,3charity宽容的爱00 sets of desks,15 sets of desks, a batch of comhopefulputers and fans, as well as some popular spoworldrts goods and table tennis tables, a total value of more than 100,000 yuan. Lionworld什么意思 friendswarm是什么 of the Shenlove直播软件安卓下载zhopehen Lionsworldwide翻译 Club xiangshan Service also shope翻译upport 300 school bags.
   warm什么意思中文;       &ignitednbsp; Olove直播手机版app下载n November 25, 6 PM, the brother lihope和wish区别ons underhope的用法 the leadership of Presidehope选手nt including bridge, a line of more than 60 lion friends set out on time to drivlove is gone英文翻译e, although it's alove直播手机版app下载 long and hard journey, but the face owarm是什么词性f lion friends along theworld way arehoped peignite刀剑神域rmeated with joy and happiness, therlove直播破解版e are a few new friends membership of the liocharity音标n is the firhope和wish区别st time to participate in the student activities, they have been difficult to mask thecharity形容词 excitement.

   hope的形容词;    worldwide翻译;     At two o 'clock in the afternoon of November 26th, the bucharity和love区别s of Shiyou turned down from the panshan road and finally arrivewarm是什么词性d at the gate of Fwarm什么意思中文uqin No.1 Primary School after an hour of turbulence. At this time, the teachers and students of the scholovealarmol are already waiting at tignitedhe gate to welcome thcharity形容词e lions. At four o 'clock in the afternoon, fuqin No. 1 Primary School donation ceremony officially began. Town leaders, villagers and teachers and students gave warm speeches. Mr. Huang Shuiqiao, president of the Shenzhen Lions Club Charityigniter安卓下载 Collection Seignitedrvice Team, also donated school bags, desks and chwarmstartairs, computers, sports goods and othelove直播破解版r materialslovealarm on behalignite什么意思f of tcharity-mindedhe team. Accepted the school's gift of the banner, andwarmstart said that the charity collectioworldtalkn service team will continue to mobilize forces from allworldbox最新破解版 walks of life in the future, call on more caring pewarm是什么意思ople, improve the hardware of basic education in remworldwide翻译ote, poor and backward areas, so that every child has a happy childhood.
        &worldwidenbsp;   Whigniteen the lion friends and pupils together to move supplies, when the tender voice of the children say thank you, whenhope选手 the children handed over a bottle of water, lilove is gone英文翻译on friends from the heart to feel & LDquo; I serve, I am happy!hopeful ” Grateful heart, thank you! Thanks to all lion friendwarm是什么意思翻译s for their active donations and participation; I would like to thcharity翻译ank Brother Liu Zhili, Brothworldtalk下载er Xiong Dan, Brother Luo Junping, sister Ye Seed and sister CAI Sifan for bringing their childrelovealarmn to participate in this activity and sowing the seeds of charity from childhood. Thanks to the lion friends ofwarms Xiawarm是什么ngshlovely翻译an Service team who participated in this activity! This activity higniteas achieved very good sociawarm是什么意思英语l respworldboxonse, qingyuan TV station, Qingyuanworldwide翻译 Daily awarm什么意思中文nd othworldtalk下载er local mainstream media have carried out relove直播破解版levant tracking reports. Although the activity ended,love直播破解版 but moved scenes have been emerging in frworldtalk下载ont ofcharity the lion friends. …

Article/photo & have spent Charity Collection Service team


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