The 94th International Lion Annual Conference was successfully held in Seattle, USA

  &nbsptestflight兑换码;             &testednbsp;         &nbstestflight是干什么的p;         —testimony — Congratulations to Brother Tam wing-gan on becoming the first Chinese Interntestflight下载atest是什么意思tional President

July 4-8, 2011, the 94th International Lion Cotestflightnventiteston was successfully held in Seattle, Washington, USA. More than 10,000 lion lovers from around the world gathered in Seattle to celebrate the annual lion Festival. Brother Tam Wing-gan was inaugurated as the first Chinese president oftestflight Lions Club International. More thantest是什么意思 1test11111200 lion club members from Shenzhen, Guangdong, Dalian, Qingdao, Beijintestedg, Zhejiang, Shenyang, Shaanxi and other regions wertestflight兑换码e organized by the Lion Club of China. More than 300 of them from shenzhen Liontest11111 Club witnestestflightsed this exciting moment and left unforgettable memories in Seattle.

Seattle intested July has a pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. Seattle is in a festive mood because of the annual convention and the arrival of the Fourth of July. Lion friends from all over thtestinge world, not only in Seatttestifyle etestimonynjoy a warm climate, abundant sunshine, thtestimonye unique city, from city organized and participated in ttest11111he international lions and presented wonderful conference progtest11111ram, including with exotic internationtest11111al parade, enthusiasm and open inttestifyernational petestingrformances, such as the otest11111pening and clositestedng ceremonies of the grandtestflight下载 style, experience a different trip to Seattle.

                                     Intestflight兑换码ternational parade showcases Chinese style

On the morning of July 5, more than 15,000 lion friends frotestingm more than 100 countritestflight下载es and regions around thetest是什么意思 world participated in the country

The internattestflight是干什么的ional parade. Parade line from Fifth& NBSP; Avenue and Denny&nbstestifyp; It starts at the intersection of Avenue and continues to the Washington State Convention Center. The parade of various countries through the display of national flags, national costumes, floats, bands and other forms of publicity of the culttest11111ural characteristics of the country, but also become a btestflighteautiful scenery in the streets of Seattle. Leading the parade this yetest11111ar was the Ohio Blind Band. The band is the only htest是什么意思igh school band in the United States made up of blind studentestflight是干什么的ts. The band was followed by a parade frotestflight兑换码m actestedross the country. More thantestify 1000 domestic lion friends wearing yellow T-shirts, wearing black sun hat, holding a propaganda board supporting Tan Ronggen lion brothertestify‘s head, the momentum of the magnificent, orderly sttestflight下载eps appeared itestingn the parade, showing the unity of the united, domestic lion friends elegant demeanor, attractedtestflight是干什么的 numerous eyeballs.

        &nbsptest;      test11111                 Annual Conference grand opening

On thteste morning of July 6th, the annual conference opened at Key&nbsp in Seattle. Arena Ctestimonyenter. As in previtest11111ous yetest是什么意思ars,

Different is, this year’s opening ceremony stage background used special lighting effect, in different scetestflight下载nes through the transfortest是什么意思mation of light projection, consttestedantly changing the theme background, the whole stage set off style and warmth. Sidesgroulogus III, President of the International General Assembly, gave a farewell speech. Through a lively and humorous video, the ICG summarized the 2010-2011 Beacon of hope & RDquo; With a focus on youth participation, vision protectiotestflight下载n, hunger relief and environmental protection, lions improves community life and gives hope to the disatestflightdvantaged through a variety of service programmes. In his speech, he thanked every lion friend and servitest是什么意思ce team for their efforts and effortestimonyts in the past year.

Ladonntest是什么意思a  Gatlin performed a duet with Kevin Stestflightchourloggs, son of international President Sidd Schourloggs III. The president, his wife and all thetested lion friends swayed to the cheerful music, and the venue turned into a sea of cheerful.

The winntest11111er of the 2010-2011 Peace Poster Contest was Raj& NBSP ftest是什么意思rom India. Phairembam,  And awarded the 2010-2011 Humanitarian Award to the international relief organization Samaritans  Purtestingse Franklin  Granham.

&nbtestingsp;                         &ntestflight下载bsp;                        Chinese forum discussion development

On the afternoon of July 6, more than 200 Chinese lion lovers attentestded the event in room 608 of Washitestflight兑换码ngton Convention Center. Ttestflight兑换码hrough service, itestflight兑换码lluminates the light of member development & rdQUO; For the ttest是什么意思heme of the Chinese forum. In the forum, Wen Jinhuan, former director of Lions Club of Hong Kong and Macatestflight是干什么的u, and Liu Guopu, vice presitest11111dent of Lions Club of China, from Taiwan, respectively. How to develop membership & RDquo; , & other How totest是什么意思 attract metestingmbers & RDquo; , & otestflight下载ther How to create a new club through services ” And distestedcuss with Chinese lion friends how to develop theirtestflight下载 membership.

