A series of activities were held in Shenzhen to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the National Lions Association

A series of activities were held in Shenzhen to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the National Liwere什么意思ons Association

        &national祝庆nbsp;   From December 3rd to 5th, 2014, the ca褪黑素ptainseries是单数还是复数 forumseries是什么意思英语 series activities for the 10th anninational音标versary ofwere的否定形式 Lions Association wwere怎么读ere held in Shenzhen Silseries是什么牌子ver Lake Convention Center. During, & other Red lion suit & bull; Assistwere和was的区别ive stawere翻译nding throughout the &; Spseries怎么读ecial seminars, captains’ forum, the second working meeting of the Service Project Committee, and the seccommemorate怎么读ond working meeting of the Organization construction and Membership Development Committee were held successively. Tan Ronggen, former President of Lions Club International, Zhao Dseries翻译ong, Executive Viceanniversary缩写 President of Lions Club China, Lei Jianwei and Su Zeran, Vice President of Lions Club China, Zhang Guojun, Chairman of Lions Foundation, Dai Zhongwei, Chairman of Service Projectsseries怎么读 Committee, Xu Wushun and Mo Jianbo,national翻译 Chairman of Organization Building and Membership Developmenweren’t怎么读英语t Committee, The lions Club of Shenzwere的过去式hen 2014-2015 President Lin Ziyu, first Vice President Lin Tao,anniversary是什么意思英语 second Vice President Shi Jianyong, Secretheldbackary General Zeng Shiyang and nearly 200 lions from Shenzhen, Guancommemorate翻译gdong童话故事, Dalian, Qingdao, Bcommemorate翻译eijing, Zhejiang, Shenyang, Shaanxi, Harbin, Sichuan, Yunnan and oth深圳市最新疫情er places atactivitiestended this series of activities.    

The heart of the donation is with foD

  &n深证指数bsp;         On the afternoon of the 3rd, to celebrate the 23rd &陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿 LDquo;were的原形 International Day of Persons with Disabilities , the Shenzhen Lionsactivities Club was held in shenzhen Comprcommemorate是什么意思ehensive Service Center building for the Disabled. The Transmission of Love & Bull; Embrace angels ” Launching of Community Assistance For The Disabled Month & LDquo; Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standing throughoutnational翻译 the &; Project donation ceremony. Executive Vice President zhao Dong, Vice President Su Zeran, Chairman Zhang Guoyun, Chief Financshenzhenial Officer Xiao Xingpingactivities, Viseries函数用法ce Chairman Dai Tongxin of the Advisory Committee, Chairseriesman Xu Wushun and Vice Chairman Mo Jianbo of the Organizatactivities用英语怎么说ion construction and Membecommemorate怎么读rship Development Committee, Chairmactivities思维导图an Dai Zhongwei of the Service Project Committee, President Zu Yuqin of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Shenzheactivities是什么意思翻译成中文n lions club President of 2014-2015, Lin Ziyu, first deputy chairman Lin Tao, second deputy chairman ShiJianYong, secretary-general Zeng Shi, kang, head of the center, disabled person representative and street from guangdong, shenyang, dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, sichuan, yunnan, shaanxi, Harbin leadership lion friends gathered together to witness thithoughs important moment.
At the ceremony, The second vice president of Shenzhen Lions Club Shi Janniversary可以表达生日吗ianyong introduced & LDquo; The Transmission of Love & Bull; Embrace angels桃花源记翻译 ” Community Disability Services Month series of activities. It maupheldinly includes lion love luncactivitiesh, employment assistance, festival sympathy, swere怎么读ports and sports fellowship and ca深圳市最新疫情ring fnational dayor autseries7手表istic children and cseries函数用法erebral palsy patients. According to statistics, shenzhen Lions Club will have 64 service teams to participate in the activities of community service for the Diwere的原形sabled.
            Then, Zhao Dong, Su Zeran, Zhang Guowere什么意思jun, Xiao Xingping, Zu Yuqin, Lin Ziyu, Lin Tao, Shi Jianyong and other leaders together to promote the start ballactivities是什么意思翻译成中文, & LDqnationalitiesuo; T深圳疫情最新动态he Transmission of Love & Bull; Embrace angels ” A series of activities for the month of coanniversary是什么意思英语m深圳疫情最新消息munity assistance for the disabled were officially launcanniversary可以表达生日吗hed. Shenzhen Lions Club and 5 service teams donated more than 100,000 yuan of funds and materials to the recipients. Under the leadership of Sun Xiaowei, chairman of shenzhen Lions Club’s Poverty Alleviation and Disability Support Committee, the representatives of the service teams read out theanniversary缩写 initiative of the Series of activities of community assistance for the disabled. Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standing throughout the &; Project signing ceremony.
            In the end, President Lin Ziyu gaveanniversary怎么读 a speseries7手表ec同花顺h. She first extended a warm welcome to the leaders from nine regions of The country, including Shenzhen Disable深圳疫情最新动态d Persons’ Federation and Street Joseries怎么读b Health & NBSP. &nbnationalitiessp;   &nbswere翻译p; I woucommemorate是什么意思ld like to expre退婚后大佬她又美又飒ss my heartfelt thanks to the representatives of the disabled and all the distinguished guests for coming! She hopes that after participating in the event, representatives from all over the country will be more like & LDquo; Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standing throughoutheld是hold的什么形式 the &; Suggestions and suggestions, and the establishmewere怎么读nt of community support station ideas and ideas in all parts of the active promotion深圳风险等级, benefit more disabled friendheld的意思是什么s. Zhao Dong, executive vice president of the National Lions Association,anniversary是什么意思英语翻译 delivered a speech on behalf of the National Lions Association. He congratulshenzhenated the Shenzhen Lions Clu深圳大学bwere什么意思 on its outstanding achievements in membership development, membership retention and service activities this year, and fully affirmed the significance of the Shenzhen Lions Club’s community Assistance for the Disabled Service Month, and called on lion club members all over the country to learn from the Shenzhen Lions Cactivities有哪些活动lub. More and more effective community service projects for the d深圳疫情isabledactivities和activity的区别 will be carried out. He also hopes that lion Friends can inspire more public welfare groups, cnationalaring enterprises and caranniversary什么意思ing people to join in helping thnational daye disabled, so that more people around the disabled can benefit from them.

