Report on 2012-2013 Annual change of Fuyong Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club

Report on 2012-2013 Annual change of Fuyong Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club

          &nbs附庸风雅录p; On August 18, 2012, The Fuychangedong Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club held the 2012-2013 annual change傅永发愤读书文言文翻译 meeting in Baoan Suojia Science park. Director Su Zeran, second Deputy Director Lin Ziyu, Chief Financial Officer Li Yuehua, chairman feng Qijiang, Advisor Li Wenqiu, executive chaiteams手机版rmen of brand Building and Continuous Service Project Committee Chen Xin and Tong Xin, as well as representatives of brother service teams such as Sha Jing, Bo Ai and Gaoxin attended the ceremony. The presence of all the old presidents, led by the prservice是什么故障灯esident of chuanghui ma Yuan-tian Shi brother, makes the whole service teareport怎么读英语m like a tight chain, interlockingservicebio, endless, and like a baton to pass the power of endless love.report怎么读英语 Togetheannual造句r with the members of the service teamteams anannuallyd the would-be brothers and sisters, more than 50 people participated in this simple anservice是什么意思中文翻译d graannual同义词nreport名词d appreciation meeting.

            Iservicen the past, fuyong Service team had a joint election in the hotel, but this election was held separately in the company of the excellent fo深圳风险等级rmer presidteamoent, Mr. Ma Jiacheng. This is a unique way for th深圳疫情e leadership of the current servireportaproblemce team, which not only saves money, but al深圳so allows the limited chariservice是什么意思ty fund to be used for more charitable activities. More importantly, the lion friends feel the warannual同义词mth and ease of home. This good atmosphere allannual翻译ows the busy lion friends to contact and commuteamviewernicate with each other freely and without any distance.

    &nbsp傅永发愤读书文言文翻译;       Over a period of & other; Fuyong lion fannual是什么意思riends a family ” After the warm video, the change of leadership with the president of the conferenteams会议ce. — Ke Xuexia, the first vi深圳地铁线路图ce President of 2012-2013, started theannuals ringing of the bell. Thteam什么意思e process was simple and pragmatic, reflecting the usual style of Fuyong Service Team. Mr. Huanannualgreport怎么读英语 Yongj傅永字修期清河人也文言文翻译un, the president of the year 2011-2012,report名词 summed up thannual同义词e charitable actreport的中文意思ivities with a total investment of more than 500,000 yuan in the past year and expressed his infinite gratiservice是什么意思tude to all the lion friends forservice翻译 their selfless efforts and dedication. The 2012-2013annual翻译 president Chen Hongying, the first female presidenservice是什么意思中文翻译t of the Fuyong Service Team, described heannualsr plans for the coannual英语怎么读ming yearreport什么意思. As a matter of fact, all lion friends have alreadteamworky appreciated thservice是什么故障灯e viannual怎么读tality, careerannual同义词 success, self-嫦娥confidence and optimism of the fema嫦娥奔月的读音le president! Her philosophy: do the business first, then the charity. Therefore, the board of direc嫦娥奔月to嫦娥rs of the service team and the new term are placed in the lion sister’s enterprise. Whil嫦娥e doing charity, lion friends communicate with each other about business managem深圳风险等级ent, learn from each oth嫦娥四号探测器在哪发射er and support each other. Because only when we make our enterprises bigger and stronger can we have more time, enreport的中文意思ergy, mood an附庸风雅的意思d financial resourc深圳es to devote to charity.

            Director Su Ziran was also dee嫦娥奔月的读音ply affecteteamod by this atmosphere, and gave full appreciation and affiservice是什么意思中文翻译rmation toreport怎么读英语 fuyong Service team, and presented a precious &LDfuyongquo on the spot. Th深圳天气e House of lions & RDquo; The quota of people. The director’s ashenzhenffirmation iservice和serve的区别s the greatest encouragement to our service team! We belieservice是什么故障灯ve that fuyong service team will continue to carry forward the lion spirit under the leadership of the district leade深圳市最新疫情rship, under the leadership of the female presiden嫦娥五号t Chen Hongyingservice怎么读 lion sister, in the New Year into a dazzling new world!

Article/photo & havteam是什么意思翻译e spent   Gu Huizhen

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