Join hands to build lion Heart — Shenzhen Lions Club held the second lion training and joint meeting in the third zone of 2019-2020

On November 27, 2019, the second lions Training and joint meeting of The third Zone of 2build怎么读019-2020 was held at the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. Shenzhen lions grow long ShiJianYong WengHua and supervisors, first vice President of zhi-qiang lu, s深圳地铁线路图ecretary-general Du Hengkun, chief financial officer Penghandsome翻译 Daojian, chairman of thbuild怎么读e third section Cai Min, partition kevinbales, Wei Xin new chairman, li xiaofeng, Wu Jinzhi, supervheldisors Li Chunchang, GST, exheld中文ecutive chalion的中文意思irman of Huang Shaofang three zones and the service of the liheldbackon, a total of morlionkke than 60 people were present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by CAI Min and presided over by Wei Xinxin.


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Chairman Wei Xinxin introduced the guests. President CAI Mupheldin gave a welcome speech. Thanbuild翻译k you for taking time out of your wo深圳大学rking day to attend the training. I hope you can gain something from the training.



President Weng Hua delivered a speech, thankinupheldg Preslion的中文意思ident CAI Miclubmann for her courage and dedication, leading the third zone to achie深圳风险等级ve brilliant resupheldults; I would like to thank the d深证指数istrict chai深证指数rmen for their careheld的意思是什么ful planlions英语怎么读ning and providing a platform for learlionelning and communication. Thanks to the lecturers for providing lion care training tclub怎么读o the lion lheartovers in Zonlions翻译e 3. He hoped that the team melion是什么意思mbers could share their excellent experience and put forward valuable suggestions,held过去式和过去分词 and actively respond to this year’s overall plan of “one persistence, three priorities and five types of services”. He moblion是什么意思ilized lion friends to pledge to donate the Hua Lilionsgateon Award. He hoped that everyone could unite their lion heartslion怎么读, work together, actilionsvely participate in the serlion的音标vice andlions do a good job in public welf深圳are.


Supervisor Shi Kin-wing praised the team leaders of Zheld的意思是什么one 3 for thhandsome怎么读eir dedication and commitment to the healthy development of the team. He hoped that under the leadership of the district chairman and the district chairman, the lion friends of zone 3 would never forget their origin深圳地铁线路图al aspiration for public welfare and move forward with determination for love.


Roh expressehandsome怎么读d his uniqujoin的用法e view of the Liohandsns Club by combining the stolion复数ry of a journalist interviewing a billionaire with charity. He encourajoin是什么意思ged the lion friends to donate to the Lion Club awards and promote the cause of lions club with the most simple and sincere kindness.


Peng Dlion的音标aojian, chief Financial officer, expreclub用英语怎么说ssed his appreciation for the lion business training and joint regular meeting held in the深圳风险等级 third district, and praised the enthusiasm and pragmatic style of the district and district chairmen. He shared his experience of lion workhandsome翻译 and encouraged everyone to donate the Lion Award.


Wang Danya, the deputy head of the teaching group, shared the course “Lion Club Etiquette rulbuilding是什么意思es”, exheld怎么读的plaining the three aspects of understanding etiquette, lion friends’ dress and behavior etiquette, and lion etiquette rules, which made everyonheldbacke have a further understanding of lion norms, and improved tlions是什么意思he comprehensive quality of lion friends and the professionajoin翻译l image of ljoin的过去式ionlions翻译中文 club.


After that, the team members shared their exheartworkcellent seheld的原型rvilion怎么读ce projects and invited thejoin是什么意思m to participate iheartn the joint service and do the service projects well.

Chairman CAI Min sumlion怎么读med up her speech and thlions英语怎么读anked the lecturers for their wonderful presentation and the active participation of lion friends. Sbuildinghe hoped that everyone would support the joint meeting and service activities of zone 3 as always. At the same time,clubmed官网预订 she introducjoin的用法ed the “Care for the elderly Bright Eyes action” service projlions的音标ect, called for the intention of cooperation of the service team to ahandspank的视频vkctivellionsy participate in the common care, cjoinoncerlion是什么意思中文翻译n about the vision health of the elderly community,heartfelt increa深圳se the efforts to help vulnerablhandse groups, together with the serviceAnd harmony.

The lion training and joint meeting can’t be held without the lion friends’ collectivebuild wisdom and cooperatheldion. Thanks to CAI Milions怎么读n, Zhao Hui, Wei Xinxin,held怎么读的 Li Xiaofeng, Wu Jinzhi for sponsoring cash; Tha深圳地铁线路图nk you fheldenor ybuild翻译our sponsorship of drinks and fruit. After深圳疫情最新消息 the meeting, everyone had dinner and celebrated the birthheartshotday o深圳疫情最新动态f the birthday star of the mont深圳疫情最新动态h. The lion loves us on the road.








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【 Text 】 Li Jiangping

[Photo] Chen Weiming li Jiangpiheld的原型ng

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Composition] Hu Lei

[Issued] Sheheartworknzhen Lions Club Office

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