Bright sky, happiness soaring

Bright sky, happiness soaring
Shenzhen Lions Club tai 'an Service team huaiji Wenxinsky光遇g children'shappiness翻译 welfare home care trip

   soaring翻译;       &nbssky直播p; On November 26, 2011, at 8:30 am, Zhou Ting, president of Taibrighter 'an Service Club of Shenzhappiness造句hen Lions Club, Zhou Xiaoyang, firsthappiness什么意思 vice President ofskype Shenzhen Lions Club,bright是什么意思翻译 lu Jinshang, second vice president of Shenzhen Lions Club, together wiskype安卓手机版th 19 members of theirhappiness动漫 families, set out for Wenxing Children's Welfaresky Center in Huaiji County, Guangdong Province to vissoaring歌曲it 66 orphans adoptebright翻译d by the welfare Center. This is the second service activity after the founding of tai 'an Service team on October 9th ahappiness动漫nd the second service acskypetivity after the student aid program in Pengzhou, Sichuan prbrighterovince on October 17th. Librightlyon friends are full of ensoaring什么意思thusiasm to participate, and many lion friends also bring their own children to share and feel this unusual love trip.

            Huaiji County Wenxinsky是什么意思g children's welfare center is by huaiji county official free transfer of land, by the community of caring personage and caring enterprise donations, built in Auguhappiness造句st 2009, thebright的比较级 firssoaring什么意思t opened zhaoqing city & LDquo; Publsoaring翻译ic assistance ” For the first time, the children's welfare home proviskypedes free living, living and ebright是什么意思翻译ducation conditions fskypeor the poorest orskyworth是什么牌子phanskyworth是什么品牌电视s in tbright辱华事件he county until the orphans have the ability to lsky直播ive independently at the age of 18. At present,soaring歌曲 there are 66 orphans in the center. In order to take care of the livehappiness翻译s and studies of orphans, the centre employs four teachers and five counsellors, of whom only four are on the finahappiness什么意思ncial staff.

     happiness翻译    bright照片;     After a four-hour longskylinewebcams drisoaring翻译ve, we finally arrived at our destination. Wenxiskype安卓手机版ng children's welfare center children have been standing at the door waiting for a long time, to see the arrival oskyworthf lion fskyworthriends, the childrenhappiness翻译 are particulaskyworthrly happy, shappiness是什么词性ay hello, cupshappiness是什么词性 of hot tea, children's enthusiasm, politeness and upbringing, let lion friends feel the welfare center this & LDquo; Family & throughout; The warmth and happiness of myhappiness翻译 heart was greatly relieved.

            At noon, lion friends had lunch with children in the canteen of the welbrightnessfare center to experience children's life. , today, the pig bone lhappiness造句otus root soup, chicken Fried mushrooms and fbrightry vegetables, pork, Fried sauerkraut 3 dish one soup for us is the most simple of a diet, but for thebrighterse orphans in a festive moodskyworth是什么品牌电视, because today have guests with a food, usually oskype安卓手机版nly two dskylinewebcamsishes, a veskype是什么软件getarian dishes and a meat dish), soup is just three times a week. Itbright照片 is very commendable that these vegetables, chickens and pigs are planted and raisedbright泰星 by the children with their own hard work, which basically bareskyworthly solved the fosky直播od problem for evesoaring什么意思ryone. The children sang theirbrightness favorite songs before the meal. "My Good Brother" : “ Life is rare ups andhappiness的同义词 downs, or to strong lifsoaring什么意思e, when you nbright的比较级eedhappiness翻译 me, I will accompany you through it. … ” This meal, lion friends are eating very deliciousky光遇s!