Join hands to help you and me

            Watch the “LdQUO” sponsored by Shenzhen Linationalstadiumons Club. Tanniversary中文翻译he Transmissionational翻译n of Love & Bullnational; Embrace angels ” Community Assistance Month & LDQUO; Red lion suit & bulthl; Assistive standing throughout the &; After the donation ceremony, Zhaheld的中文意思o Dong, Executivenational是什么意思 Vice President, Su Z深圳市最新疫情eran, Vice President, Dai Zhongwei, chairmnational翻译an of the Service Project Committee, Xu Wushun, chairman of the Organization construction and Membership Development Committee and Mo Jianbo, vice Chairman, More than 40 people, including Lin Ziyu, thwere的原形e 2014-2015 president of Lions Clunationalstadiumb of Shenzhen, Shi Jianyong, the second vice president, Zeng Shiyang, the secretary general of Lions Club of Shenzhen, and leaders from all over Chinacommemorate词根词缀, rushed to yayun Hall of Silver Lake Convention Center to participate in the event. Red lion suit & bull; Assistive stanational音标nding throughout the &; Symposium. The meeting was chaired by Shi Jianyong.

          &anniversary什么意思nbsp; First of all, p深证指数resident Lin Ziyu will give a welc深圳疫情最新消息ome speech. On behalf of Shenzhen Lions Club, she welcseries怎么读omes the lwere什么意思eaders of the nine districts of China to Shenzhen. Secwere的否定形式retary Generheld怎么读的al Zeng Shiyang on l陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿dquo; Red lion suit & bull; Assianniversary是什么意思英语stive standing throughout the &; He shared the experience, achievement and experience of shenzhen Lions club in this project.深圳地铁线路图 In his speech, Chairmaweren’tn Dai Zhongwei proposed that he hoped to promote the project of assisting the disabled in the whole country, and achieve unified name, unified logo, unified project manual, at the same time re深圳大学lying on the fixed community t深圳天气o do a good joactivitiesb, to ensure the loanniversary周年纪念ng-term dnational空调evelseries的中文意思opment of the project. Subsequently, representatives of member management institactivities用英语怎么说utions discussed and expressed their opinions on the project developmen陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿t and name selection respectively. Lion friends have expressed that the project of shenzhen disabnational翻译led Statnational dayion, as a bseriesrand service pactivities翻译roject of Lion Association in China, fully reflects the implementation of community service, and can drive social attention to the disabled through the implementation of the project, so that more discommemoratedabled people bseries7手表enefit. Under the leadersh深圳地铁线路图ip of shi Jianyong, the second vice president, the representatives of the lion friends from all over the country read ounational祝庆t the initiative together, advocating thactivities用英语怎么说e establishment of the national membersnational dayhip management committee and service t同花顺eam in the local street health center. Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standing throughout the &; , the implementation of one to one fixed point help.

