The lion entered ankang and did a great good deed!

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On October 25th, the activity of “Ankang Hanzhong Student aid trip” launched by Long Yali of Shenzhen Lions Club Red Li Service team was launched in Hanyin Middle School. Shenzhen Lgreatnessio滴滴车主ns Ccenteredlulion翻译b Silver Lake, Hongya Service Team, Shaanxi Rongshi Food Cgreat比较级和最高级怎么写o., LTD., Starfish Group Co., LTD., Shenzhen Fiv帝道独尊e-body Sports Co., LTD and other caring enterprises participated in the student aid activity.

At the scene of donation, the represencenteredtatives of Shenzhen Lions Club and Hong Li Service Team made a speech, encogreat比较级uraging the studdeedents to cherish their time, study hard, be positive and strive to be the pillars of the country, and d低调看直播onated more than 80,000 yuan to Hanyin Midgreat比较级dle School five-body sports field and sports equipgreat翻译ment. Five-body ball is a new ball game developed on the basdeeds翻译is of basketball and footbgreatlyall.deeds In 2017, five-body balllion是什么意思 was approved by the General Admingreat-elecistration of Sport of China as the first batch of national sci低的笔顺entific fitngreat是什么意思中文翻译ess guidance projects. Hanyin Middle School is the first project school in northwest Chideedccoona to introduce five-body ball. After learning that thdeedccooe school sdeed的意思till had difficulties in facilities and sports teaching, Shenzheentered是什么意思n Lions Club Hong Lai Segoodleplay商店rvice te安康疫情am launched the donation cgreathiddencamampaign and invited the schoolgoodleplay商店‘s instructors to provide professional guidance.

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Hanyin Middle Sdeed408f104chool & NBSP; Principal Xia Zhongli:Today very happy in the shenzhen lions club guests and love enterprise, love the people, hope that through shenzhen lion professor and help, to be able to five body ball this interesting, challenging and YiZhiXing fashion to forge a characterigreatlystic style p帝道独尊roject in our school sports, and become our school a beautiful card, is to strengthen the interaction between the two places, Thendeed408f104 for the old folks in Hanyin to send a “healthy meal”, rich people’s sports culture life.

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Founded in 2002, Sh低调看enzhen Lions Club is a non-governmental char安康天气ity organization dedicated to a series of social welfa低的笔顺re activities in various fields, including medical and health care, educational assistance, poverty alleviation, disaster rgoodnightelief and reconstruction, and community services. Shenzhen Lions club has more than 4000 membdeedccooers and 110 service teams. In recent years, the Lions Club of Shengreat比较级和最高级怎么写zhen has made a positive contribution to promoting harmony and prlion是什么意思otecting people’s livelihood through more than 7,000 donation activities and 250 million yuan of donated materials. In the future, the lions Club of Shenzhen will clionkkontigoodnotesnue to pay attention to education in mountainous areas and provide help to the chgoodleildren in mountainous a滴滴司机撞死乘客reas for their happy study and healthy growth.

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Shenzhen Lions Club Red滴滴出行app Li安康学院ege Service Team & NBSP;centered Captagreat是什么意思中文翻译in Long Yali:We want to give back to安康疫情 our hometown, we teachers alion的中文意思nd students here, grew up here, go out from here, we now collect better and more advan安康市人民政府网ced information outside, we hope to pull the gooentered怎么读d resources outside to our hometown, so that our homet滴滴出行own can develolion翻译p better.安康天气

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Zhang Jian, President of Shenzhen Lions Club Supervisory Board:The second time I walked into the well-being, see than I fientered是什么意思rst walked into the well-being, see the basis of education, the school has made great progress, has now been built is very great, thrlion翻译ough this activity, after I came back to shenzhen, I wilcenteredl call for shenzhen big enterprise, loving people once again into the well-beinlionkkg, fogreatnessr the well-being of basic education and the education of t低的笔顺eenagers do contribution.

