Hua-han Service Team: Hold the inaugural ceremony and the first regular meeting of the 2019-2020 annual leadership change

On August 11, 2019, the inaugural ceremony and the first regular meeting of the 2019-2020 annual chteamproange of the Shenzhen Lions C黄历lub Huahregularan Service Team was held in the 4th floor of Huashenghui Business Building, Xixiang district, Bao ‘an District. Ru Chunxu, chairman of The fifth district of Shenzhen Lions Club, Liu Qihai, chairman of the 20th District, Luo Junping, executive chairman of the Public Welfare Cult黄金价格ure Research Center, Huang Xueland, lecturer of the teachers’ group, Chfirst怎么读inese Lion friends, their families and caring people attended the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Mr. Yang Chunzhao and Mr. Gao Rui.

The chairman of the conference tolled the bell

In response to the call of “diligence and frugality”, the hua-Han Service team arra杭州天气nged the inauguration杭州雷峰塔倒塌事件 ceremony in regulafirstname填姓还是名r meetings andteams手机版 added lion service training sessions.

During the training session, the instructor Huang Xuelan conducted a training on the organizational structure and cadre respinaugural addressonsibilities of Lions Club, which enabled the present staff toceremony复数形式 have a deeper understanding of lions Club.


At the inaufirst是什么意思guration ceremony, Mr. Yang Chunzhao, chairman ofceremony the confserviceableerence and first vice captain of The Sino-Chinese Service Team, delivered a speech of welcome, thanking the leaders and guests黄金召唤师 for gathering here.

Speech by the president of the Conference

Liao Haosheng, former team leader, reported the woceremony怎么读rk in 2018-2019. He said tha寒门崛起t the lion fhold onriends ofteambition the Wah Han Service team prateam是什么意思翻译cticed the spirit of the Lions Club and were active in the fields of student黄金召唤师 assistance and community service. In the past year, he thanked the lion friends of Hua-han Service team for their love and encouragement. He said that he would continue to work with the lion friends on the road of lion love witservice是什么故障灯hout fear of hardships a韩国漫画漫免费观看免费nd regrets. Afterwards, Mr. Liao Haosheng, the former captain, presented the outstan黄峥辞任拼多多董事长ding team members and outstanding members with certificates of commendation for theholdingir conthold是什么意思ributions to hua-han Serservice是什么意思vice team in the past year.


Sun Yuphold oningceremony的名词 was entrusted by Yang Yang for the 2018-2019 ficeremony同义词nancial report. In the past year, Huahan Ser杭州天气vice team has done a gregularityood job in all finhuaancial work, strictly applied for service projects and other procedures, completed the annual financial work well, and established a standard and pragmatic public image.

Sun Yuping, Treasurer. JPG

In the leadership of lion friends wit黄金价格ness, Liao Haosheng will be ribbon and scepter handservice和serve的区别ed over to Liao Wenxi.

Captain Liao Wenxi saidfirst怎么读英语 that the lions should have “three hearts and three senses”, namely positive heart, awe, gratitude, sense of participation, sense of ceremony and sense of honor. He华晨宇 said that in the New Year, huahan Service team will continue to respond to the call of the district council, refine social services, do a gohanod job in membership management, and strive to build huahan Sceremony是什么意思ervice team into an excellent service team. He thanked the lion friends for their support, encouragement and help all the time, and called on the new team member花芯s and all lion friends to work hardfirst and serve happily, and strive to achuahieve this year’s work goals, and open up a better tomorfirsthandrow for the Chine华为云空间se Han Service Team.

Captain Liao Wenxi's speech. PNG

Captain Liao Wenxi wore badges and issued certificates of appointment to the new team memberegularrs. N韩三平ew members take the pledge of membership and lead lion friends to wear badges for them.

New membership oath 1.png

RuChunXu President in his speech to the previous captain Liao Haosheng pay said fully rec邯郸疫情oceremony和celebration的区别gnized over the past year, with China han service specification meeting procedures, complete the lion for data representation, and the Liao Wenxi captain of the “three heart feeling” to learn to read, hope all members actively cooperate with China han Liao Wenxi capt杭州天气ain, do a good job in the coming year, work together, Take theteams Wah Han Serviinaugural addressce to a new level.

Ru Chunxu, President

Chairman Liu qihai affirmed the thriftyregularization spteam是什么意思翻译irit and high morale of the Chinese service tfirst nameeamregular翻译. He hopesregular的所有形式 that in the coming Lion year, he can work with all of you to carry forward the lion spirit, actively carry out public w杭州雷峰塔倒塌事件elfare projects, achieve dreams with service, and create brilliance togefirstlyther in harmony.

Liu Qihai, Chairman

Mr. Yang Chunfirst青年电影展zhao, the chairman of the conference, gave a speech of韩国电影 thanks to the leaders, guests and lion friends for their support, the hard workfirst是什么意思 of the preparatory team, and the dedication of the sponfirstname填姓还是名sors. Wang Jingyi, the little li韩漫on, brregularlyought three magnifholdingicent dance performances to the applause of the audience.

The inauguratiregular翻译on ceremony may have ended, but the idea of love lives on. I believe that in the coming year, under the leadership of Captain Liao Wenxi, Hua-han Service team will carservice是什么意思ry forward the spirit of “four Out” and continaugural翻译ribute to public welfare while inheriting lservice是什么故障灯ions club culture and spirit.

Group photo. PNG


The text/cefirst怎么读ll

Photo/Gao Rui, Xu Jinghua, Sun Yuping

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