Retained members develop steadily

            The captainanniversary可以表达生日吗s forum was held at the Silver Lake Convention Center on May 4. Mr. Tan Ronggen, former President of Lions Club Internwereational, attended the forum and deliseries怎么读vered an important speecseries函数用法h. Mr. Zhaweren’t怎么读英语o Dong, Executive Vice President of Lions Club China, Mr. Su Zeran, Vi深圳市最新疫情ce President, Mr. Zhang Guojun, Chairman of Linational是什么意思ons Foundation, Mr. Xu Wusanniversary什么意思hun, Chairman of Organizaactivities有哪些活动tion Building and Membthoughership Development Committee, Mr. Mo Jianbo, Vicommemorate词根词缀ce President, Mr. Daupheldi Zhongwei, C深圳疫情hairman of Servwere和was的区别ice Project Committee, Lin Ziyu, president of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015, Lin Tao, First Vice President, S通货膨胀下什么最保值hi Jianyong, second vice President, Secretary General Zecommemoratesng Shiyang aheldbacknd lion friends from Snational空调henzhen,heldback Guangdong, Dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, Zhejiang, Shenyang, Shaanxi, Harbin, Snational翻译iseries函数用法chuan, Yunnan and other pheldenlaces attended the forum.深证指数 The forum was chaired by Wu Shun Xu.
&nbs同花顺p;           Lin Ziyu, president of Shenzhen Lion Friends warmly welcomed the leaders from nine districts of China. She said that Shenzhen Lion Friends would do a good job in the reception with great enthusiasm. Then, 6 outstanding service team lwere什么意思eaders from Guangdong, Dalian, Qingdao, Zhejiangseries函数用法 and Shenzseries怎么读hen respectiveheld是hold的什么形式ly around the theme of this forum & LDQUO; Retain membership and become a Healtheld怎么读的h Service team. Speaking, they shared their ewere怎么读xperiences on membershipwere翻译 development童话故事 and retention. During the group discussion in the afcommemorateternoon, more thactivities和activity的区别an 100 team leaders and representatives of the forum were divided into eight groups to discuss the setting of membership development goalseries函数s, the effective formulation of action plans,anniversary是什么意思英语翻译 an桃花源记d the acceleration of lion work.

Share services and grow together

   commemorates         On the afternoon of the 4th, the second meetingcommemorate是什么意思 of tcommemorateshe Service Project Committseries的中文意思ee was held at the same time. Tan Ronggen, fnationalityormer president of Lions Club International, Zhao Dong, Executive Vice President and Su Zeran, vice president of Lions Association in China, Dai Zhongwei, chairman of seanniversary是什么意思英语rvice Project Committee, Mo Jianbo, Vicnational祝庆e chairman owere怎么读英语f Organization Construction and Membership Development Committee, Lin Ziyu, president of l深圳大学ions Club of Shenzhen 2014-201upheld5, Lin Tao, First Vice President, Shi Jianyong, second Vice President, Secretary General Zeng Shiyang and leaders from Shenzhen, Guangdong, Dalheldenian, Qingdao, Beijing, Zhejiang, Shenyang, Shaanxi, Harbin, Sichuananniversary可以表达生日吗, Yunnan and oth深圳疫情最新消息er places attended the meetnational daying. The meeting was chnational dayaired by Shi Jianyong.commemorated

       were什么意思     First of all, lion friends representatives from al深圳风险等级l over the country introduced the devnational dayelopment of brand service projects in tanniversary周年纪念heir regions, which covered the fields of education, disability assistance, environmental protection, disaster relief, community service and so on. Among them, Shenzhen Lions Club secretary General Zeng Shiyang from project introduction, brand building and other aspects of & LDquo; Red lion suit & bulactivities音标l; Assistive standing thwereroughou陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿t the &; The project was shared, and the participants ful褪黑素ly affirmed the project of community assisweretance to the disabled carried out by the service team for a long time.

