“Where there is need, there are lion friends” — Shenzhen Lions Club speaks for “barrier-free”

“Where there is need, there are lion friends” — Shenzhen Lions Club speaks for “barrier-free”

On May 17th, under the guidance of the Office of Slions的音标henzhen Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee, organized by Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation and co-organized by Shenzhen Lionslions的音标 Club, Shenzhen Broadcasting Group and Shenzhen Press Group, the first “Barriefriends怎么读英语单词r-free Ideal City TALK activity” was held in the studio of Shenzhen Brneedn’toadcasting Group. Ten speakers fwherebyrom different fields from difflions英语怎么读erent perspectives for the “alions是什么意思ccessibility” voice.

It is understood that this activity is shenzhen official a深证指数ction plan for shenzhen to create a barrspeak是什么意思翻译ier-free city reconstruction the nation-wide activity, form of this TALK is rich, in addition to the speaker, and barrier-free history change display at home and abroad, construction of barrier-ffriends是什么意思ree city initiative, barrier-free project claim, barrier-free excspeaks翻译ellent video show, Multi-dimensional, innovative for Shenzhen to create a barrier-free city into the powerspeaks翻译 and energy.

In thilionels “Barrier-free ideal Cwhere同音词ityclubman TALK awhere怎么读ctivity”, we can always see volunteers in “yellow vests” busy in every corner of the venue… These lovely volunteers are the volunteers of shenzhen Liofriends翻译ns Club. Before the event, lion Frfriendsiends volunteers stood guard at the entrance of thelionsgate venue, steps, public toilets, anclubsd the studio to providethere是什么意思翻译 guidance and services to participantneedss and disabled friends in need. In public toilets, steps and other places with obstacles, lion friends volunteers push wheelchairs and act as crutches for disabled ffriends美剧riends, providing convenilionkkence for them and making them feel warm. A wheelchair, a support of the back, again and again lit the summer o深证指数f that wtherebyarmth. The good deeds of the lion friends volunteers made everyone praise them!

“What a greatspeaks读音发音 city looks like,where引导的定语从句 she must first haneedn’tve accessible temperature.” Onlions是什么意思 staclubsge, Zheng Weining, founder of FOD, w深圳疫情ho was sitting in a wheelchair, opened with a theme that ignitedtherefore the “Baclubmanrrier-free ideal City TALK”.

At the beclubginning of the event, a filtherefore什么意思m titled “Are tspeaks翻译成中文he Disabled increasing or Decreasing with the development of society and science and technology? So that tneed怎么读he audienclione can understand the relationship between accessibility and us a深圳地铁线路图nd the city in a short time. It turns out that the development of a city is the history of breaking down obstacles. We should not only worwhereis是什么意思中文k together to remove conceptual, cultural, institutionalspeaksaytalk区别, information, equipment and environmental barriers in uspeaks翻译rban developmtherebyent, but aspeak是什么接口lso to remove the behavioral, cognitive, hearing, smell and touch barriers of our friends with disabilitiesfriends用英语怎么说.

A person’s life begins with barrier-free access, and gradually moves towards the end of liftherebe句型就近原则e in baspeak是系动词吗rrier-free access. Pspeak是什么意思翻译eople have to live every day, life needs to overcome obstacles all the time. Creating a barrier-free city is closely related to eacclubmed官网预订h of us. Whether it’s a birth defect, whether it’深圳地铁线路图s anspeak是及物动词还是不及物动词 accidental injury, whether it’s toddling, whether it’s aging, whether it’s a decline in phythere是什么意思翻译sical function, anyonneed是情态动词吗e, throughout their life, needs “accessible” help.

The highlight of the event was the TALK of ten speakers from d深圳疫情最新动态ifferent fields, These 10 speakneedn’ters including enthshenzhenusiastilionsgatec disabled shenzwhereashen lions club President Ma Min, disalions是什么意思bled entrepreneurs Zheng Weining, visually impaired “web celebrity” Cai Cong,clubman是什么牌子车 autism family Liao Yanhui “mouthpiece”lion复数, the domestic Taiwan barrier-free travel advocate Lin Chongwei, pay attention toneedn’t informatithere的对应词on barrier-free Liu Biao, lead disabilities world Xie Haidi, focus on accessspeak是什么意思翻译ibility of media people Guo Yiming, barrier-free building designer Chinese music, the national barrier-free exlions英语怎么读pert Committee expert Xue Feng. They explained the “obstacles” and “barrier-free” in their eyes from different fields, industries, life and other angles, popularizing the “barrier-free”whereby science, giving passionate speeches and full of effective materials.

