The 94th International Lion Annual Conference was successfully held in Seattle, USA

  The 94th International Lion Annual Conference was successfully held in Seattle, USA
                                            &heldennbsp;         &nheld是hold的什么形式bsp;    was怎么读     &nbspinternationalcupid;       &internationalnbsp; &nbswashingtonp;         &n桃花源记bsp;         — — Congratulations to Brother Tam wing-gan on becoming the first Chinese International President

&nwas怎么读bsp;             July 4-8, 2011, the 94th International Lion Conveconference什么意思ntion was successfully held in Seattle, Washington, USA. More than 10,000 lion lovers from around the world gathered in Seattle to celebrate the annual liwasn’ton Festival. Brother Tam Wing-gan was inaugurated as the first Chinese president of Lions Club International. More than 1200 lioseattle翻译n club members from Shenzhen, Guangdong, Dalian, Qingdaowasp, Beijing, Zheji同花顺ang, Shenyang, Shaanxi and otherinternationally歌曲 regions were organized by the Lioseattle802n Club of Chinlionkka. More than 300 of them from shenzhen Liothoughtn Club witnessed this exciting moment and left unforgettable memories in Seattle.
    &seattle怎么读nbsp;     Seattleseattle在美国哪个州 in July has a pleasant clupheldimate and beautiful scenery. Seattle is in a festive mood because of the annual convention and the aconference读音rrival of the Fourth of July. Lion friends from all over the world, not only in Seattle enjoy a warm climate, abundant sunshine, the unique sights, and participated in the international lions club and the host city of wonderful conference program, including with exotic international parade, enthusiasm and open international performances, suwashedch as the opening and closing ceremonies olionfishf the grand style, experience a different trip to Seattle.


International parade showcases Chinese stylthroughe

  &nbupheldsp;   &lion是什么意思nbsp;     More than 15,000 lion friendinternationals from more than 100 countries and regions took part in the international parade on the morning of Juinternationally 5. The line starts at Fifth and Denny Avenues and continues to the Washilion的音标ngtoconference和meeting区别n State Convconferencesention Center. The parade of various countries through the display of national flags, national costumes, floats, bands and other forms of publicity of the cultural characteristics owashfthought the country, bulion的中文意思t also becwaspome a beautiful scenery in the streets of Seattle. Leading the parade this year was the Ohio Blind Band. The band is the onllionfishy high school band in the United States made up of blind students. The band was followed by a parade from across the country. More than 1000 domestic lion friends wearing yellow T-shirts, wearing black sun hat, holding a propaganda board supporting Tan Ronggen lion brother’s head, the momentum oseattle802f the magnifithroughcent, orderly stesuccessfully的短语ps appeared in twash怎么读he parade, showing the unity of the united, domestic lion friends elegant demeanor, attracted numerous eyeballs.

  Annual Conference grand opening

            On the morning of July 6, the opening cerelions英语怎么读mony of the annual conference was held at the Key Arena cesuccessfully的短语nter in Seattle. Different from previous years, this year’s opening ceremony staannual的名词ge background useswas special lighting effect, in different scenes through the童话故事 projectiolion的中文意思n of chaannualizednconference中文翻译ging ligsuccessfullyht, constantly changing the theme ba褪黑素ckground, the whol桃花图片e stage set off stinternational是什么意思yle and warmth. Sidesgroulogus III, President of the Intconference和meeting区别ernational General Assembannuallyly, gave a farewell speech. Through a livelseattle是哪个城市y and humorous video, the ICG summarized the 2010-2011 Beacon of hope & RDquo; With a focus on youth participation, visioninternationally歌曲 protection, hunger relief and environmental protection, lions improves community life and gives hope to the disadvantaged through a variety of service programmes. In his speech, he thanupheldked every lion friend and swashedesuccessfully怎么读rvice telion翻译am for their effortsannual怎么读 and effwashingtonorts in the pawastest year.
&nbthoughtsp;   &nbspwas;       Ladonna Gatlin performed a duet with Kevin Schurloggs,conference怎么读 son of international President Sidney Schurloggs III. The presidenheld是hold的什么形式t, his wannual是什么意思ife and all the lion fri桃花图片econference什么意思ndswas是什么意思 swayseattle时间ed to the upbeat music, turning the hall intwasn’to a sea of joy.
  &nbsseattle什么意思p;     &nbsp同花顺;   At the opening ceremony, the International General President announced the winnhelder of the 2010-2011 Peace Poster Conte桃花源记st as Raj Phairembam from India and presented the 2010-2011 Humanitarian Award to the International reliefannual怎么读 organization Samaritan. Fralionfishnklin Granham of S Purse.


Cconference什么意思hinsuccessfully patched是什么意思ese forum discussion develheld中文opment

  &nbsheld中文p;       &annual的名词nbsp; On the afternoon of July 6, more than 200 Chinese lion lovers attewassupnded the event in room 608 of Washington Convention Center. Through service, illuminatessuccessfully the light of member developmeninternational翻译t & rdannual造句QUO; For the theme of the Chinese forum. In the forum, Wen Jinhuan, former director of Lions Club of Hong Kong anthd Macau, and Liu Guopu, vice president of Lions Club of China, from Taiwan, respectively. How to develop membership & RDquo; , & other How to attract members & RDquo; , & other How to create a new club through serseattle在美国哪个州vices ” And discuss with Chinese lion friends how to develop their memberlionfishship.

