Standardize the election of lions in an orderly manner -- Shenzhen Lions Club held the fourth council meeting for 2020-2021

On March 14, 2021, the fourth Board meeting of Lions Club Shenzhen for 2020-2021 was held in the Lions Club office in Shenzhstandardizeen. Directors attending the meeting examined and approved by the shenzhen lions election preparations for the 19th the member representative assembly schedule ", 2021club用英语怎么说-2022 candidates fororderlist the council, board members, "the 19th each group member representative assembly elections office duties and personnel list", discusses the shenzhen lion 2021 charity party in the New Year, informatization construction; At th深圳地铁线路图e sfourth-gradeame time, we listened to the opinions of the qualification examination group on the preliminary examination of the qualifications of candidates for the 2021-202held是hold的什么形式2 Council and the Bofourthard of Supervisors, the review of the preliminar深圳疫情最新动态y examination results of the Shenzhen Lions Party Branch, and the cancellation of the fifth Huashan Lion Festival.

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Shenzhen Lions Club president Lu Zhiqiang, last preelection翻译sident Weng Hua, first vice President Guo Yongyong, second vice president Peng Daojian, secretary General Lai Zhuoni, Chief fiorderld什么意思nancial officer Nie Xiangdong, Chief Financial Officer Dmanner咖啡品牌介绍eng Yi, chief picket officer Zhang Jian,election是什么意思 executive dlions翻译中文eputy secretary General CAI Min and other 34 directors attended the meeting. Li Weihua, the representative of domestic Lions Associaheldention in Shenzhenheldback and thelionsgate first Secretary of party Bran深圳疫情ch of Lions Cluorderly翻译b shenzhen, Tan Fei, deputyreelection sufourth怎么读pervisor of Lions Club Shenzhen, Li Zhou, Tang Haozhi, Zhu Feng, Chen Qunhao, Huamanners谓语用单数还是复数ng Shaofang, special assistant of presidenmannerst Zhu Dclubmanaoying and Chu Ke, Executive chairman of district Annual Meeting Committee Liorderly是什么意思u Guojianglions英语怎么读, and Executive Director Ma Huijuan attended the meeting as non-voting delegates. The meeting was chaired by Nie Xiangdong, qian Lin, chairman of the 13fourth是什么意思th Sub-district, and Wangfourth-grade Xue-bo, chaielection中文rman of the 14th Sub-district, as execlions怎么读utive chairmen.

Nie Xiangdong

Weng Hua, head of the qualification review team, briefed on thclubmed官网预订e preliminary examimanner咖啡nation of the qualifications of the members of the Council and the Board of Supervisors in 2021深圳地铁线路图-2022. As of February 22, shenzhen Lions Club office has received 48 application materials for directors and 16 fheld过去式和过去分词or supervisors. The qualification examination group conducted the深证指数 examination strictly in accordance with the articles of association aclub是什么酒nd the election workhelden plan, comprehelions翻译中文nsively and carefully checked the materials submitted by the candidates,election是什么意思 and summarized the missing and vague information found in th深圳疫情最新动态e examination to ensure the aheldbackuthenticity and validity of the registration materials.

Last president Weng Hua

Li Weihua, First Secretary of the Party Branch of Shenzhen Lions Cllions怎么读uelection怎么读b, informed the party branch's opinion on the review of the preliminary results of the qualifstandardizeication examination gclub是什么意思rostandardized翻译up. The Party branch agreed to the opinion of the qualifilion是什么意思cation examination group thaclub是什么意思t 43 qualified directors and 14 qualified supervisors should run for eleorderlessction, and agreed to submit the proposal to the standing Council and the Council for discussion and votinorderlinessg. Liu Guojlions读音iang, executive chairman of the District Anheld中文nual Meeting Commi深证指数ttee, read tclubmanhe qualification examinheldation report of the members of the board of Directors and supervisory Board of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022.lionsgate

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Liu Guojiang JPG.

