High-tech Service Team: held the second regular meeting of 2019-2020

On August 15, 2019, the second regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club High-tech Service Team 2019-2020 was held in Zhuyun Ehighestngineering Design Co., LTD., Futian Bonded Zone Complex building. Shenzhregular反义词en lion supervisors Deng Yi, sm BiYongTaohigher, blindness help blind committee executive director Wei Chengqing, high service captain horse sierra Nehigh怎么读vada, the previous captain Wen Yanmei, vice captain Chen Ying third, former captain Wu Fang, Zhang Shengxing, wang, Li Hua, secretary Liu Meijiao, financial wen-xian wang, the captain of the team members von magpie, pan anhigh翻译d other 21 people were present at the meeting. The meeting was chairedteamviewer by Mr Choi.

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Before thsecond缩写e meeting, the lion friends visited the office of Supervisor Deng Yi. The LOGmeetingtencentcomO of Lioregular翻译ns Club, the wall covered with badges of honor and photos of various important eservice和serve的区别vents showed deng Yi’s selfless dsecondscreen下载edicatiteambitionon in the road of Lion Love for more than ten years. All the lion friends present were moved and proudhigh怎么读 of deng Yi.

At the meeting, Liu Meijiao, Gu Lihua and Wang Jiservice和serve的区别ahighlyshu shared what they ssecond什么意思aw and heard in xingguo County’s “Bright heservice是什么意思art” activity. Horse huada to institute “light” activity summarized, he points out that the event for the old revolutionary base asecondlyreas, left-behind children were concentrated from 43 101 teachers of primary and middle school psychological counseling teachers training, the institute omeetingyou是什么意思f education highly, effectivteam什么意思ely easesecondly the understanding of the psycholregularogical counseling teachers lack of mountaservice的名词inous area.

Weiregular翻译 Chengqing summarized and shared ysecondhandichun “Bright trip” activities. Chen Ying briefed the plregularizationanning of th特长e “Bright Heart” activity of Sichuan Gulin, and discussed to carryservice的名词 out the activity with the Alumni Association of Sichuan Greater Bay Area from September 1service是什么意思9 to 23, and the Gulin Inteamspection Institute participatedsecond缩写 in the support. It is planned to invest 50,000 yuan iregularlyn the service, 30,000 yuan for the High-tech Service Team and 20,000 yuan for the Alumnsecondaryi Association of Sichuan University greater Bay Area.

Finally, the lion friends celebrate the birthday of Wei Chigh是什么意思henmeeting的音标gqing, Liangteampro Jingping, Wang Jiashu and CAI Jiancong.

By Liu Meijiao & NBSPsecond缩写; Photo/Feng Que, Chen Ying

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