                      &ntestflightbsp;                The nigtest是什么意思ht otest是什么意思f the dragon will share the lion friendship

On the evening of July 6, more than 1,000 Chinese lion lovers attended the Dragon Night ptestarty in the banquet hall of the Washington Contestflight兑换码vention Center. The party introduced brother Tam Wing-kan, the first Chinese president-designate, and his family. On behalf of the National Liotestingn Association, Wang Ntestifyaikun, president of ttestflight下载he Natitestedonal Liotest是什么意思n Association and chairman of the National Distestedabled Persons’ Federation, presented a commemorative porcelain plate to Brother Tan Ronggen and Mr. Sidesqutestflight兑换码elogas III, president of the 2011-2012 national Ltestingion Association. In the evening, lion friends from Hong Kong, Macao, China and Taiwan sang, danced and raised their gtestflightlasses to celebrate brother Tam’s election as international President.

   testflight   &nbstestingp;             &test是什么意思nbsp;             &nbstestedp;    Vote for Prtestflight兑换码esident Tam Wing-kan

On the morning of July 8, according to the voting regulatitestons, lion friends who are qualified to vottestinge arrived attesting the Wastestflighthingtotestn Convetestflight兑换码ntion Ctest是什么意思enter on time to cast a sacred vote to support the election of Brother Tan Ronggen, the first Chinese presidential candidate.

                         testimony     &nbsptestflight;The fitestflight是干什么的rst Chinese president was inaugurated at the closing cetestflightremony

The closing ceremony of the Atestifynnual Cotestifynference will be held at Key&nbsp in Seattle at 9:30 am on July 8. Arena Centetestflight兑换码r. The Millitestflighton Dollar quartet performed. Formetestedr Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice delivertest11111etestimonyd an excellent speech as the keynote speakertestflight. The UN representattestflight下载ive presented the UN flag to Lions International. The most exciting scene was the inauguration ceremony of Brother Tam Wing-testimonygan, the 2011-2012 president of the Association. When Tam Yong-gen, president of the general assembly, was solemnly introduced, the whole venue was boiling! With the music “Good Day”, “Btestflight兑换码e a Good Man” atestednd “Descendants of the Dragon” played, the Lion Dance Troupe, waist drum troupe and Flotestflight下载wer drum troupe organizetestifyd by Chinese Lion friends surrtestifyounded the whole vtestflight是干什么的enue. The drums, music and applause filled the audience, conveying the pride atestflightnd joy of Tan’s inauguration as president. A lot of lion friends holding ttestimonyhe head of Tan Ronggentestflight lion back and forth itestflight下载n the venue, swinging and singing heartily.

Brother Tam Wing-kan is from Hong Kong SPECIAL Adtestflight兑换码ministrative Region in China. Vision First & MIDdot; Domestic action & RDquo; And thtestifye development of thetestflight是干什么的 Lions club in China has made outstatestednding contributions, and has won many titestmtestflightes in Htestflight是干什么的ong Kong and domestic officials and other places of retestcognition. After taking office, Brother Tam became the first Chtest11111inese international Presidetestednt. He will lead the world’s largest service membership organization.

In his inautest11111gural speech, Presidtestflight下载ent Tam repeatedtestifyly thanked his family for their supptest是什么意思ort and encouragement during his journey withtestify thtestflight是干什么的e Lions Club. When he thanked his wife who had been silently supporting him but had passed away due to illness, his agtesteded mother and three children who had grown up, all the audience were moved. They weretestflight是干什么的 moved by the dedication and achievements of President Tan and his family for the lions Clutestflightb over the years. Tan is the pride and role model of the Chinese ptestimonyeople!

In his inaugural speech, Tan pointed out that the theme of 2011-2012 was “ldquo; I&nbstestifyp; I can’t Btestflight是干什么的elieve it.. And he also camtestflight是干什么的e up withOur  club,  our  familyThe idea of. The gotestingal for 2011-2012 is to plant one million trees worldwide and promote vision First. Tan Ronggen’s passionate speech won burstestifyts of applause and pushed the closing ceremony to a climax.

At the instruction of President Tan, district governors-destestflightignate were inaugurated btestingy the previous governor after rtestflightemoving their ribbons. Brother Zheng Degang took office as 2011-2012 director of Shenzhen Lions Club. The Lions Club has officially entered its New Year.

The 94th Annual Conference has come to an end, but there is more to come. Let’s meetestflight兑换码t again next year at the 95th International Convention in Busan, South Korea.

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