Deep lion painting and calligraphy Club held “Welcome Mid-Autumn Festival, Celebrate National Day” painting and calligraphy pen fair

Deep lion painting and calligraphy Club held “Welcome Mid-Autumn Festival, Celebrate National Day” painting and calheld的意思是什么ligraphy pen fair

On September 20, 2018, Pencalligraphy翻译g蜜袋鼯cheng Golden autumn, “Yang Fuliang Calligraphy Hall” is very busy, Chinese painting teacher Wu Chutian visited the calligraphy hall, attracting many lion friends who love painticalligraphyng and calligraphy art.

Yang Fuliang, executive chairman of lion Friends Culture and Sports Cemidnter, prepared tea and refreshmenpainting的动词ts early in the morning, waiting for lion friends to visit.

Lion friends first highly praised thecalligraphy怎么读 painting and calli密度graphy club since its establishment to promote thewelcome的用法小结 traditional culture of thheld怎么读的e Cpaintinghinese nation, so that lion friends in the busy experie密度nce of the mea密度ning of painticalligraphy汉语意思ng and calligraphy health, and wish Presidheldenent Yang Fuliang in paintingdeepl在线翻译官网 and calligraphy constantly improveupheld his attainments.

Ning Shuheng, seapainting的动词l cutting master of Xiling Seal Society, memautumn简谱ber of domestic calligrapher’s associaticalligraphy翻译on and vice chairman of Shenzhen Calligrapher’s Asheld是hold的什么形式sociation, came from Guangzhou to explain in detail the appreciatiodeepenn and collection of seaclub用英语怎么说l cutting adeepnostalgiart works, and highly affirmed the significance of establisautumn翻译hing painting and callipainting的动词graphy club of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Chinese painting teacher Wu Chutian once acalligraphy和handwriting的区别gain splashed ink paimidinting for the lion friends, a pair of “spending a full moon”, for everyone to send the bestcalligraphy怎么读英语 holiday wishes. President Yang Fuliang thaheld过去式和过去分词nked the Lion迷迭香s club for providing a platform for everyone to exchange interests and wish the lions Club more and mordeepeste prosperous.

Lion friends have also comcalligraphy怎么读英语e to the battle, uclub翻译nder the guidance of chairman Yang Fuliang and teacher Wu Chutian and other experts, seriously understand the trclub是什么意思ue meaning of Chinese painting and calligraphy.

The hdeepinappy time is fleeting, but the Chinese culture and wisdom contained in the armid函数t o迷的笔顺f painting and calligraphy will always remain iclub是什么意思n the heart of every lion friend.

By Meng Chuntu/Ymid函数ang Fuliang

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