       褪黑素     Tao Lin, Zhongwei Dai and Min Ma respseries是什么牌子ectively reported the study of Ya ‘an 4& Bull; The development of post-earthquak深圳市最新疫情e reconstruction project, Sunshine Schoolbag prowere怎么读ject and Lion Fo深圳风险等级rest Project.
            Mr. Dai zhongwei, chairman ofcommemorate和celebrate的区别 the Lioactivities的中文ns Cl深证指数ub, introducseries7手表ed tthoughhat the Lion Foundatiseries是什么意思英语on will proweren’tvide a unified name, VI design, replicable ability and project guidance manual standard & NBSP that conform to the service direction of lions Club; Brand service projects provide matching fu深圳天气nds.

&nb深圳市最新疫情sp;     &activities的中文nbspcommemorated;     Su Zeran, vice President of sharing the experience of tactivities音标he ya ‘an, sichuan post-disaster reconstruction projseries7手表ect and contribute to thank each member management institution, and expressed complete yunnan LuDian post-disaster reconstruction project confidenthce.

            Tan ronggan, former president of Lions Club of Shenzhen and lions clubs in China, affirmed the achievements made by Lions Club in the past 13 years and shareactivities翻译d the achievemen深证指数ts made by Lions Club in the service fielcommemorate怎么读d of blindness prevention aanniversary中文翻译nd treatment. He said the Lions Club was a service organisation and service was the foundation of its development.

Fellowship exchanges enhancecommemorate词根词缀 lion friendship

        &seriesnbsp;     On the evening of April 4, the Lions Club of Shenzhen was held in silver Lake Convention Center to welcome leaders from nine districts of China. Passing on love ” National team leader fellothoughwship dinner, anweren’t怎么读英语d the lion friends from afaractivities是什么意思 to exchange, sha深圳大学re the lion friendship. Mr. Tam Wing-gan, former president of Lions Club Internatseries翻译ioheldnal, was invited to attend and deliver aseries什么意思 snational daypeech. Executive Vice President Zhao Dong, Vice President Su Z通货膨胀下什么最保值eran, Chairman dai Zhongwe深圳i of service Project Committeewere翻译, Chairman Xu Wushun and Vice Chairman Mo Jianbo of Orcommemorate怎么读ganization construction and Membership Development Com褪黑素mittee, About 200 guestswere翻译 from Shenzhenseries翻译, Guheld中文angdong, Dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, Zhejiang, Shenyang, Shaanxi, Hawere怎么读rbin, Sichuan, Yunnan anwered other places attended the dinner.
            At the dinner, Mr. Shi Jianyong, chairman of the convention, delivered aactivities是什么意思翻译成中文 welcome speech on behalf of shenzhen Lions Club. Zhao Dong expressed his gratitude to Shenzhen Lion Friends for tshenzhenheir meticulous, thoughtful and warwere什么意思m reception and efforts on behalf of the Domestic Lion Association. Lin Zcommemorate词根词缀iyu, president of lions Club shenzhen, expressed heactivities是什么意思翻译成中文r gratitude for the trust of Lions Club Shenzhen, wcommemorate是什么意思hich is a great ho褪黑素nor foseries怎么读r the club. Thanks to the active participation of lion friends in nine regions of China, we gather together in Shenzhenationalitiesn to share the joy of life桃花源记. Chairman Hui wu Shun presentedseries什么意思 certificates of appreciation to the keynote speakers of the captainheld的意思是什么s forum, servinationalitiesce team leaders and members of the preparanniversary怎么读atory group who particiseries的中文意思pated in the groupheld discussion, andactivities音标 presented gifts to former Pheld过去式和过去分词resident Tam Wing-kthun and President Lam Zi-yu. Shenzhen lion friends prepared a variety of entertainmeanniversary怎么读nt programcommemorate和celebrate的区别s, which lef童话故事t a deep impressiowere的否定形式n on the partinational祝庆cipants. Lion friends from all over the country spent a pleasant evening with laught桃花源记翻译er and lion love.

Simultaneous development and construction; A long way to go

&nseriesbsp;           On the morning of 5th, the second working meeting of organizatiactivities怎么读on construction and membership development Committee was held in silver Lake Convention Center. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Xu Wushun.
            Mr. Tam Wing-gan, former presideseries是单数还是复数nt of Lionseries是单数还是复数s Club International, attendedshenzhen the meeting and delivered an im退婚后大佬她又美又飒portant speech. Tan ronggan said that in recent years, the numbseries函数er of members in China ha深圳s been onational怎么读n the rise. He hoped that the lions clubs in Channiversary可以表达生日吗ina would continue to maintain a good momentum of development and do a good job in the organization construction. Local member management organizations reported the work of organization construction, member dev深圳elopmheldbackent and re深圳tention, and communicated and discussed how to achieve theheld的意思是什么 annual member development goals of the Domestic Lion Association.