Introduenteredction of Shenzhen Lions Club:

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Shenzhen lion is domestic authorities to strengthen internatigoodleonal exchanges and cooperation, help further into the international comgreat-elecmunity, enlarge mobilionkkle space, establish a good image, expand the public welfare charity, upon the approval of the central, with reference to the practice of the international安康鱼图片 lionslion复数 club, founded on April 2, 2002 of the civil society charitable service organization, with independent corporate qualification. Shenzhen Liolionsns Club has more than 4000 members and 110 servdeed是什么意思英语ice teams, which mainly carry outlion的中文意思 a series滴滴 of public welfare activities in the fields of cataract rehabillion的中文意思itation, assisting the di滴滴自主退市公告sabled, helping students and or安康码怎么换手机号phans, poverty alleviation and disaster relief.

Up to now, shenzhengreat Lions club has more than 4000 members and 110 service teams. According to incomplete statistics, with Shenzhen as the center, Shenzhen Lions Club has carried out more than 7,000 service activities throughout China, with a total service fund of about 250 million YUAN. It has perfodeed的意思rmed rehabilitation operations for more than 40,000 poor cataract patients, donategreat是什么意思中文翻译d more than 80 million yuan in materials for disaster relief, and raised more than 20 million yuan for the disabled and orphans. It has donated more than 50 lion schoolgreat-elecs, benefitinggreat 40 million people and making outstand滴滴出行ing低的笔顺 contributions to hardeed408f104mony and people’s livelihood.

Five-bodylion Ball Sports Introduction:

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Five-body ball is an original sport independen安康tly invented by Mr. Wang Jin ‘an from Shen滴滴出行zhen in 2015, which pioneered the comprehensive play of hands, feet and head (brain). Five-body ballgreat比较级和最高级怎么写 is a new type of ball game which is mainly controlled, converted and scgood的比较级ored by five parts of human body, such as hands, feet and headgoodnotes软件下载 (brain). Five-body ball is a new ball game developed on the basis of basketball and footbal安康码变黄l, which is easy滴滴自主退市公告 to teach, easy to低调看直播 learn and easy to promote. It has a smagoodlell field area, low安康鱼图片 cliononstruclionkktion cost and high util安康鱼图片ization rate of the field (it can also be used as a field for five-body ballionl, basketball and football practice), and has a broad滴滴出行app prospect of world-class big-balldeedccoo spogreat怎么读rts. It skillfully combinesgoodluck the ball badeed408f104sket and the goal to form a five-body ball rack. The court is divided into three areas: hand area, foot area and five-body conversion area. P滴滴出行applayers滴滴自主退市公告 can use their hands to dribble, shoot and blgoodsock shots in the hand area, dribble, pass and shoot in the foot area, and scientific conversion of安康鱼 hands and feet can be achieved in the five-body conversion area. Five-body ball requires the players to be fle安康天气xible in limbs and quick in mind, which is more in line with the physical characterisenteredtics of our people.

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Since inventiodeedsn, Mr Jingreatly-an wang has been held in guangdong provlionkkince for five body balldeeds是什么意思 three-time league, five body ball won the state general administration of sports in 2017 as the first batch of national scientific fitness guidance project establishment,lion的音标 five body b滴滴司机撞死乘客all exhibition games in 2018 in guangdong province on the 15th annual provincial低的笔顺 games perfectdeeds是什么意思 appearance, five balls ingoodnight the domesgreat是什么意思tic original ball games, It has been highly appraigreat是什么意思sed by experts from the State General Administration of Sports a安康nd domestic institutdides of Education and science. At present, five-body balllion has been included in the selectigreatlyon range of integrated curriculum projdeedsects of the Ministry of Education, and it will be introduced ideed408f104ntdido the PE class安康市人民政府网es of students all over the country in the near future.

The lion engood的比较级tered ankang and did a great good deed!

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