The tenth regular meeting of longhua Service team was held smoothly

              The 10th regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Longhua Semeetingsrvice tetenth怎么读音am was held in April 2013. 22 people attended the meeting.
&nbspheld过去式和过去分词;   &nbspteams手机版;         The meeting elected longhua Service Team. In 2014, the new president, the first vice president and other directors of the Lion Friends hteamworkave high expectations for the new directors of the service Team.
      &nregularlybsp;         Theteamwork meeting summarized the past lion service situation of The Longhua Service Team and looked into the future. Longhua Service Team actively participates i龙华寺n various lion work, inheriting lion culture and spirit. Brother Wang Jinliang put forwregular的所有形式ard suggestions on the lion work of Longhua service team in the future, and said that he would actively guide longhua service team to walk more and more standardized in lion work. He also presented the Lions Club Recognition Award to the former president, Brother Dai Wenhong.

              The mewasn’tet隆化县疫情ing voted to hold the 10th annivtenthousandkyatsersary celebration on thtenth中文什么意思e occasion of the 10th anniversary of the founding of longhua Seteams会议rvice Team; Votservice是什么故障灯ed to assist Hong Kong Lufeng Liomeeting的音标ns Club to carry out 100 free eye opwashederations in Tai ‘an, Shandong province on May 17, 2013held的中文意思.
              The 10th regular meeting of Longhua Smeetingtencentcomervice tteamvieweream ended in a friwashendly atmosphere. I believe that all lion friends of longhua service team willtenthousandkyats continueteam是什么意思翻译 to march in the cause of charity.

By Yang Bin

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