The 2018-2019 Lions Club of Shenzhen was successfully held

The 2018-2019 Lions Club of Shenzhen was successfully held

A leaf wutong a report autumn, paddy fields bumper harvest. On Augulionsgatest 7, 2helden018, the third Vice captain of Lions Club of Shenzhen for 2018-2019 kicked off at wutong Club in Wutong Mountain town, Luohu District. As the start of Autumn approached, tsuccessfully造句he weather was unpredictable, but the heavy rain could not stop the enthusiasm and determination of the third vice captains to learn an深圳d communicate. The lecturing delegation also sent representatives to assist.

45 lion friends attended thewas meetinwash怎么读g, including Zheng Guoping, Deputy Secretalionsgatery general of lions Club shenzhen 2018-2019, Li Zhou, Chairman of Division 6, Fang Mclubman是什么牌子车ansong and Wang Danya, Chairman of International Exchange and Cooperation Committee jiang Guowei, Executive Chairman Fan Zehua, lecturer Huang Jieling and the tclub是什么意思hlion是什么意思中文翻译ird vice captains of each servicelions是什么意思 team. The meeting深圳疫情 was chaired by Luo Jun, li Qing and Tian Xin.

Luo Jun introheld怎么读的duced the leaders of the lion friewas怎么读nclub翻译ds. Wang Danya deputy head of the lion had a lively friends are lion service couclubman是什么牌子车rse, focuses on the domeswasticlions翻译 lion federwas是什么意思ation values, anlions的音标d the lion’s vision, mission and values to fully explain, let lions PALS are more profound understanding of cib values tolerance, inheritance, cohesion, innovation, dedication, the real meaning of growth, And the importance of vision, mission and values of The Lions Club of Shenzhen.

In thesuccessfully是什么意思 exchange and interaction, Chen Guangrong, the third vice leader of Huatian Service Team, sharedwas怎么读 his experience of applying for a visa at the US Embassy awash怎么读s a lion frie深圳风险等级nd and as an ordinary citizen. Zheng Huilong, the third vice captain of the Red Li Service Team, shared the comi深圳市最新疫情ty of shenzhen traffic police as a lion frienwasn’td..successfully怎么读. With each sharing, the third vice clions英语怎么读aptains have increased their confidence and love for She深圳市最新疫情nzhen Lions Cllions是什么意思ub. Lion friends have to write down the lion lear深圳市最新疫情ning lessons.

During the dinner party, Ma Min, president of Shenzhen Lions Club 2018-2019, had a video excwashingtonhange with the lion friendslionsgate present, and entrlions是什么意思usted Chairman Jiang Guowei to express heartfelt greetings.

Wonderful fleheldbacketing, but un深圳天气forgetclub怎么读table scenes in the lion friends for a long time in the memory. In the Lions family, there is a belisuccessfully怎么读ef that lies deep within us, and when it is broken, we will defend it to the death. When it is lost, our hearts break; And when it did, we were filled with joy… These are the values of Lions club, engraclubved in our hearts, indelible!

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[Photo] Zheng Guoping

[Editor] Ma Huijuan, Lin Yanfen

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