Yunnan creatiactivities怎么读ve team added a new force

    &nanniversary翻译bsp;     &nheld中文bsp; Oupheldn the morning of 5th, yunnan member Management Committee team creation seminar wasthin held in yayun hall of Silver Lake Convention Center. Tan Ronggen, former President of Lions Club International, Zhaanniversary可以表达生日吗o Dongactivities用英语怎么说, Executive Vice President, Su Zeran, Viceanniversary怎么读 president, Dai Zhongwei, Chairman of service Projects Committeeanniversary什么意思, Mo Jianbo, Vice Chairman of Organization Buildinanniversary可以表达生日吗g and Membership Development Committee, Shenzhen lions club Prnational翻译esident of 2014-2015, Lin Ziyu, second deputy chseries怎么读airman Zeng Shi ShiJianYong, secretupheldary-general aseries是单数还是复数nd the board of directoranniversarys,通货膨胀下什么最保值 branchactivities怎么读, representatives of the lion lcommemorate词根词缀ion regiment of shenzhen friend, yunnan provincenational祝庆 disabled person陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿 welfare foundation secretaryheld是hold的什么形式-general Joe runner-up, disanniversary中文翻译abled persons’ federanniversary缩写ation Yang Sixu, director of the office of yunnan province, y深圳市最新疫情unnan lion friends on behalf of yun-gang liu, Qiu Yue att深圳市最新疫情ended the meeting. The me深圳大学eting was chaired by Shi Jianyong.

&n深圳市最新疫情bsp;    commemorate &nbspanniversary是什么意思英语;   &anniversary缩写nbsp; The meeting analyzed the status quo of yunnan team creation work, and gave guidance to its membership development, fseriesinancial management, service activities桃花源记翻译 and other work.同花顺 Mr. Tam expressed his congratulations on the establishment of the 11thheld的原型 Lions Club in Yunnan and expressed high hopes for the development of Yunnan. Domestic lion stananniversary可以表达生日吗ding vice President of federation findactivities思维导图 translation, said shenzhanniversaryen lions as new first lion at home,were的原形 after 13 years, in the system construction, financial management, service operationanniversary中文翻译s is very standard, so the cib’s delegate shencommemoratedzhen lions to guide a team member management committee, yunnan believe shenzhen lions must be able to complete the task well. Chairman Dai Zhongwei and Chairman Mo Jianbo respective深圳大学ly shared the experience of the founding of sseries是什么牌子ichuan Membership management Committee. President Lin Ziyu welcomed the yunnan Lions to join thseriese lion fam通货膨胀下什么最保值ily. She saidactivities有哪些活动 that shenzhen Lions club would do its best to guide the Yunnan Lions team. Lion friend in yunnan region and disabled persons’ federation represented at the consulting service and administrative funding sanniversary什么意思ources and use of funds, the system construction, the member devwereelopment, manageme陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿nt and service activities, membership of shenzhen lion lion friend深圳疫情最新动态 answers one by one, andheld的意思是什么 suggests that yunnan associatioseries什么意思n an深证指数d shenational音标nzhen lions related rulesanniversary缩写 and regulations for refer深证指数ence, according to local actual situation to complete the system construction woseries是什么意思英语rk, solid foundation. At the same tinational是什么意思me, it is pointed out that the standard mnational空调embership management organization深圳大学 cannot do w深圳疫情ithout a full-time, professional secretariat. The meeting appointed Zhang Hongxiang as the liaison of yunnan Founding team of Shenzhen Lions Club.

  &nationalnbsp;   &nnational翻译bsp;     With the great assistance of Shenzhen Lions Club and the enthusiastic partinational音标cipat深圳市最新疫情ion of representatives from all over th深证指数e country, the 10th anniversary activities of China Lions Club cam深证指数e to a successful conclusion. The leadersseries什么意思 of the association and the nine districts of The country spoke highly of shenzheldenhen Lion Friends’ warm reception andwere和was的区别 sincere efforts. Shenzheseries是什么牌子n Lion Friends expressed their hope to have moranniversary是什么意思英语翻译e opportunities to learn and eseries怎么读xchange with the leaders of the country in the fanniversary怎么读uture, and also hoped to provide better and better service for the country lion friends in the future.

M同花顺a Huijuan, Cheng Zhaohua, Su Zhuangbin
Photo/Lin Zeyun, Ma Huijuan, Su Zhuangbcommemorate词根词缀in


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