Bright Pupil Service Team: Held the second regular meeting of 2019-2020

On August 16, 2019, the second regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Bright Pupil Service Team for 2019-2020 was held on the 3rd floor of Hbright的比较级etang Zhiyuan, Bantian, Lsecondhandonggang District. Zhou Liang, the captain of the bright pupil service team, Luo Jun, the second vice captain, MAO Yunxia, the secretary, Liu Bang and other 8 psecondhandeheldenople attended the meeting. Fang Shilei, chairman of the first district of shenzhen Lions Club, was present at the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Luo Jun as chairman of the conferesecond缩写nce.

After luo Jun introduced the enterprise, Zhou Liang, captain of the company, announced several plans of uniting wiheldth one heart and servibright泰星ng diligently this year, and reported the status of members and financial situation in the past two months.

Wechat picture _20190901233430.jpg

Chairman Fang shileteams会议i explained to the lions club members how toheld怎么读的 do a better job in the service team, introducheldened the rules of Shenzhen Lions Clupupil是可数名词吗b on the membership standard, memberregular是什么意思英语ship attendance rate, the way to participate in public welfare activities and other resecondarylevabright什么意思nt regulations, and sharpupil音标ed the excellent experience of doing a good job in the lion work to the team leapupil是什么意思der.

Thservice翻译e lion friends attending this regular meeting are a group of lion fmeeting翻译riendmeeting是什么意思s with positive energy and sense of respsecond怎么读onsibility. They are bound to move forward fregular什么意思or love becaussecond的基数词e of their friendship and accompany tbright翻译he Bright Pupil serviteamworkce team to go further and furthesecondlyr on the road of public wservice是什么意思中文翻译elfare.

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The text/Mao Xia


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