Inheriting glory and Witnessing growth — Feeling of 2012-2013 transition ceremony of Lions Club Of Shenzhen

Inherit glory and witness growth
— — Shenzhen Lions Club Mileage Service Team 2012-2013 transition ceremony feeling

      &nbsglory是什么意思啊p;     In the evening oceremony造句f July 29, 2012, when ttransition属性he lights were on, a grand ceremony was being held in silver Lake Hall. I was very honorinheritinged to be invited to partceremony造句icipate in the transition ceremony of the Mileage Service team. I was shocked at this grand ceremony! Be moved! Be inspired! It was an impressive night that I, likgrowth翻译e many others, will nceremonyever forget!

            Impression 1: Friendsfeeling是什么意思中文翻译hip @ talent
            Walking into the hall, the handsome and beautiful gowns of brinheritingothers and sisters let a person shine! Black straight Doglory翻译ngguan outfit, set off the lion brother masculine and handsome demeanofeeling是什么意思中文翻译r; The rosy and graceful dress shows the gentle and virtuous temperament of Lioness.gloryfeel By contrast, the suit and evening dress become ordinarygloryfit. Just by dressing, I felt the energy and tfeeling什么意思alent oceremony翻译f the group! Just looking at it for the first time, I wantglory游戏ed to put on this dress and be a part of it!
            With the beautiful dress, and tgrowth是什么意思he lion brothers and sisters of the frieglory游戏ndlceremony用什么介词y smile! You can feel the warmth from the heart, you can feel the mutual familiarity and trust between lion friends, like a family. Isn’t it? Lion friends have done countless planning activities together, donated blotransition的动词od, went to remote areas for edgrowth造句uctransition的动词ation, somefeelings are tenceremony years of friendship, not relatives more than relatives! Everyone said, to a lifetime together, together to carry forward the lion spirit. It has been three years since the Lions club of Taiwan and the Mile Servicgloryfeele came to Shenzhen again, matransition的动词king this party evenglory more amazing!

            Speaking of relatives,feelings I heard that mileage servceremony造句ice team has ten couples lion friends, this is also a good story of shentransition属性zhen lion friends son! In addiceremony复数形式tion to the husband and wife lion friends, there are brother and sister lion friends, the ceremony master Hou Xiaoning lion sister and Brother Hou Xiaopeng lion brother are siblings! The tacit hosting of the two sisters added to the evening! They jokingly said that the master of ceremonies ofgrowth怎么读 the Mileage Service team had been a husband and wife tgrowth动词形式eam or a sister and younger brother team. Next time, the chairman of the conference, Brother Tam Siu-lin, and his apprentice will be the master and apprentransition-propertytice tegloryholesam, which will fill the gap in the history of the mileage Service team.
&nbsfeeling什么意思p;           Brothers and sistergrowth的用法s are the elite of all walks of life, are talented people. The perfgrowth的动词ormances were of a very high standard! The large-scale poetry reciceremony翻译tation “The Song of Miles” was written by Shih Sistertransition-property, and was led by Shih Brother Tam and Shih Sister. Shih friends’ passionate reciwitnessingtagrowth函数tion made the atmosphere wtransition-propertyarm imtransition英语解释mediately! Yinna shi sister wrote the skfeeling翻译etgrowth造句ch “journey to the West” intwitnessingo a lot of fashionable and funnywitnessing lines, but also skillfully into the stransition的动词pirit of the Lions club, the lion friends on the stage are very invested, the audience laughed conglory的形容词stantly. The dance “feeling是什么意思英语Thousand Hands Guanyin” is a reduction of the effect of the Spring Festival Gala, won bursts of applause. There is also the professional singgrowth的用法ing of Dapeng Shi Brother, and the sign language of all shi Friends “A Loving Family” & Hellip;growth … We canfeelings歌曲 not help but marvel at the mileage service team is so full of tceremony怎么读alengrowth的用法t!

    &nbgrowth组合sp;       Impression 2: Gratigloryfittude @ Inheritance
          &nbsfeeling是什么词性p; Anoglory的形容词ther scene in the hall is the trophies, MEfeelingsDAfeelinggood钢琴谱LS and certificates in different shapes placed in front of the stage. They quietly stand there, just like a monument, silent display of its owner’s contribution and credit. What they carry is a gratitude, a affirmationtransition-duration, an encouragement agrowth翻译nd an appreciation! In the face of the numerous trophies, in the face of countless advanced deeds, in the face of lions friends selfless and persistent dedication, I am awestruck!

