Imagine Peace — Peace Poster Contest and the award ceremony of the first National Children’s World Peace Poster Contest 2012 were held smoothly

Imagine the peace
The 25th Lions International Peace Poster Contest and the first National Children’s Contest in 2012
The award ceremony of the World Peace Poster Contest (Shenzhen division) was successfully held

          &nbchildren英语怎么说sp; November 25, 2012, Imagine peace. — The 25th Lions Intceremony造句ernational Peace Poster Contest and the 2012 1st Nationaimagine的形容词l Children’snational祝庆 World Peace Poster Contest (Shenzhen Division) award cereceremony是什么意思mony was successfully heldchildren是单数还是复数 in thepeace&love啥意思 East South Garden of Shenzhen Garden Expo park. Zhang Guoyun and Huang Changwei, vice presidentsaward的用法 of The National Lions Association; Zu Yuqin, chief representative of the National Lions Asawardingsociation in Shenposterzhen and Prenational daysident of Shenzhen Dnationalstadiumisabled Persons’ Federation; Huang Cchildren是什么意思hunbin, representative of the National Lions Association in Sheimagine名词nnationalitieszhen and vice President of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Fedenational翻译ration; 2012-2013 Director Su Zeran, First Depfirstname填姓还是名uty Director Wu Xiaoming, second Deputy Director Liawardsn Ziyu, Secretary General Zhang Xiaowei, Vice Chairman of Guangdong Arts Association and Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Federation of Arts and Culture Liang Yu, Caward和reward区别hairman of Shenzhen Education Foundation and former Deputy Director of Shenzhen Education Bureau Chen Guangrong, More than 200 people, including Zhang Chuang, chairman of shenzhen Futian Artists Association, attended the event.

    &nimagine的用法和搭配bsp;       The cawardingomcontest怎么读音英语petiticontest怎么读on is one of the most imchildren翻译portanchildren’s day翻译t annual event shenzhen lion, led by shenzhen lions peace posterimagined board, lion’s service in shenzhen, the active participation of friends from all walks of life pay attention to youth development lion and earnest, backed by the general publcontestedic with high passion, children with their colorful bruposter怎么读sh, spread their wingsfirst青年电影展 of imagination, Depict a picture of children in the heart of the beautiful peace vision.
            The peace poster contest lasted for more than four moposter是什么意思nths with 21,740 entripeacemakeres. In line with the principle of openness, fairness and fairness, through rigoceremony复数形式rous selection,children the final finalists were 194 works. The jury, composefirst怎么读d of experts from art, peace, youth, educacontest怎么读tion, media, community and Shenzhen Lions Club, will select 1 special prize, 1 special prize, 30 first prize, 30 second prize, 40 third prize and 93 finalists. The work created by 11contest怎么读音英语-year-old Mai Qianqian, directed by Shenzhen Little Painter Art Centnational怎么读er and recommended by Riverside Service Team, was awarded &LDquo; Special award & throughout; , this work will representfirst是什么意思 Lions Club shenzhen in the Lions International Peace Poster Global Finals. This work also won the first prizfirst namee of the peace poster competition of the Domestic Lions Association.


            At thchildren翻译e award ceremony, the leaders of the domestic Lion Assocpeaceiation, Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, the Municipal Educaaward什么意思tion Bureau, the Municipal Fine Arts Association and other relevant units congratulated the winners and presented awards to the winaward是什么意思英语ners.
The activity came to a successful conclusion amid great joy. The activities not only make teenagers from set up the public thoughawardingt, cultivate the global idea, also promoted the shenzhen mental,children的名词所有格 cultureimagined and art education, the healthy growth of teenagers getting attention this hard-won peace time, cherposter是什么意思ish the happy lifposteritye is full of harmony, to cultivate teenagers more gpeaceful翻译reat conational空调mpasspeacemakerion and the wider business, make the reputataward和reward区别ion of the lions clposter模板ub deeper support, Brand awareness has been further enhanced.



        &nbsposter英语p; &nbspnational空调; Since 1988, the International Peace Pochildren的名词所有格ster Coposter海报mpetitipeacebird是什么牌子on has been held by Lions Club International for 24 years. An averawardingage of 350,000 children aged 11 to 13 from 65 countriesaward和reward区别 and regions takenational翻译 part in the competition eaccontest怎么读h year. Shenzhencontest的中文意思 lions club at all levels of officials and enthusiasts fnational是什么意思rom all walks of life, under the support of many times to participate in international peace campaign poster contest, and has been a huge success, more than forty thousand in shenzposter翻译hen area of smalaward的用法l artists participating in the race, the seeds of peace in evecontest怎么读ry children to play in the heart, the concept of peace is also associated with the chcontest翻译ildrechildren是单数还是复数n grow up together. The children’s works selected by Shenzhechildren’s day翻译n Liimagineons Club have woposter海报n two awards. Internimagine造句简单ational Award & RDQUO; . In the 2004-2005 competition, “Give Peace a Chance” by Zeng Weicheng from Nanshan Eceremony复数形式xperiment won the International Prize. “Peace all over the World” by Li Jiazhen from Nanshan Laboratory won the international Priimagine翻译ze in thposteritye 2007-2008 competition.

By Zhang Li-chen & NBSP; Photo/Lin Zeyun

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