From the perspective of barrier-free cultural services, President Ma Min said that barrier-free construction measures the temperature of urban love, demonstrates the progress of social civilizatlion翻译ion, and is a noble cause with contemporary achievements and future benefits. As a public welfare organization basespeak什么意思d in Shenzhen, she hopes to encourage more social organizations and forces to jointly cawhererrylions英语怎么读 out barrier-free service深圳疫情最新动态s. To build a barrier-freeneeds city, every lion friend, every public welfare worker, and everwherebyy Shenzhen person should work together to create an “organ of lwhereaboutsove” for the city, pr深圳天气omote the overaneedlessll level of the city, and let the concept ofwhere同音词 civilization sharing be written on the hot lalion的音标nd of Shenzhen.

Rich speech content to pclubmanromote accessibility culture, let the publlions读音ic understanlions英语怎么读d and pay attention to accessibility culture, and participate in the construction of accspeaks翻译成中文essibility. The speech actilions英语怎么读vity also carried out the barrier-free project acceptlions英语怎么读anwherebyce and donation link. It is understood that the pledneedge flionsorthere the city’s party and government orgthere是什么意思翻译ans, institutions, all kinds of enterprises,lion的音标 social organizations and social caring people. Of 55 barrier-frthere是什么意思翻译ee projethere的对应词cts, 34 projects have belionsen pthere同音词ledged, 9 of which have beenthere pledged by Shenzhen Lions Club.whereas翻译

At the end of the event, witnessed by Director Li Zhenhe and Deputy Director Relioneln Tong, ma Min, CAI Cong, Guo Yiming, Guneedlean Guolelions读音, Xue Feng and other ten speakers jointthere的对应词ly issued a proposalclub翻译 for creating an barrier-free city, which was read byfriends翻译 Hou Yisha, secretary of the Party Group and chairmaspeaks翻译n of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation.

“Where there is need, there are lion frineed的用法ends”.friends美剧 At present, there are 85 million disabled peop深圳市最新疫情le and over 200 million elderly pfriends怎么读eople in China. The construction of a barrier-free city requires every lion friend, every ngo, aneedynd every Shenzhen person to work together to create an “organ o深圳风险等级f love” for the city. Let us join hands深圳疫情最新动态 to promotlions翻译e the comprehensive upgrading of the cwhereasity, and letthere同音词 the idea of civilization sharing be written on this hot land of Shenzhen.

Shenzhen disabled persons’ federation, chairman of thlions怎么读e party secretary, hou the queen, the CPPCC stathere的对应词nding commlions英语怎么读ispeak是及物动词还是不及物动词ttee, social legal system, Li Zwherehenhe, director of the ethnic and religious committee, deputy dneedn’tirector of the Natio深圳疫情nal People’s Congrestherefore什么意思s law committee committee member, standiclub是什么酒ng committee of shenzhen Renthere同音词 Tong deputy director of the law committee and other leaders, President of shenzhen lions in 2018-2019, Ma Min, the last President of tian wang, vice Preslionsgateident of the firstlions是什么意思 Dufriends是什么意思 Hengkun WetherebyngHua, general secretaclubsry, More than 300 people a深圳疫情最新动态ttenneedlessded the event, including Liao Wing-fai深圳疫情最新消息 of Zone 1, Du Peng, chairman of Zone 4, Law Chun-ping, chairman of Zone 20, G深圳疫情最新动态ao Ling, Supethereare是什么意思中文rvisor, Lawspeak是及物动词还是不及物动词 Kwon-qi, chalions英语怎么读irmanneed怎么读 of The Committee fwhereveror Poverty Alleviation and Assistance to the Disaclubmed官网预订bled,lions是什么意思 and representatives frthere同音词om various service teams.

【 Text 】 Xiao Wenxiong & NBSP; Yang xin

Huang Xinran, Wang Haibin, Chen Weiming

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Hufriends什么意思中文 grey

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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