Domestic lion federation national congress held in deep | (shenzhen special zone newspaper A4)

Shenzhen Special Zone news (apprentice reporter Sheng Jia wan correspondent Gao Zhou) ydeepl下载esterday, the eightfederation翻译h national member congress of the National Lions Association was held in shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Wang Naikun, vice Chairman of China Disabled Pheld是hold的什么形式ersons' Federation and Chairman o深圳地铁线路图f China Lions Association, Tang Xiaoquan, vice Chairman of China深圳疫情最新消息 Disabled Persons' Federation and chairman of The Advisory Committee of China Lions Association, dai Beifang, Defederation什么意思puty Secretary of The Municipal Party Committee attended the meeting.
Meeting examined domestic lion federation in 2012-2013 annual wocongress怎么读rk report, financidomesticational report, to amend the constitution, work rules, membership dues management measures, set up and develop the system of board of supervisors, commend outstanding member, outstanding consultants, outstanding service, excecongress和parliamentllent serviccongressmenes, such as special contributordomesticallys, adjustment and supplement of cdomestic翻译ib leadership team members.
At present, there are more than 520 service teams and more than 14,000 memberdeepnostalgias of the National Lions Association. Aheld是hold的什么形式mong them, shenzhen Lions club ha深圳市最新疫情s more than 90 service teams witlionelh more than 2,700 members. Aheld怎么读的ccording to incomplete statistics, over the past 10 years, Shenzhen Lions Club has spread its love footprint across China, with monationalstadiumre than 6,000 service actspecial的名词ideepnostalgiavities and a service fund of about 160 million yuan.special怎么读
Dai Beifang said that Shenzhen Liondomestic反义词s Club iheld是hold的什么形式s an excellent charity organization thatnational祝庆 has gradually grown up in this fertile land full of lovspecializede. It is also an excellent pdeepnostalgiaublic service organization tfederationhat has been actively engaged in social construction in Shenzhen anddomestically widely praised by all circles under the leadership oflion复数 Docongress怎么读mestic Lions Association. Shenzhen Lions Club has mspecialtyade a positive cheldbackontribution to promoting the developmentnational祝庆 of charity and building a harmonious society in Shenzhespecializedn.


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