Shenzhen Lions Club bao 'an service team to Hengpi Town Kengkou Primary school to carry out educational activities

Education is the foundation of a century-long project. Recently, shenzhen Lions Club bao 'an s宝马erviteamoce team is concernedtownship with the rural education cateambitionuse, knowing the poor teaching conditions in rural areastownsmen, specially came ttownsmeno Hengpi Town Kengkou Primary school to carry out educational activities横撇, for the school donated a nbaoumber of sports equipment and teaching projector.



The坑口 donation activity kicked off with the solem深圳疫情n national anthem, and the Young Pioneers put on red scarves for the guests and the shenzhen Lions Bao 'an Service Team memb坑口疫情ers. Then, Mservicebios. Li Jinhui, preclub用英语怎么说sidlionsent of Shenzhen Lions Club Bao 'an Service Club, delivered a warm and sincere speech, encouraging the children to cherish their beautiful life, study hard, be positive, be gratefu坑口疫情l, giv横撇e back to the society, and strive to be the backbone ofclub翻译 the country.


Mr. Lee Kam Fai, Prtownhouseesident of Shenzhen Lions Club Bao 'an Service Club: "We, the purpose of this isteamo to bring in the mountains of the children to the spiritual food, hope that the children can be very good to read the growth of knowledge, to his later contributions for the country at the same time, it at the same time, we also hope that our shenzhen baoan lteamproion skengkouervice of tservicebiohe spirit to pass to ah, we are are helpful to serve the society theclub翻译 objective, I also hope that it can plservice的名词ay a role in the f横批uture, other peopleteamviewer from all walks of life can do their part to bring more help to our mountain children."




It is understood that the Bao 'an Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club decided to donate a batch of sports equlionsgateipment and teaching projectors to the school after seeing the monotonous life of the children in the mountain area, and thlion是什么意思中文翻译e lacktownhouse of books an横撇弯钩怎么写d plackengkoues for reading after school. And donated books and other materials to other mountservice是什么意思中文翻译ain schools in our county, hoping to help more students in mountaiteampron areas through such donation activities.


The teachers and students of the school also expressed their heaclubmedrtfelt gratitud坑口疫情e to the Bao 'an Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club for their great helteamsp to the teaching conditions of the school.


Wei Chunhua, princip深证指数al of Hang Kou Primary School, said that his donation not only provided great material support to our schoollionsgate, but also encourageteams会议d all our teachers andlions翻译 students spiritually, making teachers more enthusiastic aclub怎么读bout their teaching and education work and making studen横撇弯钩ts study harder.

Reporter: Huang Yuanqi, Ding Yangping

Edi保定疫情tor | Xie Yuchen

Shenzhen Lions Club Bao 'an Service team went to Hengpi Town Kengkou Primary School to carry out educational activities

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