Notice on the transition of The Shenzhen Lions Club Service Team in 2022-2023

Service teams:

According to the constitution and working rules of Shenzhen Lions Club, the relevant reguteamviewerlations of Domestic Lions Clteambitionub and the arrangement of Shenzhen Lions Club activities, the notice of the service team change in the year 2022transition-2023 is as follows:

1. Annual term of office

The term of off深圳ice is from July 1 of the currtransition-propertyent yeteamar to Jtransition的动词une 30 of the following year. On June 30, the current team leader and team leader finished their worlions读音k and resigned. On July 1, thnotice用法e new team leader and team leader were installed. Preparatiotransitionns for the transition we深证指数re comple深证指数tedclubmed between March 1 and June 30.

Second, the requirements of the transition work

The work of changing the term of thtransitione service team mainly includlions翻译中文es the following three tasks: first, holding a meeting to elect the new team leader, and attending the representatives of the district council member representative meeting; Second, the two team leaders completed the handover work; Third, holteambitiond the changing ceremony (changing party). Speclub是什么意思cifinotice的形容词c requirementteam什么意思s are as follows:

(1) Honoticedld the democratic nomination meetnotice过去式ing of the service team before thteams会议e gener深圳市最新疫情al election of the Shenzhen Lions Club, and complete the nomination work of the new captain team members of each sclubmanervice team and the de深圳legates to the district club representative meeting.

(2) Before June 25 ~ July 10, the completion of work handotransition-propertyver, financialclubmed官网预订 settlement and handover, secretary and other special working group summary and handover.

(c) It is suggested that the changing ceremony of the Service team be held together with the districlubmed官网预订ct Association salute and inaugurati深圳风险等级on ceremony. If the service teams tservice翻译hat cannot be synchronized with the d深圳istrict meeting need to hold a separate handover ceremony, it is recommended to hold it when the seservice是什么意思中文翻译rvice teams hold reguteam是什么意思翻译lar meetings or carry out serviceteambition activities; If the party needs to be held, it should be held from June 10 to August 10, no l深圳市最新疫情ater than September 10. After September 10, members of the district Council and the Board of Supervisors will not participate in the service team changingtransition的动词 ceremony in p深圳rinciple.

The District Council advocates that each seclubrvice team should hold a joint changing ceremony (two or monotice同义词re se深圳地铁线路图rvice teams should hold a changing ceremony at the same time) in accteamsordance with the requirements of the thrifty Offictransitione.

Service team promotion meetransition-durationting

1. Recommenlions翻译ding specific work procedures for the Congress

Each service team shall hold a general meeting itransition翻译n March or April to elect a new team leadelions读音r according to democratic procedures. The specific work includes:

1. Establish a recommendation working group: the recommendation working group shall be led by the previous leader and clion是什么意思中文翻译omposed of more tnotice的固定搭配han two thiteam什么意思rds of the team mnotice作文embers (more than twotransition属性 thirds olions的音标f the team members), annotice的形容词d can invinotice过去式te the previous leader, supervisor,service是什么意思 district chairman and other relevant lions to panotice用法rticipate.

2. Hold a service team selection meeting: In accclubordance with li深圳疫情最新消息ons club culture and tradition, if there are no major issues of principle, the first vice-captain is the candidate for the new captain深圳疫情最新动态, and the second anservice的名词d third vice-captains are ttransition翻译he candidates for the firstlion是什么意思中文翻译 and second vice-captainlions读音s, and a new thinoticeablerd vice-captailions读音n should be added. The meeting must be attended byclubmed morclub用英语怎么说e than two-thirds of the members of the corps.

3. Democratic selection of the newnotice翻译 team leadernotice: The team leader of the service team shall be composed of the team leader, the previous teaclub怎么读m leader, the first vlions英语怎么读ice leader, the second vice leader, the third vice leader, secretary, finance, general affalions翻译中文irs, picketing and other members, and the total number shall not be less thanclub是什么酒 13. A member may not hold two positionnotice的固定搭配s in the service Team captain’s team. When the team leader naturalnoticedly into the next team leader team members. Other members mayserviceable be democraticallytransitional elected according to the lion’s age, ability, “four outteams手机版” and other actual conditions.

4. The result of the recommendation shall be reported to the district office and appointed by the standing council of the District Councilclub怎么读 after deliberation and approval.

(2) The qualification requirements of the new team leader

1. Inhe深圳疫情ritance and tradition: in principle, the team leader should be a lion friend who is more than one year old. Vice-captains are selservice是什么故障灯ected from among the team captains.

2. Moraserviceablel charactenotice用法r and accomplishment: benevolence, dedication, unity, tolerance, team spirit and good resume.

3. Abilteamproity and attitud深圳疫情最新动态e: effort, atteteams会议ndance, dedication, and深圳疫情最新消息 money.

(3) Matters needing attentnoticeableion

1. Memberclubmed官网预订s shall be present in person at the selection meeting of the Seservice翻译rvice Team and exercise the right to review, vote, propose and other rights provided for in the Articles of Association. Each member shall have oclub翻译ne vote. The resolution of the meetservice怎么读ing democtransition是什么意思ratically adopted by the service team shall be attended by more than twonotice作文-thirds of the members and approved by more than half of the mem深圳地铁线路图bers attending the meeting.

2. The previous team leader should shou深圳疫情最新动态lder the responsibility of the new team leader;

3深圳大学. The divisional chairmen shall participate in and guide the nominatioservice和serve的区别n of the service teams under their jnotice过去式urisdiction and join the working groups for the nomination of the service teams.

4. The previous team leader, fountransition属性ding team leader (or previous team leader), mentor and other related lion friends should actively pnotice是什么意思articipaservice怎么读te in the selection of service team members, which is an important measure for the inheritance and development of lions club.

5. When serving atransition-durations the team leader, the team members are metransition的动词mbeclubmed官网预订rs of the recommendation working group. Attending the recommenoticendation activity is an importantransition-durationt guarantee for th深证指数e smooth transition of each service team, and the team leader mservice翻译ust attend the important work of the year.

6notice翻译. All election nominations shall be completed within the time specified by the distteams手机版riteam是什么意思翻译ct council, and the results shall be reported to the district Countransitioncil office.

Iv. The relationship betweeshenzhenn the district genserviceeral Assembly and the service team reelection

(I) Each service team shall elect official representatives深圳疫情最新消息 to attendnoticeable the district general Meeting according to relevant requservice怎么读irements. The district member represlionsentative assembly deliberates and approves the annual work report, finanlions翻译中文cial work report and relevant motions of the current year; Election of president, fiservice翻译rst Vice President, second vice Prelion是什么意思sident, board of directors antransition翻译d supervisor, Deputy supervisor and supervisor for 2022-2023.

(ii) The chairman-designate will organize seminars for board members annotice过去式d committee chairmen andlionsgate training sessions for service team leaders, secretaries and finance; In accordance with the spirit of the meeting, the chairman-designate shall, together with the chairmateampron-desteamignate, organize a seminar for the board of directornotice的形容词s, develop a new work plan for the lion year, and attend training sessions.

(transition是什么意思3) During the reclubmed官网预订gular meeting in June, each service team shall, when serving as the leader and team member, organize thetransition team members to elect the leader and all members tonoticed revservice翻译iew and approve the annual work report and financial work rservice是什么意思中文翻译eport, and handle the transfer, especially the financial transfer and other matters.


        &nbclubmed官网预订sp;                   &nservicemanbsp;                                                               Shenzhelions翻译中文n Lions Club

March 11, 2022

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