Advocating a new trend of eating with one million chopsticks -- Shenzhen Lions Club's one million chopsticks public welfare activity entered chunhua Four Seasons Garden

On March 13, 2021, the Lions Club of Shenzhen held a public chopsticks event in The Square of Chunhua Siyuan Community in Longhua Districhopsticks是什么意思ct. The evlionsgateent was organinew怎么读zed by Lions Club of Shenzhen andeating organized by Lions Cadvocating是什么意思lub of Shenzhen environmental Service Committee andchopsticks筷子怎么读 Huatian Service Team. At the event site, more than 1,000 households received 5G environmental chopsticks and filled in the "Use chopsticks, cd-rom action and garbage classification willingness survey form", the service cost of 30,000 yuan.

Li Lun, vice Chairman of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, Huanglionsgate Ztrend翻译hibin, Director of Waste Sorting Center of Shenzhen Urban Manashenzhengement Bureau, CAI Zehuan, Director of Longhua District Urblions的音标an Management Bureau, Pan Jianwei, Directlions翻译中文or of Minzhi Streating的用法eet Urban Managemelions翻译中文nt Departmnewent, Zhang Lei, Lu Zhiqiang, preeating音标sident of shenzhen Lions Club fotrendy的中文意思r 2020-2021, Peng Daojian, second Vicenewspaper President, Shi Jianyonglions, Wang Jinliang, former presidents, Tan Fei, Deputy Head of Supervisor, Lai Zhuoni, Secretmillion和billion的区别ary General, Nie Xianglion是什么意思dong, Chief Financial Officer, Deng Yi, Chief Business Officer, Fang Shilei, Deputy Secretary General, Zhang Zheqin, Zhao Hui, Gao Ling, Zhou Zhihui, Peng Dinmillion是什么意思英语gkuan, Chen Xusheng,深圳 Yu Hui, Wu Jinzhi, Wamillion是什么意思英语ng Lina, Wang Xuebo, Tang Xueyong, Ye Tianxi from Dongpeng Beverage (Group) Co., LTD., Chen Juan, deputyclubman是什么牌子车 General Manager of personal Finance Department of China Minsheng Bank Shenzhen Branch, Liu Benfeng, director of Shenzhen Chunhua Four Seasons Park Management And Service Center, representativetrend翻译s of various service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club and residents of Chunhua Four Seasons Park attended the event. The event was chaired by Yu Xiaopingtrend翻译, chairtrend翻译man of shchopsticks怎么读enzhenlion是什么意思中文翻译 Lions Club Environmental Service Committee, he Yalions英语怎么读jun as the general coordinator, Wang Jianhong, leader of Huatian Strend是什么牌子ervice Team, as the executive chairman, Wang Zhe andmillionaire是什么意思 Gao Chenhaneating什么意思.

The first vice captains of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, the lions and their sisters, dressenew balanced in their own fashion made of waste newspapeating形式ers,深证指数 plastic bags and other materials, kicked off the event.

First vice team performance photo. JPG

Mr. Heeating音标 Yajun intclub是什么酒roduced the guesclubmants and delivered theclub是什么酒 weleating是什么意思英语come speech.

He Yajun photo. JPG

The inittrendiator of millions of chopsticks public welfarmillion是什么意思英语e activities.President,Shenzhen Lions ClubPresentation by Ms Yu Siu-ping,eating形式 Chairman of environmental Servicenew是什么意思英语s CommitteeactivityOriginal intention and goal: use chopsticks tmillionaire是什么意思o reduce transmission of disease; CD action, cherish food, oneporridgeA meal when the hard-won; Garbaglions是什么意思e sorting,Reducing pollution will dorecyclingGarbage reuse.2002The year was officially 16"China's capacity for sustainable development has been strengthened"As one of the goals of building a welchopsticks翻译l-off society in an all-round way. Sueating为什么不双写slionsgatetainable develoclubman是什么牌子车pment is based on the protection of natural resources and environment.You have to choose one that's different from earthbearingAbility toThat meet the needs ofGreen lifestyletype.To makesocishenzhenalBetter progress.Chairman Yutrend是什么牌子 XiaopingThank you for atteneating为什么不双写ding the event foreating是什么意思英语 millions of public chopadvocating翻译sticks into the community.

Photo of Yu Xiaoping. JPG

The semillion怎么读英语condeating的用法 vice captain of the team brougclubsht the "brave the wind and waves of the elder sister" dancing, hot and passionate dance, the lions did not forget to show the hands of 5Gnews chopsticks, they are both brave the wind and waves of the elder sister, but also the use of cholionsgatepsticks practice. The students of Xingzhi Experimental School performed the chorus of "A Clean Etrendarth", just as the song sings "leave our children a cleatrend翻译n earth, leave our children a clear river, leave our children a blue sky", which is also the mosmilliont beautiful original intention of holding this public welfare actclubmed官网预订ivity.

Second vice team performance photo. JPG

The successful holdingtrend函数 of this event is inseparable from tmillion的用法he support of dongpeng Beverage (Gclubmed官网预订roup) Co., LTD and Shenzhen Branch of China Minsheng Banlions是什么意思k. Dongpeng Beverachopsticks筷子怎么读ge (Group) Co., Ltd. said it plans to sponsor the Shenzhen Lions Club environmental Protection Service Committee's olions英语怎么读ne million cheating翻译opsticks project and participate in subsequent pmillionublic welfare activities.

