Zhongtian Service Team: Hold the second captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

Zhongtian Service Team: Hold the second captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2018-2019

On August 18, 2018, the second 2018-2019 captain team meeting and regular meeting of Shenzhteamoen Lio种田不努力只能回家当首富ns Club Zhongtian Service team was held in Juli Club, Shenzhen Bay Central Road, Nanshan District. Thirteen people attended the meeting, including Fansecond翻译g Shilei, chairman of the eighth Divteamision of Shenzhen Lions Club fcaptainor 2018-2019, Su Bing, ccaptain怎么读aptain of China Sky Service Team, Yumeeting的音标 Hui中天科技, first vice captain and Chen Jiteamviewere, founding team leader. Captain of Elite Servicehold过去式s Lam Y种田之流放边塞uen Ting and Firhold键是什么功能st Deputy Captain Ng Lok attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yu Hui.

At the meeting, Su Bing, captain of the team, told aboumeetingt her josecond缩写urney from helping students to helping people grow up since 2010. The participating Lisecondlyon fmeetingtencentcomriends decided to launch the "Listen t种田梨沙o the voice of lovhold翻译e" (public welfare education lecture) project on August 29, and hold the inauguration ceremonyteams会议 joinservicemantly with thservice是什么意思e elite service team; The "Five Languages of Love" activity is tentatively scheduled formeeting腾讯会议 September 8.

Captairegular的名词n Lregular翻译in Wanting intsecond翻译roduced in detail the two brand projects of "Shanli Shhold的过去形式anwai" and "Elite seed" that the elitservicemane service team has cmeetingarcaptaindarkried out continuously in the past seven years, and reported that the service team has established 210 shanli Steamprohanwai libraries. At the same time, she discussed with tteamhe lmeeting的音标ion friends in September 9 to join the Sky servicecaptainonthebridge team to sichuanteam是什么意思翻译 Daliang Mountain to carry out the educational activities.

Other parsecond翻译ticiparegularly意思中文翻译nts made speeches, hoping to contribute to the cause of charity.captain什么意思中文

Regular meetings are the foundation for love to flow, and the success of regular meetings cannot be achieved wihold不住thomeetingut the support of every Lion. Let us worregular反义词k hand in hand to carry out the charity!second怎么读 Lion love road have you have me!

Text/Tusu Bing

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