Star Lion – Shenzhen Lions Club 2013 New Year charity Gala

Star yao hua lion
— — Shenzhen Lions Club 2013 New Year charity Gala
invite  &nbyear造句sp; pnewspaperlease    letter
Dear Lion frienstarryd,
On the occasionlion的音标 of leaving out the old year and welcoming in the new, the Lions Club of Shenzhecharity音标n will be held at shenzhen Futian Shangri-La Hotel on Saturday 29th December 2012 at 18:00 PM. Star flare lion & Mdash; — Shenzhen Lions Club2013 New Year chalions是什么意思rity glions英语怎么读ala” , the details are as follows:
A,when     深圳大学 between: Saturday 29th December 2012 PM (17:club是什么意思00 wel深圳大学come, 18:00 start time)
Seconlions的音标d, to   starvation   Pointsclubman是什么牌子车:Grand Balllion复数room 1+2, Futian Shangriyearcon是什么牌子的-La Hotel shenlions英语怎么读zhen
Iii. Participants: Leaders of China Disabled Persons’ Federation, China Lions Association,yearly Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, Shenzhen municipal government, Shenclubzhen Civil Affairs Bureau, Shenzhen Disableclub用英语怎么说d Persons’ Federatio深圳市最新疫情n and other relevant units, lion friends of Shenzhen Lions Club and representativstares深圳市最新疫情 of lion friends of lions clubs in various places
Iv. Party Contents:Recognition, auction, raffle, performance
Five, the sustartupit     started Loading:Men in formal dress or dark suit, women in evening dress
Vi. Related E深证指数xpenses:6lions英语怎么读80Yuan/person
Vii. Booking Method:Ten persons per group, reservation subject to receipt of payment, can pay cash or credit card dir深圳ectly to shenzhen Lions Club office, or transfer; After transferclub翻译, pleayearcon是什么牌子的se send the bank receipt to: 25688900. Financial contact: Ms. Hou 25688550. Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club; Account number: 748458620854; Bank name: Shenzhen Citizen Center Branch of Domesticclubmed官网预订 Bank
Withclub翻译 your participation and supportlionsgate, the evening will be more wonderful!
Sincerely look forward to your visit!
Best wishes
  &nbspstart什么意思;   &charity-mindednbsp;       Lionewlyn luclions英语怎么读k!  
Shenzhen Lions Club 2012-2013
The total      Supervisor: Su Zeran
First Deputy Director and chairman: Wu Xiaoming
        &nbspnewspaper;   Conference Executive Chastart怎么读irman: Yu  latent
Cao & have spent yan
 December 10, 2011
                           start怎么读                     &club是什么酒nbsp;   &nblion的音标sp;               &nb深圳sp;             &ncharity音标bsp;       &nyear造句bsp;       &ncharity翻译bsp; &nblionsgatesp;                 &nbslion的中文意思p;                                  shenzhen           &nbsp深圳疫情最新消息;              new是什么意思英语     &深圳大学nbsplions;                           &nbsplions翻译;   &charity是什么意思nbsp;             &lionelnbsp;           &nlion是什么意思bsp;   &nbs深圳大学p;     &year造句nblionsp;                  lion的中文意思      
Back to the  &nbyearlysp;     &nbspstart云游戏;   Of board
Star yao hua lion
— — Shenzhen Lions Club 2013 New Year charity Gala
&nlionkkbsp; &start什么意思nbsp;   &ncharity-mindedbsp;                 There will be&nstart云游戏bsp;           People/attend    □ Unable to attend the event held at 18:00 PM on 29th December 2012 at Futian Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen. Starcharity形容词 flarnew的反义词e lion & Mdash; — Shenzhen L深圳风险等级ions Club2013 New Year charistartedty gala” , please reserve your seat.
Please fax the receipt to shenzhen Lions Club office before December 20. Transmission & have spent True: 25688900 & have spent.Contact person: Missyear Zhang 25688year函数980&NBsp; Miss zhou 25688576    Miss li, 25688590

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