Shenzhen Lions Club gave love to the disabled in 19 activities

Shenzhen Lions Club gave love to the disabled in 19 activities

      &nbdisabled造句简单sp;     Shenzhen Special Zone nlove直播软件安卓下载ews (reporter Liu Yongxin correspondent Su Zhuangbin) in & LDquo; 12· 3” During thclubmed官网预订e Internationalion是什么意思中文翻译l Day of Disabled Persons, the Lions Club of Shenzhen organized 24 themed activitactivities是什么意思翻译成中文ies such as food and oil delivery, equipment donation andlions读音 handicrafts sale foclubr disabled pe深圳opllions是什么意思e.

            Yesterday, the disabled people who to深圳风险等级ok pargave的原形t in the rehabilitation training at zhikang Center, Shekou street, Nanshan Distr深圳疫情ict were overjoied. The caring lion frienlove直直播appds of shenzhen Lions Cldisabledub centrallove最新版官方下载 District slionsgateervice team came here to express their sympathy and donated two rehabilitation instruments worth overlove RMB 10,000 yuan. In the Futian District Comprehensive Service Center for the disabled,disabled organized by shenzhen Lions Club Silver Lake Service team & LDquo; Exploration and Intclubegration of Disabled Children and Adolesclubmed官网预订centgavels in Futian City & RDquo; Disabled children and their parents were well received, and lion fgave是什么意思riendisabled造句简单ds also donated 16,000 yuan to purchase giftdisabled造句简单s and priclub是什么酒zes.

            It is reported that from December 1 to 8, the Service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club will go to the physical stores of the Disabled people’s Love Mall and the street job health centers of Fubao, Qingshuihelove最新版官方下载, Yantian, Yuehai, Xili, Guangming, Nantou, Shahe, Dongxiao, Dapeng and Nan ‘ao to carry out holiday condolence activities such aclubmans grai深圳n, oil and fruit. The caring members of the Shenzhen Lions Club charity Collection Service team will also organize the disabled friends of Dongmen Zhikang Center to go on an outing to Lianhuashan Park.

            Su Zeran, directorclubman是什么牌子车 of The Lionactivities音标s Club of Shenzhen, said thalions怎么读t the club haslion是什么意思中文翻译 been concerned about the disabledlions怎么读 for a long time. In the past 10 years, the club has donated 130 milshenzhenlion yuan in donations, including free cataract surgery for cataract patients in poor areas, whi深圳ch helgave的原形ped more than 16,000 pgaveouteople to seclub是什么意思e again.

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