Kindness and Peace — 2018 National Children’s World Peace Poster Collection in Shenzhen Exhibition Area was successfully launched

Kindness and Peace — 2018 National Children’s World Peace Poster Collection in Shenzhen Exhibition Area was successfully launched

On Skindness可数吗eptember 21, to welcochildren是什么意思me the “International Day of Peace”, the launch ceremonational祝庆ny of the collection of深圳 works of “Kindness and Peacposteritye” 2018 National Children’national是什么意思s World Peace Poster in Shenzhen Exhibition area was held in Nanshan Experimental School of Arts and Sciencekindness的形容词s and Nanshan Yucakindness造句子i No.2 Primary School respectively. Xu Weiqi, principal of Nanshan Yucai Education Group, Wu Xifu, principal of Nansh深圳风险等级an Liberal Arts And Science Experimental School, Ma Min, 2018-2019 President of Shenzhen Lions Club, Luo Junping, chakindness造句子irman of 20th District, Xie Wenke, chairman of Peace Poster Composter是什么意思英语翻译成中文mittee, Wei Qiao-zhu, and mpeace是啥意思ore than 2,000 stuchildren是单数还是复数dents and teachers attenchildren怎么读英语单词ded the event. The eposter怎么读vent was hosted by Han Rong andposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文 Qiu Hongying.

This event is orgworldanized by speaceminusonehenzchildren翻译hen Lions Cluposterityb, Shenzhen lions f love HuaYue, child, splekindness可数吗ndid, Oriental rose, the path, ovaltine, hua xiang, nameplates, good taste, longhua, dahuang, mooring love, lotworldwideuchildren怎么读s, tightsen, land, business knowledge, alex, relevant, ganten long letters, yantian, hong li, sea, bagua ling, lions, love football, leshan, joint, classic, fairy lake, shekou and other service and training the second primary school, a liberal arts experimental school , Xcollection是什么牌子衣服iangyi Kwai, Essence Securities,kindness的形容词 Shenzhechildrenn Huake Education and other units jointly undertook.

President Xie wenke intpeacemakerroduced the ru深圳疫情最新消息les and instructions of the peace poster contest, and played theworldtalk下载 pea深圳ce poster video. Presiposter海报dent Xie wenke said that the peace poster contest has built a world-class platform for children and is of great significance to families and schools. He invchildrenited the childposter翻译ren to paint theirposter模板 own peace and actively pashenzhenrticipate inworldtalk下载 the collection of worworldwideks to win honor for the school and the country. Hecollection是什么牌子 also called on more schools to participate in tpeacefulhe peace poster project to sprnational dayead the culture of peace.

Hou Xiuting,nationalstadium the consultant of the Peace Poster Committee, led the appreciation of the works, hoping that the children would start frokindness的形容词m the campus and describe their yearning and love for peace with their own vision and in the form of painchildren的名词所有格ting, so aposteritys to spread peace and promote peace. Qiu Hongying, consultant of the Peace Poster Committee, excollection是什么牌子衣服pressed her hope that the children would activelyworldtalk participate in the collection of peace poster works to promote peace culturcollection是什么牌子e in Shenzhen, China and even the world.

President Maworld Min dcollection是什么牌子elivered a speech, hoping that all ppeaceminusoneeople pay attention to and commemorate the “International Day of Peace”, remember history and cherish peace. We call on the children to create peace with theinational空调r brushes, jointworldboxly advocate the concept of peace, and depict a beautiful fworldbox最新破解版uture in their hearts. Wish the children happy study, healthy growth.

Wu Xiposter模板fu President speakworld音标, hope you pay atchildren怎么读tention to the in深圳疫情最新动态ternational day of peace, hope the teacher, students, panationalstadiumrents and the social people fromcollection是什么牌子 all walks of life to make due efforts for world peace andkindnesskinglyprincess humannational是什么意思 happichildren是什么意思ness, hope that the students under the guidance of the teachercollection是什么牌子衣服 picked up a paintbrush peace belief and spread their love ochildren怎么读f peace, to inspire more people make contribution to the cause of peace.

Principal Xu Weiqi encourage深圳地铁线路图d the students of Yucai No. 2 Primary School to activenational祝庆ly participate in the peace poster activity, to feel the true meaning of peace from the activity, and to show the world the loworld翻译ve and efforts of shenzhen childreposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文n for peace with their excellnational空调ent paintings. He also saidcollection游戏攻略 thkindness造句子at yucai Education Group will make peace poster actkindness造句初二英语ivities well, and widely spread the spiritualpeace是啥意思 concept of “correcting yourself and helping others深圳天气“.

Tworldbox最新破解版he school principal, teachers and students representatives, ancollection是什么牌子衣服d lion friends, leaders of Shenz深圳疫情最新动态hen Lions Clubnational空调, lit the ball togethnational怎么读er to officially launch the “Kindness and Peace” 2018 National Children’s World Peace Poster Collection activitykindness英语作文 in Shenzhen Exhibition area, praying that there is no hcollection是什么牌子衣服unger, no war, no pain in the world, only peace and happiness.

Tian Changhai

Tian Changhai

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lworld什么意思in Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Offworldboxice

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