Caring for returned overseas Chinese sympathy and warmth

On November 28, 2019, by the lions club in shenzhen, shenzhen, ii Ma Qiao futian districaring英语ct overseas host neighborhood park ridge, shenzhen lions will master, yantian, oct, beishan, universal, new contcaringlyinents, in the long run, such as the Oriental rose 9 service to undertake the "care for returned overssympathy的所有形式eas Chinese, condolences send warm"returned怎么读 activities in futian business road Jincaring英语gMingDa held on the second floor of the hotel. More than 200 returned overseas Chinese andoverseas用法 their families were presented with recaring翻译d vests, and 75 returned overseas Chinese veterans and poor returned overseas Chichinese读音nese were presented with gifts and invited to have lunch with them. The service cost was 95,000 yuan. Asympathy翻译mong tsympathy的所有形式hem, Shenzhen Lions Club, main Club and Yantian Service Club each contributed 20,000 yuan, and overseas Chinese Town, Beishan, Sihai, Xinzhou, Changyuan, Oriental Rose and other 7 service teams contributed 5,000 yuan each.

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In the morning, the old members ofsympathy的形容词 the New Malaysia Overseas Friends Association and their families arrived onereturned是什么意思 aftoverseas是什么意思英语er another. Wei Xinxin and Zwarmth是什么意思heng Jianhai led the lion friends of the meecaring是什么意思ting group to distribute red vests to the olcaring怎么读d people and guide thewarmth的形容词m to sign in and sit in.warmth的形容词 The ounreturnedld returned overseas Chinese were very happy witchineseh the enthusiasm of the lion friends.

Luo Yangui, executive chairman and leaderoverseas和abroad的区别 of OCT Service Team introduced the guest lisympathy的形容词st. Ms. Chen Xiaoxue, captain ofwarmthy the Orientacaring英语l Rose Servichinese意思ce Team, delivsympathyercaring怎么读ed the welcome speech.

Laoverseas翻译i Zhiping, president of Shenzhen New Ma Overseas Fsympathy怎么读riends Association and Lchineseai Yuming, deputy Secretary of Partyoverseas和abroad的区别 Working Commisympathy和empathy有什么区别ttee of Yuanlingoverseas是什么意思 Street Officewarmth是什么意思, Futian District, Shenzhen expressed their heartfelt thanks to Shenzhen Lions Club for holoverseas和oversea的区别ding the activities of caring returned Overseas Chinese and respecting the elderly for three consecutive years.


Ms. Wei Xinxin, chairman of the 10th District and chairman of the event, delivered a speech, thanking the new Malaysian Overseas Friends Association for providing a service platform. She saoverseas翻译id that life is the most beautiful sunset and the world is the most beautiful old flowers. She urged tsympathy翻译he whole socsympathy怎么读iety to form an honest folk custom of respecting, respecting and loving the elderly to make society more harmonious.


Li Weihua, the representative of Lions Association in Shenzhen, affirmed that Shenzhen Lions Club has actively carried out various public welfare services over the years, and recognized the solid inheritance of various brand services in this year. He thanked the lion friends have been quietly pay, not return. He hoped that the Shenzhen Lions Club would stay true to its original aspirwarmth是什么意思ation and keep its mission fsympathy的所有形式irmly in mind, deliver the concept of public welfare, provide good charity services, and contribute to the construction of socialism with domestic characteristics in the new era.


Weng Hua, president of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, praisedcaring是什么意思中文 the selfless dedication of returned Overseas Chineschinese new yeare during the difficult times ooverseas用法f their motherland, and called on everyone to respect and care focaring怎么读r each returned elderly Chinese. At the same time, he thanked the organizing committee and the service teams for thcaring怎么读eir participation and support.


Then, the leaders of The Lions Club of Shenzhen came to the stage to present gifts to the veterans of the Anti-Japanese War, and the New Masympathy是什么意思 Overseas Friencaring是什么意思ds Club of Shenzhen prsympathy是什么意思esented pennants to the service teams and districts of the Lions Club of Shenzhen.

Zheng Jianhai, executive chairman of the event and leader of the long Term Service team, gave a speech of appreciation to all of you for your enthusiastic participation. He said that asympathy和empathylthough the weather was cold, the atmosphere of the activity was very hounreturnedt. The preturnedositreturned怎么读ive and optimistic atwarmth翻译titude of the elderly returned overseaschinese读音 Chinese will guide the lion friends to love lwarmth是什么意思ife, work hard and serve treturned是什么意思he society in the futureoverseas翻译.


The persympathy用法和固定搭配formances of "Me and my Motherland", "Waves in Honghu Lake" and "Hero's Praise" by the Shenzhen Lions Club art Troupe and the Art Departmentoverseas是什么意思 of the Overseas Chinese Friends Club brought threturned怎么读e event to a climax again. Thank you performers for bringing us joy, thank you for tsympathy用法和固定搭配he positive energy transmitted by the positive attitucaring是什么意思英语de of the elderoverseas风格ly, let us respect and care for every old person around us, continue to carry forward the traditional virtue of ressympathy用法和固定搭配pecting and loving the elderly.

Domestic lion federation in shenzhen on behalfcaring是什么意思中文 of li wh, President of shewarmth怎么读nzhen lion, long ShiJianYong WengHua and supervisors, first deputy chairman zhi-qiancaring和careful区别g lu, secretary-general Peng Daojian Du Hengkun, treasurer, executive deputy secretary-general Li Feng chairman, deputy secretary-gesympathy怎么读neral Xu Qiubin, the third sectiowarmth是什么意思n Cai Min, partition kevinbales, Wei Xin, chairman of the new, li xiaofeng,overseas是什么意思英语 Wu Jinzhi, dong-mei Checaringlyn, supervisors Li Chunchang friendwarmthys such as lions, More than 200 rsympathy是什么意思eturned Overseas Chinese and tchinese翻译heir families from Singapore aoverseas和overseand Malaysia attended the event. Thewarmth acwarmth和warm区别tivity was chaired boverseas用法y Wei Xinxin, Luo Yangui, Zheng Jianhai awarmth和warm区别nd Zhacaring是什么意思英语o Zhuoni.

【 Text 】 Li Jicaring是什么意思中文angping

[Photo] Li Jiangping

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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