Notice | about lions club in shenzhen in 2019-2020 game 3 diabetes propaganda and education in “blue mission” series of activities, popularization, into the south oil community notification

Dear Lion friend,

2019On November 13, 2006, the “Blue Mission” diabetes awareness activities of Shenzhen Lnoticeions club were officially launched on United Nations Diabetes Day. The activity was led by Sugar Propaganda Committee aabout翻译nd undertaken by Zhengdao, Jinpai Yue and Tiande Servdiabetes是什么意思英语ice Teams; Xinan, blue sky, the earth,notice过去式 gold, sailing,about翻译 sea before moordiabetes的中文意思ing love, Chinese busnotice翻译inessman, pie, classic, Jin Ming, Oriental rose, matsuoka, wally, burson-marsteller, joint, red libo, cloud sea, spring, yitiagamestodayn, macro Yang, business knowledge, peace,shenzhen le azalea, grace, happiness, tiande, taoyuan, stakes, dreams, mileage, the east China sea, oct, charitshenzheny collection, Victoria towers, fairy lake, yantian, lotus , hong ya, the path,notice翻译 fu xiang, checkpoint, nature, love, China tai, Gospel, taian, child, longhua, long letter, bijia mountain, mountain, the sea yue, silver lake, elite, in the long run, nameplates, good prodnoticeuct, best bei, phoenix, business knowledge service cooperative (welcome other teams continue to sclubign up for), through the awakening, propaganda, popularization, action, sustained, rescue, etc.

We agamere going to hold the third “Blue Mission” diabetes education and popularization activity — walk into nan You Communitynotice用法. We sincerely invite you to join us. The specific arrangemlions英语怎么读ents are as follows:

Time: 08:30-11:30 am, November 30, 2019 (Salions翻译中文turday)

Location: Nanyou Community Panotice是什么意思rk

Iii. Service number: more than 300 community residents

Iv. Activity content: expert consultation, expert free clions读音onsultation (blood pressure, blood glucose screening, fundus screening, internal medidiabetes怎么读cine, sgamestodaytomatology, Traditional Chinese medicine, gynecology, otolaryngologyclubman是什么牌子车 and other departments experts free consultation), d深圳iabetes publicity magameterials distribution, prize quiz, performance

Five, warm tips: wear this ynotice作文ear’s T-shirt or blue suclub是什么意思gar vest, arrive on timeabout-face

Mr. Weng Hua, president of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-202notice过去式0, and Ms. Qi Ying, Chairmlions翻译an of Diabetes Publicity Committee

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