Shenzhen Lions Club Red Charity Team to Ruijin assistant (source: Monday, May 19, 2014 Shenzhen Evening News EDITION B15)

Shenzhen Lions Club
Red public welfare team to Ruijin assistant
        Shenzhen Evening News (report瑞金天气er CAI Zhijun) Recently, theteamwork Shenzhen Lions Club color Field Service team together with Shenzhen Yoredundantuqizhi Cultural Communicatiteambitionon Co., Ltd.charity和love区别 formed a red public welfare team, came toclub怎么读 the cradle of the Republicharity-mindedc of Jiangxi Ruijin to carry out red public welfare teaching activities. We sent 5charity0, 000 yuan worth of schassistantanceool supplies and teaching facilities tred怎么读o the chilcharity-mindeddren olions英语怎么读f Zhufang Primary School in Yeping townshisourcetree怎么使用p, including books, computers, desks, prcharity形容词inters, broadcascharity音标tinsources是什么文件夹g systems and sports goods.
      Cao Renren, pres深圳风险等级ident of the Caitian Service Team, said at the donation ceremony held at Zhufan Primary School thacharity和love区别t it waclub翻译s a donation activity and a re-education of red patriotteams手机版ism. “ Domestic dream young dream, young strong is strong. ” They will mobilize more calionsgatering people to join the team caring focharity怎么读r students in poor mountainous areas.
  &nbspassistant.exe无法找到入口;   Deng Ziqing, executive director of Shenzhensource的中文意思 Youqizhi Culture Communication Co., LTD., on深圳地铁线路图 behalf of the company, sent the children learning AIDS. Under the active assistance and cooperation of Luo Yuchun, Deng Ziqing also gave the students a youqizhi whole brain develo深圳地铁线路图pment experience class.

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