On the recommendation of the 13th Shenzhen care action love typical notice

About the recommendation of the 13th Shenzhen Care action

Typical notices of love

Service teams:

        Answer the civilization office of shenzhen on taction下载he recommendation of the 10th shenrecommendations是什么意思zhen love action love typical notice (deep civilizationotice作文n offi深圳疫情最新动态ce [2015] no. 52) notice, to elect, sets up a new batch of shenzhen love love typical action, rewashenzhenrding good deeds, to carry forward the socialist cor桃花源记翻译e values, shenzhen, shenzhen love do officially launchcarefreeed thetypical怎么读 13th carlove直播软件安卓下载ing accare是什么意思tion series selection activities. In order to plove直直播appromote the smooth development of the selection activities and ensurecommendations是什么意思re that the recommended models are representativactione and demonstrativeaction下载, the service teams atypically的中文意思re rnoticeequested to activelyaction怎么读语音 recommend caring filove is gone英文翻译gures, caring families, caring enterprises and caring communities. The relcarelessevant notices are深证指数 as follocareer翻译ws:

        I. Recommendation categories

    &nbcare什么意思中文意思sp;   (1) “Top ten Caring Characters” & NBSP;

   recommendation是可数名词吗     He has been enthusiastic about public wel深圳fare undertakings foaction下载r a lonrecommendation是什么意思英语g time, and has made outstanding contributions in disaster relitypicalef, helpitypical翻译ng the elderly, helping the disabled, helping orphans, helping the poor, helping students and helping doctors. Or whose personal deeds are particularly touchintypical怎么读g, reflectcarefulin深圳疫情最新动态g the traditional virtues of China or the spirit of The Times, andcare是什么意思 playing an exemplary role in praction下载omoting the spirit of caring, builditypical的用法和搭配ng a harmonious society and promoting the development of caring; Or doing voluntary acts of courage, selflessly helping othelovelyrs, ashenzhennd showing outstandinlove直播破解版g performance in rescue and disaster relief.

        (2)noticed “Top ten Loving Frecommendation怎么读amilies”

      &nb深圳疫情最新动态sp; He is enthusiastic about public welfare anlove直直播appd dedicates more love to others and the society. He is charitabletypically怎么读 and has helped the poor and the weak for a long time, which has moved and influenced the families around him.

    &naction怎么读语音bsp; &n深圳疫情最新消息bsp; (3) “Top Ten Caring Enterprises” & NBSP;

    &nbs深圳大学p;   Abide by national policies退婚后大佬她又美又飒, laws and regulations, care about the life oflove is gone英文翻译 employees, gradually improve the working and living conditions of employees, improve their welfare benefits, protect their rights and interests, and timely solve problems for employees; Paying attention to humanistic care, harmonious labor relations, and remarkable achievements in spiritual civilization colove直播破解版nstruction; Actively深圳大学 participaactionablete in shenzhen care action and other social welfare undertakings, poverty alleviation, charity, fulfill social responsibilrecommendationity outstanding achievements of enterprises.

&陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿nbsp;  thin     (4) “Top ten Caring Communities” & NBSP;

        Good publirecommendations是什么意思c security, standardized management, rich community culturacaregiverl and sports activities; Actively rerecommendation是可数名词吗spond to shenzhen calovely什么意思re action, respect the elderly, cnotice的形容词are for the young, family harmony, neighborhood harmony,notice过去式 take good care of pactionsublic property, protect the environment, poverty alleviation, volucarentary courage is the trend of the community.

&nbcareful是什么意思sp;         Two, recommendation requirements

        (1) Typical deeds of love mainly happened in the d深圳风险等级aily activicare怎么读ties period of the 12th Shenzhen Care Actionrecommendation可数还是不可数 (Aprlove is gone英文翻译il to December 2014), but not limited to this period.

    &nthbsp; &ncarefreebsp; (2) The “Most Caring People” and “Most Caring Families” who have been elected inrecommendation是什么意思英语 previous years will no longer part深圳疫情最新消息icipate in the “Top ten Caring Peopltypically怎么读e” and “Top Ten Caring Families” selection.

       career翻译 (3) Please fill in the applirecommendation怎么读cation materials and submit them to the Lions Club office of Shenzhen before October 18.

        (4) Shenzhen Lions Club will hold an executive board melovely什么意思etitypical的名词ng according to the application situ桃花源记ation to select 3-5 typtypical翻译ical charity members and report to the Municipal Civilization Office.

&nbtypical的名词sp;       (5) Contact person: Su Zhuangbin 2typically5688257, email: szlithoughons_recommendationpub@深圳大学163.com


        Notice is hereby given.

      &lovealarmnbsp; Attachment:

  1. On the recommendation of the 13th Shenzhen care action love typical notice news 图1张2016 Top 10 Caring People Recommendation Form (Shenzhen Lions Club).doc.

  2. On the recommendation of the 13th Shenzhen care action love typical notice news 图1张2016 Top 10 Caring Families Recommendation Form (Shenzhen Lions Cl深证指数ub).doc

  3. On the recommendation of the 13th Shenzhen care action love typical notice news 图1张2016 Top 10 Caring Enterprisesrecommendation可数还是不可数 Recommentypically怎么读dation Form (Shenzhen Lions Club).doc

                              Shenzhen Lions Club

October 12, 2015


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