  &n桃花源记翻译bsp;              The night of the dragon will share thewash怎么读 lion friensuccessfully翻译dship

            On the evening of July 6, more than 1,000 Chineseattle802se lion lsuccessfully翻译overs attended the Dragon Night party in the bwashedanquet hall of the Washingtolion怎么读n Convention Center. The party introduced brother Tam Wing-kan, the first Chinese president-designate, and his family. On behalf of the National Lion Associatlion怎么读ion, Wang Naikun, president of the National Lion Association and chairman of the National Disabled Persons’ Federation, presented a commemorative porcelain plate to Brother Tan Ronggen and Mr. Sidesheld中文quelogas III, president of the 2011-2012 national Lion Assocsuccessfully的短语iation. In the eveninlionsg, lionannual的用法 frseattle是哪个城市iends from Hong Kong, Macao, China and Taiwan sang, danced and raised their glassheld是hold的什么形式es to celebrate brother Tam’s election as international President.


            &conference读音nbsp;           &lionnbsp;               Vote for President Tam Wing-kawasn

      &nheld是hold的什么形式bsp;     On the morning owashedf July 8, according to the votisuccessfully造句ng reginternational怎么读ulations, lion friends who are qualified to vote arrived at the Washington Convention Center on time to cast a sacred vote to support the election of Brother Tan Ronggen, the first Chinese presidential candidate.

                      &ninternational缩写bsp;       &nbsp褪黑素; The firswas怎么读t Chinesuphelde president was inaugurated at the closing ceremseattle802ony

  &nbspseattle什么意思;        internationalworkers’day怎么读 The closing ceremony of the Convention will be helannualsd at Seattle’s Key Arena at 9:30 a.m. on July 8.successfully的短语 The Million Dollar quartet performed. Former Sesuccessfullycretary of State Condoleezza Ricewaste delivered an elion是什么意思xcellent speannual造句ech as the keynote speaker. The Uinternational翻译N repwashresentative presented thsuccessfully翻译e UN flag to Lions International. The most exciting scene was the inauguration ceremsuccessfully怎么读ony of Brother Tam Wing-gan, the 2011-2012 president of the Association. When Tam Yong-gen, president of the general assembly, was soannual造句lemnly introduced, the whole venue was boiling! With the muthroughsic of “Good Day”, “Men Should Improve Themselves” and “Descenconference什么意思dants of the Dragon”, tinternationally歌曲he Lioheld的中文意思n Dance Troupe, waist drum troupe and F童话故事lower drum troupe organized by Chinese Lion Friends surroundconferencesed the whole venue. The drums, music and aannual是什么意思pplause fillesuccessfullyd the audience, conveying the pride and joy of Tan’s inauguration as president. A lot of lion friends holding the head of Tan Ronggen lion back awasn’tnd forth iannuallyn the venue, swinging and singing heartily.


        &nblion是什么意思sp; &heldennbsp;   Brother Tam Wing-kan is from Hong Klionsong SPECIAL Administrative Region in China. Vision Fir童话故事st & MIDdot; Domthestithroughc action & RDquoth; And the development ofannual tsuccessfully是什么词性he Lions club in China has made outstandlionkking contributions, and has won many times in Hong Kong and domestic officials aheld是hold的什么形式nd other places of recognition. After taking office, Brother Tam became the first Chinese internationwas是什么意思al President. He will lead the world’s largeslionst service membership organization.
&nbsconference英语p; &nblionelsp;   &n同花顺bsp;     In his inaugural speech, President Tam repeatedly thanked his family for their swash怎么读upport and encouragement during his journey with the Lions Club. When he thanked his wife who had been silentlwashedy suppheldenorting him but had passed away due to illness, his agewasted mother and three children whlion翻译o had grown up, all the audseattle什么意思ience were moved. They were moved by the dedication and achievements of President Tan and hiswas怎么读 family for the lionlion翻译s Club over the years. Tan is the pride and role model of the Chinese people!

            In his inaugural speech, Tan pointed out that the theme of 2011-2012 was “ldquo; I Believe. . He also proposed that “ Ointernationalworkers’day怎么读ur club, our fawasn’tmily” The idea of. The goal for 2011-2012 is to plant one million trees wheld中文orldwide and promote visioconference怎么读n First. Tan Ronggen’s passionseattle是哪个国家ate speechheldback wonannual是什么意思 bursts of applause and pushed the closing ceremony to a climax.
            President Tam announceannual的名词d tlionfishhat all district governors-designate were inaugurated by the last district governor after removing their ribbons. Brother Zheld英语怎么读heng Dega桃花源记ng took office as 2011-2012 directorwashed of Shenconference读音zhen Lions Club. The Lions Club has officially entered its New Year.
            The 94th Annual Conference has come to an end, but there is more to come. Let’s meet again next year at the 95th International Cannual怎么读onvention in Busan, South Korea.


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