Secretary-general Larijani made further remarks on the list of responsibilities and personnel深圳地铁线路图 of the various groups omannerf the Election Office of the 19th General Assembly.

Secretary General Rajeni 2

Guo Yongyong, the first vice President of CFC, introduced that in December 2020, dlions翻译中文ue to thmanner翻译e unstable epidemic situation in Shenzhenlions是什么意思, after several rounds oelection是什么意思f discussions, it was decided to postpone the 2021 N深圳风险等级ew Year charity party. Under the wise leadership of the central government and the concerted efforts of the whole nation, the epidclub是什么意思emic has been well contained so far. In order to live up to shiyou's expectation, the organizing committee of the 2021 New Year Charity Gala decided to restart the project after discmanner的用法ussion. Under the situation of the continuing stlions怎么读ability of the epidemic in Shenzhen, the gala wfourth用英语怎么说as tentatively scheduled to be held omannersn March 28 at Baomcube. Geneheldral coordinator nie Xiaelection怎么读ngdong, host Fang Shilei fushenzhenrther explained the preparations, and said that they wostandardizeuld do their best to run the event.

Guo Yongyong JPG.

Peng Daojian, second Vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club, intmanners谓语用单数还是复数roduced thatmanner due to the uncertaintieelection中文s oorderliness是什么意思f COVID-19, in order to avolions的音标id the spread of theclub是什么酒 disease through mass activities, we decided to cancel the fifth China Lion Festival aclubsnd put more energy into the scientific and orderly prevenorderly翻译tion and control work in accordance with the la深圳疫情最新消息w, and do a good job in lion affairslions怎么读 of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Peng Daojian JPG.

The deputy secretary-general of Cclub怎么读ai Min lions inforfourth用英语怎么说matization construction in shenzhen city is presented, to improve the efficiency of office and lioheld的原型n friends work, practice concept of environmental protection work, and quantify the lion friend "out" spirit, shenzhenfourth的音标 lions will restart the system development work, hopes the lion friendlymanner的用法 professionals in bear, make recommendations for system developmanner的用法ment, creorderlistate the most practical, mosstandardized翻译t appropriate shenzhen lions, the actual system.

Cai Min PNG.

Afterwards, the participating council memblionsgateers discussed the 2021 New Year charity gala and the inorderlinessformatization constrheld的意思是什么uction oorderldf Shenzhen Lions Club.

Tan Fei, deputy suheld的原型pervisor, announced the results of the vote and expressed his opclub是什么酒inions on supervision, highly aclub翻译ffirming the standardization and effimanner是什么意思ciency of the board meeting and the contrishenzhenbutions made by the particfourth缩写ipating directors to the work of Shenzhen Lions Club. He said that the board of Supervisors will strive to create a fair, just and opheld是hold的什么形式en elestandardize翻译ction environment while ensuring the orderly progress of all work, so as to escort the healthy development of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Tan Fei Board of Supervisors issued supervisory opinions

Li Weihua, filions的音标rst Secretary of shenzhen Lions Club, spoke highly of the remarkable achievements made by the club in recent years. He hoped that all members of the council would continue to maintain high work motivat深圳风险等级ion, rigorheld的意思是什么ous work style, strict work discipline, good work performance, and the next council and lion friend深圳疫情s to hand over a perffourth用英语怎么说ect report card. It is hoped that alfourth用英语怎么说l lion club members will work together to create a democratic, fair and harmonious election atmosphere and ensure that the general election of the 19th S深圳市最新疫情henzheorderlistn Lions Club Congress will be colions是什么意思nducted in a standardized and orderly manner.

President Lheldenu Zhiqiang thanked the council members for their earnest, respolions翻译中文nsible and enthusiastic participationfourth用英语怎么说 in the meeting, which was efficient, friendly, harmonious and orderly. He hoped that all the directors woulstandardized是什么意思d actively promote the general election and charity party work, and do their best for the steady development ofelections Shenzhen Lions Club.



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