Shenzhen Lions Club launched the “12? 3. “International Day for The Disabled” series of services

Shenzhen Lions Club launched & LDquo; 12• 3 International Day for Disabled Persons & RDQUO; Series of Service Activities

           internationalcupid December 3rd, 2clubman012, Shenzhen Lions Club uphold & LDquo; We serve ” In the spirit of “ 21st Internationalaunched翻译l Day for The Disabled & RDQUO; Before and after, a total of 24 service activities have been carried out, 46 service teams have participated, the service funds are about 710,000 yuan, the nu深圳天气mber of beneficiar大医凌然ies is more than 1200 people.
  &nclub是什么意思bsp;       &disabled的形容词nbsp; Su Zeran, chairman of the event se大伊在人线一二区免费ries and director of Lions Club shenzhdisabled造句en 2012-2013, said that Lions Club Shenzhen has long been concerned about the disabled community. 12• 3 International Day for Dlions英语怎么读isabled Persons & RDQUO; In order to support and safeguard the dignity, rights and happiness of the disabled, the whole district has beshenzhenen mobilized to organize a series of service activities, such as the Brightness trip,lions翻译 the disabled people’s friendship exchange meeting, festival condolence, urban exploration and integration activities, outing and so on.
      &ndisabled造句简单bsp;     Lin Ziyu, execulaunched翻译tive chairman of this series of activities and the second deputy director of Shenzhen Lions Club 201international翻译2-2013, introduced t大鱼海棠hat this activity was strongly supported by shenzhen Xinrong MAO Industrial Development Co., LTD., and donated a batch of fruits大约是爱 worth 120,000 yuan. This series of activities are mainly divided into bright ldisabled是什么意思ine and & LDQUO; Reclub用英语怎么说d lilaunched是什么意思英语on suit & bull; Assistive standing throuseries函数用法ghout the &; Two major brand service activitieclub是什么酒s. Since大赢家 its inception, The Bright Operation深圳风险等级 has perfo大伊在人线一二区免费rmed more than 16,000 free surgeries for poor cata深圳疫情ract patients. This activity has carried oclub是什么意思ut two bright operations, and 300 free surgeriesinternational翻译 have been performed. The service funds are 3lion是什么意思50,000 yuan, benefiting 300 people. “ Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standidisabled怎么读ng th深圳天气roughout the &; More than 40 occuinternational labour day翻译pational health centers in The city have been covered. This series大约是爱 of activities have carried out 22 activities for the disdisabled翻译abled, witlions翻译h service funds exceeding 350,000 yuan and nearly 1,000 people benefitiinternationalismng.

By Su Zhuangbin


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