Notice | informed about further standardize shenzhen lions service activities

Notice | about intoStep by step to standardize the shenzhen Lions Club service activities notice

Service teams:

In accordanlion是什么意思ce wiactivities怎么读th thuninformede requirements of relevafurther是什么意思nt laws and regulations, domestic Lions Association, business authorities and registrationserviceman authorities, and in combination with the relevant provisions of the Artiactivities怎么读cles of Association of Shenzhen Lions Cactivities的中文lub, to further standardize tactivities的中文he service activities of the service team, the relevant requiremen深圳市最新疫情ts are hereby notabout是介词吗ified as followsservice:

I深圳大学. Carrying out service activities in other areas.According to the charter of Shenzhen Lions Club, the main activity area of shenzhen Lions Clshenzhenub is Shenzhen. Thereforenotice过去式, if the service team carries out service aclions是什么意思tivities in places other than the poinformed中文意思是什么verty alleviation centers in Shenzhen and the reactivities音标levant departmeinformed中文意思是什么nts of Shenzhen, it mnotice用法ust put on record wiactivities和activity的区别th the relevant official departments of the place where thshenzhene service is locatabout后面动词什么形式ed. Please attach the invitation letter of the relevant local official departments when declaring service alions英语怎么读ctivities.

Declare theactivities service activities and fundraising activities in advance.If the service team holds any service activity or fundraising activity, the service team shall fill in tlionshe Service Activity Appservice是什么意思中文翻译lication Formstandardize and the decision of the service team leader meeting and submit it to the district Office 5 working days before thactivitiese activity starts (note: The Serfurthermore的意思vice Activity Application Form sactivities翻译hall be sactivities有哪些活动igned and approved by the service team leader, and the resolution of the service team leader meeting shall be signed by more than two-thirds of the members attending tabout是什么意思he meeting.

Iii. Olions英语怎么读verseas service activities.If the service team intends to carry out overseas service activities (including participating in service activities of Chinlions的音标a Lion Association), it shall apply for the application 2 months in advance according深圳 to the Foreign Affairs Management System ofservice怎么读 China Lion Associatinformed中文意思是什么ion and relevant requirements of foreign affairs activities, and shall be approved by Shenzhen Lions深圳疫情最新动态 Club, Shenzhen Disabled Per深圳疫情sons’ Federation and China Lion Association before carrying out the service activities.

Iv. Report should be completed before initiating the joint seraboutvice.If the service team needs to initiate and undertake a reception in the wechat group, iservice怎么读t shall submit the service activity application form, team leader meabouttime免费观看eting resolutionactivities是什么意思 and activity plan to the district Council (including: Service content, activity budget, organizing and co-organizing requirements, etc.) and the receivinfurther和farther区别g message will be issued byabout是什么意思 the district office after being approved by the district Council.

5. 100% of the service funds shall be used for service activities and dinformed的用法irectly for the recipients.In principle, the service funds shall b深圳天气e directly transferred to the service objects or used深圳市最新疫情 to purnoticechase subsidized goods, and shall not be direcabout后面动词什么形式tly transferred to third-party organizations (including official organs, elions是什么意思nterservice是什么故障灯prises and publiinformedc institutions, social organizations, fonotice是什么意思undations, etc.).

Service activities sactivities的中文hall not involve religion.According to the definition of public welfare activities in the Charity Law of the People’s Republic of China andservice是什么意思中文翻译 the culture of Lions Club (excluding religious issues), the service activitieactivities是什么意思s of Lions Club shaboutcg网站enzhen and its affiliated service teams shall not involve religion.

Vii. If you need to sign a written contract with the relevant party in person during the activity, youabout是什么意思 need to apply for the contract, service activity application form and tenotice用法am leader meeting resolution 7 working days in advance.The contracinformedt shall be approved by Shenzhen Lions Club before sealing.

8. Any service activities without approval shall notfurthering be carried out in the name of Shenzservicehen Lions Club or its internal or subordinate organizations.If the activity applicatserviceion has been approved, ilionsf the activity dec深圳地铁线路图ides to reschedule or cancel, or the activity content changes, it should infurthermore的意思form the district office in time.standardized是什么意思

Ix. After thestandardize翻译 completinformedion of the activity, the press release, pictures, videos aaboutcgnd other information of the activiinformed的用法ty should be sent to the special mailbox of the Regional Associat深圳市最新疫情iservice是什么意思中文翻译on for subabout怎么读mission.Or forward to the district liaisoservice的名词n officer for timely publication and report in thnotice用法e district voice, website andfurthermore relabout怎么读语音evant media.

Standardizing the service activities is beneficial tactivities是什么意思o the healthy and orderly development of shenzhen Lions Club and to avoid unnecessary riskfurther是谁的比较级s. Please standarduninformedize the service activities as required.

Shenzhen Liostandardizens Club

Septemberfurther是什么意思 21, 201lions8

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