Tonight, lion friends sgrowth翻译hould proudly stand on the stage to receive these awards and commegrowth动词形式ndations! Like a hero receiving flowers and cheers from people. Flowers and applause make heroes feel respected and understood, so that they can better serve ottransition是什么意思hers. Flowers and applause also let other peceremony翻译ople know whtransition英语解释at is the right choice and action. The culture of grattransition是什么意思itude should also be an important fogrowth是什么意思undation of lions club culture.
            The segment honoring the president made me feel very deep! When the antransition是什么意思cietransition-durationnt blue ribbon ceremony was presented in front of us, I could personally feel the absolute loyalty and trust among the teamceremony怎么读 members! I thtransition属性ink the lion friends and the president must have too much to sglory的形容词ay to each othwitnessing是什么意思er, but thousands of words can not be sagrowth动词形式id, sceremony的音标o let the past and thousands of worgrowth组合ds are pinned on thfeeling是什么词性is blue ribbon, to tie everyone’s hearts together, encourage everyone to move forward together!

            Inheritance is also a very important part of lions club culture. The presidfeeling是什么意思中文翻译ent only servestransition-duration for one year, and each position is held by a different perstransition属性on every year, so inheritance is very important. What we inherit is not only the stransition是什么意思tandard working process, but also the responsibility, honor and mission of Lions Club. There is so much to learn from a greatgrowth 95-year-old organization!

            Impression 3: Service @ growth
            Although thgrowthe club has not been established for a long time, the mileage Service team has grown rapidly. It has not onlygrowth造句 carried out practical andfeeling翻译 effective charity activitiefeelinggood钢琴谱s, but also done a good job in promoting lions club culture and attracting new members. Service Activities & LDquo; Red action ” , & other Yushu Chigrowth是什么意思ldren’s Home & RDquoceremony用什么介词; , & other Wan ‘an Financial aid ” , & other Charity mountaineering & RDquo; This year will continue to be the highlight of the Mile Service team. In terms of new membership development, the mileage Service team has reached 62 membergrowth可数吗s, whitransition属性ch is said to be the largestgrowth动词形式 number of the servicceremony同义词e team in Shenzhen Lions Club! The growth of the whole team continues, love contceremony同义词inues, liceremony和celebration的区别on friendsgrowth造句 continue to grow!
            Looking at the photwitnessingos andtransition是什么意思 videos of lion friends service, I sincerely feel agrowth的动词dmiratitransition翻译onceremony造句 and respect for lion friends! When I once again learned about the history and achievements of Shenzhen Lions Club, I suddenly had a new impression of shenzhen! In my previous impression, sgloryfit智能手表hceremonyenzhen people were pragmatic but realistic, with indifferent interpersonal relationships. Incredibly, Shenzhen is still active mfeelings教案ore than 2,2transition属性00 people whfeelingso have the spirit of giving! These people arglory游戏e proglory和honor区别pagandizing with their actual acceremony同义词tions. We serve ” The lion spirit, with lovtransition造句e to practice the membership & LDquo; Out & throgrowth动词形式ughout; Commitment. Shenzhen is a modern cigrowth可数吗ty, in addition to the continuous development and lefeelinggood钢琴谱adership of thefeeling是什么词性 economy, shenzhen people’s charity will continue to develop and grow!
            On the way home, in my mind has atransition的用法lso been the lion brothers and sisters a brilliant smiling face, but also has been the lion club has done every chatransition的动词rity. … They are really a group of respectable and lovely people! Tgloryfit智能手表onight I have witneglory翻译ssed thegrowth组合 glory of my fellow lions. Isn’t that the glory I long for? Tonight I have witnessed the growtgloryfith of lions club. Isn’t that the growth I want to achieve? … … Heart has a kind of excited yearning, also hope like them to pay love, harvest pride!

            It has been three yearsgrowth的用法 since Igloryholes first came into contact with lions club to participate in activities. During these three years, I have been askitransition翻译ng myself whether I am ready to join lionceremony用什么介词s Club. Finally, I decided to submit the membership application form after attending the changing ctransition-durationeremony of the mileage Service Team. Finally approvfeeling什么意思ed by the board of governors! I have alsofeelinggood钢琴谱 become a lion friend of shenzhen Lions Club! I want to thank a lot of people, I want to thank brother Tong Xinshi from Shangbu Service team, brother Tgrowth的动词an Zhaolin, brotceremony同义词her Peng Kun, sister Chen Shijun, brothegloryr Wen Zhijian, brother DJI, &Hellip; … Thank you for the trust of all lion brothetransition-durationrs and lion sisters ifeelingsn tfeeling是什么词性he mileage Service team! I wilgrowthl conscientiously fulfill the responsibilities of the member, with sincere serviceceremony的名词 and practical action, and everyoninheritinge together to carry forward the lion spirit!


          &nceremony的名词bsp;                                     &growth翻译nbsp;       &nbgrowth怎么读sp;       &nbfeelinggood钢琴谱sp;                 (By Liu Derong & NBSP; Photo/Peng Kun)

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