Initiative: The initiative to carry out the service activity of “Warm project – Jinshui into villages”

Initiative: The initiative to carry out the service activity of “Warm project – Jinshui into viactivity的形容词llages”

Service teams:

In order to implement general Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructionscarry怎么读语音 on targeted pooutbreakverty alleviation and poservice和serve的区别verty alleviation andservice的名词 efwarmlyfectively improve the pertinence and effectiveness of poverty alleviation work, The Dome金水宝片的功效stic Lions Association service Activity Commiactivity什么意思呢ttee plaactivity生命周期ns to launcactivity的中文意思h the donation actout什么意思ivity of “Warm Project – Jinshui Village” rural drinking water safety consolidation and improvement project, and proposes that all service teams actively participate in the contribution to drinking water safety and poverty alleviation in Jinping County, Honghe Prefectur金水宝片的功效与作用e, Yunnan Province. Related information is as follows:
I. Project Overview
(I) Project Background: Jinping Cservice怎么读ounty, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, isinto1成员 anproject软件使用教程 ethnic miwarmlynorityout autonomous county cservice怎么读owarmingmposed of multiple ethnic groups, and aproject怎么设置无休息日 poverty-stricken county integrating “border areas, mountainous areas, multiple ethnic groups, former war zones, and poverty”. The population of ethnic minorities accounts for 87.9%. Since the 1950s, the county has provided support for the Vietnameseservice是什么意思 resistance to Foutstandingrench law,project翻译 the Vietnamese resistance to the United States, and tproject软件he Vietnamese selinitiativelyf-defence and counterattack. It was not until the early 1990s that normal recovery and reconstructionintolerable began. Up to now, drinking water is still difinto1ficult for people and livestock in somproject中成本分为e villages, and drinking water safety cannotinto1成员 be guaranteedoutlook邮箱.
2. Project Lowarmingcation: 6 administraproject是什么意思tive villages/natural villages in Jinping County, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province.
(III) Project name: “Lion Frame Golden Bridge, Clear water into Tintolerableen Thousand — Warm Project —into是什么意思 Golden Watewarm是什么意思r into Village” Rural drinking water safactivity工作流ety conswarm怎么读语音olidation and improvement project.
(IV) Project ccarry onontent: Accordinproject软件使用教程g to the speciinitiativelyfic conditions of the 6 administrative villages/natural villages, the construction of water intake pool/reservoir, water traactivity的中文意思nsmission pipe and oprojectionther facilities, tinitiative怎么读o ensure the safwarm的名词ety of water for people and livestock.
(V) Project budget: The service budget of this proinitiative翻译ject is RMB 1,851,300 yuan. The local aucarry的过去式过去分词thorities have raised RMB 187,900 yuan by themselves, ancarry怎么读d about RMB 1,663,400 yuan nwarmeeds to be raised for service funds. Details as follows:

The seactivity工作流rial number

Name oproject怎么设置无休息日f adminprojects怎么读istrative village/natural village

Service funds (ten thousand yuan)


Jinhe town Hani Field village committee Hani new village



Adderbo township adderbo villaginitiative翻译e committee acting home village, Liu Villagprojecteactivity复数 village



Adobo villagintoe Gaoxing vilintolerablelajinshuige committee period of our fans under the village



Jinping county sha Yipo township new house voutbreakilintolage committee new hair village



Jinping County sha Yiposervicebio towwarm的名词nship new house village committee new house



Meng Bridge township Menoutbreakg Ping village committee shangzhprojectionai piece


(vi) Management and implementation Unit: Jinping County is designatecarry怎么读语音d as a poverty relief county by the Ministry of Foreign Affaprojectionirs, and the project is organized, managed and implemented by the local Foreign Aid Project Office and water adminiswarm是什么意思tration department.
(7) Honors and commeinto怎么读ndations:
Donors can participate in research visits and projeintonationct implementation ceremonies;
The donor’s name and donation status shall becarry的过去式过去分词 iactivityndicated on the collection tank/rintonationeservoir;
The donor rproject软件eceives a certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Foreiservice翻译gn Affairs;
The participating service team receivintolerableed a certificate of appreciation from the CIBS Service Activities Commitservicebiotee.
Ii.activity工作流 Donation method
(I) each service teaminitiative翻译 pledges one administraoutlooktive village/natural village assistance project;
(b) Multiple service teams will jointly pledge finitiative和initial区别or an administrative village/natural viinitiative是什么意思啊llage construction project by paactivity的四种启动模式iring with each other.
(3 & NBSP;) Easervice翻译ch service team pledges the donation to the district council account, the district council to the national Lions association account.
Tiactivityme of donation
From September 30, 2019 tproject中成本分为o October 14,into怎么读 2019 at 12:00
Iv. Donation account
Account name: Shenzhen Lions Cljinshuiub
Bank of deinitiativesposit: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Shennan Middloute Road Branch
Account: 79130155260000160
V. Contact person and conproject翻译tact inforservice是什么意思中文翻译mation
Xin Yang, Service Officer 25688590
Welcome all service teams to actively participate in the service activity of “Warm Prinitiative的名词ojecproject软件使用教程t – Jactivity翻译inshui Village”, and contribute to the realactivity复数ization of the national goal of “targeted poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation”!

Attachment:Initiative: The initiative to carry out the service activity ofSix drinking water safety enhancement projecarry的过去式ct proposals. Zip

            &nbspinto1小跟班;                 &n金水宝片的功效bsp; &ninitiative和initial区别bsp;                                     &n金水小说bsp;   Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;  

October 8, 2019

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