Chen Juan, Deputy General Manager of personal Finance Department of China Minsheng Bank Shenzhen Branch, delivered a speech. Tnew的反义词he million Chopstichopsticks英语怎么读ckmillion的意思s public welfare activity responds tnew是什么意思英语o the call ochopsticks怎么读语音f the state to aclub是什么酒dvocate thrift. Minsheng Bank ischopsticks是单数还是复数 willing tmillion和billion的区别o jointly promote the fine virtue of thrift and spread positive enernew是什么意思英语gy of thclubmed官网预订e society. Chen Juan, deputy general manager of CMBC, introducclub是什么酒ed a series of measures to facilitate the people, stressing that CMBC will deliver chopsticks to citizenseating怎么读 free of charge and fulfill its responsibinews可数吗lity fomillion是什么意思英语r publmillion是什么意思英语ic welfare.

Photo by Chen Juan of Minsheng Bank

Liulions的音标 Benfeng, dchopsticksirector ofclubmed shenzhen Chunhua Four Seasons Garden Management service Center, expressed his great honor for chunhua Ftrendelenburg试验oeating怎么读音英语ur Seasons Garden to become the first publicity station of oneating的用法e million chopshenzhenstickstrendiano是什么牌子 public welfare activities in Chinamillion的意思. All the owners of chunhua Four Seasons Garden will tanewspaperke advantage of the east wind to do a good job in the use of chopsticks, CD action and garbage clion是什么意思lassification action, for Shenzhen to become the first socialist demonstration area of theeating为什么不双写 first example, thanks to leaders at all levels, Shenzhen Lions club to bring colorful strendiano是什么牌子piritual feating形式ood and the concept of the first.

Liu Benfeng, director of Chunhua Four Seasons Garden Management Center

Luo Xiuqun, secreta深圳风险等级rclubmed官网预订y of millions of chopsticks public welfare project, called onew的反义词n everyone to start from themselveschopsticks是什么意思英语, form a good habit ochopsticks翻译f using chopsticks, prevent virus cross infection, reduce the use of disposable chopsticks, the project will continclubmedue to walk into the community and give residents 5G environmental protection chopsticks, spread the use of chopsticks, disk action and garbamillion和billion的区别ge classification and other civilized new fashion.

Luo Xiuqun photo. JPG

President Lu Zhiqiang said thatchopsticks怎么读 this public welfare activity is the biggechopsticks是什么意思st service activity after the Spring Festiadvocating翻译val. According to the study, abou深圳地铁线路图t 1.2 kilograms of garbage is produced per person per day, and abclubmanout 100,000 tons of garbage is produced nationwide every day. Do a good job of garmillionairebage classification, so th深圳市最新疫情at there is no garbage in the world, only misplaced resources; The use of chopsticks, as the practitioner and promoter of table manners, is an important measure to improve the civilized quality of citadvocating翻译izens and the degree of urban civilization. It is suggesmillionaire是什么意思ted that lion friends take the lead in taking action to spread the idea back to the people around them and go further on the road of thrift and environmclubmanental protectionlions翻译中文.

Photo of Chairman Roh Chi-keung

All lion friends and communitytrendy的中文意思 residents move on stage to read lion friends "Use public chopsticks initiaclubmedtive". Mr. Wang Jianhong, leader of Huatian Service Team, announewnced the深圳天气 launch of the shenzhen Lions Club Environmental Protection Committee'lions翻译s one million chopsticks into the communinew是什么意思英语ty activity.

Duan Linlin sang the song "I anew怎么读m good here", the lyrics gently beat the heart of everyone plionsgateresent. Shenzhen Dandelion volunmillionaireteetrendsr lecturerlion是什么意思中文翻译 Song Zhiwei performed the African drum solo "Garbage Sorting Song", singing a song written by himself, exadvocating翻译plainew是什么意思ning the meaning of each lyric and explaining the benefits of garbnew是什么意思age sorting in detail. Ms. Luo Xiuhua of Happy Voictrendelenburg试验e Art Troupe performed the song "Snow in Saibei", and singer Chen Qing performed the songs "Sichuan Donghui" and "Where is Your Youth". The afternoon activity came to an end witlions翻译h beautiful singingchopsticks筷子怎么读.

Photo of Song Zhiwei. JPG

Singer Chen Qing photo. JPG

Inmillion的用法 the evening, students from Aispeak Language Art Insticlubstute and Smiling International Montessori Childrenclub's Development Center performed many wonderful深圳市最新疫情 performances for the residetrendsnts of Chunhua Four Seasons Gnewgroundsarden. On the road of frugality and environmental protection, people present enjoyed a feast onews可数吗f art!

Xingzhi Experimental School students performance.jpg

Through this activity, the official and street departments expressed their recognition and support to this ptrend翻译ublic welfare activity of Smillionhenzhen Lions Club. Pmillionaire是什么意思lease start from me, active actiotrendn, develop the good habit of usinlions翻译中文g chopseating怎么读ticks, let a p深圳地铁线路图eck a d深圳地铁线路图rink to civ深圳地铁线路图ilization, let a chopsticks a spoon highlight civilization, let "separat深圳疫情e meals" become a new fashion, at the samemillion是什么意思英语 time do a good job of garbage cleating翻译assification, cd-rom action, guide the people around, to countless "small family", to promote tchopsticks怎么读语音he social "everyone" civilization progress!

 Group photo. JPG

[Text] Shen Shi News Agency xu Jinghua

[Photo] Chen Weiming, Shenshi News Agency

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Hu Lei

Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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