          While the children were cabrightrefree, Chairmansky Ssoaring歌曲u was full of trouble. “ Tables, chairs, fans, books, most of the supplies are donatskype安卓手机版ed and you have to live every penny. . For two yearshappiness怎么读, Chairwohappiness造句man Su and her team not only had to ask for help, but also calculated carefully. The welfare center has set up a speskype安卓手机版cial daily expenditure table. At present, the average monthly expenditure of the wehappiness是什么词性lfare center is more than 30,000 yskypeuan, among which the accsoaring什么意思ounts are detailed to every penny. Ahappiness的音标lthough huaiji county officials allocate 100,000 yuan a year from the government and some social enthuskyworth是什么牌子siasts contribute, the children's welfare center is still struggling. Chairman Su sabright的比较级id: &happiness的同义词ldquo; Now that it's besoaring什么意思en built. Home & rsquo; I hope so. Home & rsquo;sky是什么意思 Can long, again bitter again difficult also want to hold on. .

          The executive chairman of tai 'an Service Team is The firsbright翻译t vice president Zhou Xiaoybrightnessang Shi Brother, who has been caring and funding huaiji Welfsoaring翻译are Center for many years and devoteskype是什么软件d a lot of efforts. Brother Zhou shi has also done a lot of work in planning this service activibrightlyty. Duribright的比较级ng the trip, the Tai 'an service team donatehappiness的音标d 10 comhappiness作文puters and a set of sound equipmsoaring歌曲ent to the welfare home, with a total value of 24243 yuan. Lion friends hope to improve the children's learning environment. The children have a computer room and can finally do radio gymnastihappiness怎么读cs with music playing. Tai 'an service team for the hard worsoaring什么意思k of selfless dedication of the teachers and staff issued 5000 yuan condolence money (500 yuan per psky是什么意思erson, a total of 10 people), to express the tai 'an liosoaring歌曲n friends of their respect and encouragement; President Zhou Ting and a pair of lovely children, are a pair of carinbrightnessg twin little brother and sister, in the evening befbright翻译ore departure, with their own pocket money to the shopping masky直播ll for the welfare center brothers and sishappiness什么意思ters to buy a lot of fruit. President Zhou Ting said thbright什么意思at the trip with the children, is to let the children grow up in thebright翻译 greenhouse feel the suffering of the world, know how to cherish their own happy life, but also lesoaring翻译arn to sympathize with tsky光遇he weak, return to society.

            Lion friends watched thhappiness造句e children carefully prepared cabareskype是什么软件t, Su Tong lion elsky光遇der sihappiness的同义词ster can't help to powerbrightness leads and under the guidance ofbrightly her, all along wiskylinewebcamsth music pbright翻译layed a lively danhappiness作文ce, all by hand tasoaring什么意思ke each shoulder in dancsoaring歌曲ing, singing, welfare center surrounded by ocean of love at this time, each persskype是什么软件on's face a happy smile & hellip; …
            Happy time is always special short, a blink of asoaring什么意思n eye, the sky has dusk, lion friends had to reluctantly leave the welfare centersoaring翻译, set fbright的比较级oot on the return journey. Looking at the innocent eyes and innocent smiling faces of the childbright泰星ren, the lion friends' hearts rose asky光遇nd felhappiness造句l. We give a little, but we get abright泰星 lot. … Tai 'an lion friends solbrightlyemnly agreed: next year, we will come agbrighterain!

     happiness怎么读;     Whobright泰星 has no children? Looskylinewebcamsk at these alonskype是什么软件e is sensible polite child, thbrightlyink about the city children, father, mother,brightness gransoaring什么意思dpa ahappiness什么意思nd grandma a few adults to wait on a young childsky直播, such as most of foot, clothing to hand, in contrsky光遇ast we should cherish the present happiness life, and provide some can help for the vulnerable groups. Let us work together, let the children get care, let the children grow up healthy, let the children feel the warmth of the social family, let the children have a better tomorrow. We sincerely wish every orphan have a brillianbright辱华事件t sky and fly happhappiness是什么词性ily!

Article/photo & have spent Tai 'ahappiness翻译n Servichappiness翻译e team contributbright的比较级ed



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