Warm heart! The Lions Club of Shenzhen visited the families and businesses of the victims of mangosteen

Warm heart! The Lions Club of Shenzhen visited the families and businesses of the victims of mangosteen

On September 1lions英语怎么读6, the strongesvisited用法t typhoon in 35 yearsfamilies是什么意思 “Mangkhut” passed through Shenzhen, tlions的音标urning the beautiful city into a “primeval forest”. Many shenzhen shiyou families and businesses awarm翻译lso suffered vvisited用法arying degrees of loss. On September 18, The 2018-2019 president mlions英语怎么读a Min, the acting Secretary General Du Hengkun, the sixth dvictims翻译istrict chairman Li Zhou, the chaiwarmerrman Wei Xinxin and the executive chairman Zhou Yanjie of the Lions Club ofvictims什么意思 Shenzhen visited the families and enterprises affected by the disaster.

After the typhoon, the lions Club’s 2018-2019 president Team, led by Ma Mclub翻译in, promptly took emergency measures, setting up a temporary relief team and a community assistance service team to colllionsect information abouvictimst the families and businesses affecclubman是什么牌子车ted by the typhoon. After receiving the sympathy from the districwarmtht council, many service teams felt ver深圳天气y warm and basically replifamilies怎么读ed that they cclubsould solve tbusinesses怎么读he problem by themselves andvisited英语怎么说 wclubould not cause any trouble t深圳大学o the district Council. Shenvisited的过去式zhen深圳风险等级 lion friends of integrity, admirable, praise.

Accheartilyording to incomplete statistics, in the strong typhoon, the joint service team Weng Hua and other lion friends of the plalionsnt, the new Annclubmed官网预订 service team Zhao Yunpengfamilies是家人还是家庭, Tianen service team Lin Junming, the right way servivisited是什么意思英语ce theartfelteam and other lion friends of the operatiofamilies是什么意思n of the home and farmhouse have suffered varfamilies是家人还是家庭ying degrees of property losses, more than 1.5 miheart什么意思英语llion yuabusinesses用英语怎么读n, less tens of thousands of yuvisitedan.

On the morning of 18th, President Ma Min and his delegation visited Tan Fei’s son in Yantvisited是什么意思英语ian Peop深圳疫情最新动态le’s Hospital. Yantian service team twarmeran Fei’svisited英语怎么说 son in the typhoon, because oheartworkf tlionshe smashed glass door cut to the right hand abusinesses是什么意思rtery, was sent to the Yantian People’s Hobusinesses翻译spital emergency treatment. When shfamilies怎么读英语e saw the child lyingvictims怎么读 on the bed with a pale face, Ma Min felt distressed. During the conversation with Tan Fei and his wife, President Ma Min shared hervictims什么意思 experience as a respoclub是什么酒nsible and considerate motheartbeathheartshoter to take carelions英语怎么读 of her daughter’s brokevictims怎么读n arm last year. She encouraged tan fei and his wife to accompclub翻译any their children to study together and not fall behind in their studvisited英语怎么说ies. Before leaving, Ma Min, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, presented the money for love and sympathy.

Later, Ma and his delegation alsoheartening visited Junhua Garclub是什么意思den run by Lin Junminvisited的过去式g of The Grace Service team anvisited翻译d Footpath Ecological Park run by the Union of the Right Way Service Team. The buildings olions怎么读f Junhua Garden and Xiaodao Ecological Park are old wooden houses and iron sheet houfamiliesses, whiclions的音标h arwarm翻译e not strong enoughheartwork to withstand the wind. In the wind disaster, the iron sheet was blown away and the wooden shed was blown down. It is est深圳地铁线路图imated thclubmedat the two lion friends lost more thanwarm反义词 onebusinesses million yuanclub是什么意思 in the storm respectively. Ma Min, a former architect, shared the secret of strengthening the building and suggested that a rope shaped like a meter be attached to the roof after reconstruction and the end of the rope be fixed to the base pillar.

President Ma Min said that mangosteen is ruvisited音标thless and深圳疫情 affectionate. I hope that alheartshotl the service teams will take action, actively visit and care for the lion friends affected by the disaster, and wish them an early return to normal work and life. Lion friends praised, the visit after the disaster, very warm heart, feel shenzhen Lions club big family, there is love, temperature, feelings!

【 Text 】 Su Zhuangbin

[Photo] Su Zhuangbin

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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