The “Blue Mission” diabetes education series of Shenzhen Lions club entered nanyou community

On November 30th, 2019, the third event of the “Blue Mission” diabetes education series of Shenzhen Lions club was successfully held in Nanyou Community Park, Nanshan District. 600 health manuals and diabetes knowledge were distribumission英语ted to community resblueidents at the event sitdiabetes是什么意思英语e, andclubman是什么牌子车 service funds were provided28000 yuan.


Shenzhen lions club Presidenclubst WengHua, first vice President zhi-qiang lu, deputy secretary-geneseries是什么意思英语ral Li Feng, partimissionary是什么意思tion the chairman zhu feng, Wei Xin new, li xiaofeng, the sea, liu diabetes propaganda and education committee chairman JiYing, executive chairman of KuangHong, zhang jian, MeiChunMei, Chen Pengrong, Wan Chaolin, Zhong Bin lions, friends, community residents andseries7手表 social loving people and more than 300 people participated in the activities. Li Feng was the general manager of the event, Qi Ying was the chairman of the conference, Du Taozhe was the executive chairman, and Zhang Aiming preseries7手表sidmissioned over the event.

Zhang Aiming JPG.

Conference President Qlion是什么意思中文翻译i Ying delivered a speech. Du Taozhe, Executivblued官网e Chairmdiabetes是什么意思an, introduced the guests.

JiYing JPG.

Du Taozhe JPG.

Mr. Leducation可数吗i Feng, executive deputy secretary general,clubmed官网预订 shared the significance of “Blue Mission” diabetes education actibluetoothvitiesmissionary翻译 and introduced the early symptoms of diabetes.


First Vice President Lcenteredu Zhiqiang delivered a speech, thanking all the lionblue特殊含义情侣 friends for theirclub用英语怎么说 efforts and suppomissionrt. He invited participants to take part in a diabetes preventionmissionary是什么意思 quiz to remind them to pay attention to healthy dclub是什么意思iet and stay away from diabetes.

Lu Huichang JPG.

Weng Hua, chairman of the Association, introduced thentered怎么读at China is onbluee of the countrieducation是什么意思英语es wseries函数ith the fastest growing prevalence of diabetes in the world, with more than 97 million diabetes patients and about 150 m深圳天气illion people with pre-diabetes. However, the treatment rate is only 33.4%, and the control rate is 30.6%. The situation of diabetes prevention and control is very sericlub是什么意思ous. He hopes that through the diabetes education activitiesclub用英语怎么说 of the Lions Club in Shenzhen, the public will pay more attention to diabetes prevention and treatment, enhance the publieducationalc’s awareness of health prevention and disease prevention, and popularize a healthy lifestyle more widely.


Later, Weng Hua, Lu Zhiqiang, Li Feng,JiYingAnd other lion friends together for the service team and co-organeducation翻译izers awarded MEclubDALS and certificates.


At the scene, lion friends invieducation怎么读英语ted experts to preach diabetes preventilions英语怎么读on knowledge to community relions是什么意思sidlions英语怎么读ents, provide blood sugar screening and other services, and actively interact with community residents through lottery and otlion是什么意思中文翻译her forms. Dr. Wu, the charity ambassador, delivcenteredered a keynote speech on “Scientific prevention of diabetes”, which was highly recognized by the public.

Lion fseries翻译riendclubmed官网预订s show their talents to help the activitbluemingy. Yang Rui’s jazz dance and Xiong Yuyingblued下载‘s classical dan深圳疫情最新动态ce “Peacmission是什么意思英语h Blossom Rain in March” wdiabeteson rounds of applause from the citizens, Kong Weimin a “Hero song” shook the audience, Wang Dagui solo “Motherland, kind mother” rang through the square,educational翻译 blue Sky service team’s last performance “I belong to your country” again let the audience boiling.series函数

1575080341560_IMG_20191130_101515_mr1575080341344_mh1575080347115.jpgKong Weimin JPG.Wang Dagui JPG.

This event is organized by Lions Club of Shenzhen, Diabetes Education Committee of Lions Club of Shenzhen, Pie, sail, gold silver lake, jointseries是什么意思英语, red li, yue, Jin Ming, wally, Le cblued暂停新用户注册uckoo, dreams, yitian, cloud sea, the earth, the blue sky, sea, land, Chinese entrepreneurs, the path befomission的意思re, matsuoka, charity collection, clamission怎么读ssic, roses, oct east, chclubmanildren, happiness, business knowledge and mooring love, mileage, burson-marsteller, path, jialions英语怎么读ngshan, hua xiang 60 service to ueducation可数吗ndertake, South oil community workstation party, nanshblued下载an district, shenzhen city, shenzhen nanshan private medical institutions the association of private medical in深圳地铁线路图stitutions, healthclub是什么酒 technology co., LTD., shendiabetes怎么读zh深圳市最新疫情eclub是什么意思n sea before domestic nightingale nursing shenzhen nanshamissionary翻译n private medical institutionseducational group of the volunteer team, shenzhen yi health management to direct co., LTD., shenzhen agimission的意思ng expo, all (shenzhen) health management Limited to public and co-organized by Aiole Medical Equipment (missionary歌词mvShenzhen) Coblue是什么意思., LTD., Shecenterednzhen Riseng Health Managemeeducation翻译nt Centmissionarieser support.



【 Text 】 Liu Jun

[Photo] Cui Weisheng

[Editor] Ma Huijulions的音标an Lin Yanfen

[Composition] Hu Lei

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Oflions翻译中文fice

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