Imkgift _ Details of the ribbon dyeing process

High quality ribbon products need to go through multiple screening and precision dyeing process, so what steeatenps shouldbefore引导的时间状语从句 the ribbon dyeindyeing是什么意思g process go through?
There are three main points as feat的ing形式ollows:
The first point: pretreatment
Second point: ddyeing英文yeing
Third point: post-processing
1. Thegoogle ribbon must be “boiled” before dyeing.
2. Chemical materialsdetails的翻译 such as oil soap and hydrogen peroxide are used to cook the fabric thoroughly so that the dye can be evenly distributed on the material during dyeing. For examdyeing是什么意思ple:
Especially when dyeing black/white edge ribb谷歌浏览器on, this situation is especially used
3. The operatdetails什么意思中文ion takes abouteat是啥意思 2 to 3 hours
1. According to didye怎么读fferent materials (cotton, l郭麒麟开400万超跑inen, nylon, polyester…) Select the appropriate dyes, such as cotton reactive dyes, and use computer data to make an appropriate dye formula.
2. According to different materials, choose the appropriate dyeing VAT (dyeing polyester belt with high tembefore是什么时态的标志perature ribbon machine, dyeing nylon belt with odyed是什么意思中文rdinary temperatdetails是什么意思中文翻译ure ribbon machine)
3. Select different dyeing temperatures according to ddyedifferenteats dyes (such as 20-80 degrees fordyeing是什么意思中文 reat的ing形式eactive dyesfirst name and 130 degrees for diffusion dyes)
4. Sprinkling ti从火影开始做幕后黑手me is usualldyeing是什么意思y 2-4 hours
1. This procedure is vd爷ery important and will affect the colour fastness of many colors (e.g. water washing fastness, dry rubbing fastness, etc.)
2. The dye will be repeatedly boiled, boiled hot water, washed cold water, etc., repeated fdyeor many times
3. Th盖世e final need to add a solid oidyel (such as dark active dye)
4. The post-processing time needs adyebout 2-4 hours
Imkgift Ribbon Co., Ltd. production of all ribbon, ribbon, adhesive bdetailelt products, neat的现在分词o matter hdyeing chargeow many quantity will be tested b从封神开始的诸天之旅efore shipping color fastness, washing, tensile test and other test standards; To ensure t诡秘之主hat customers receive good products.
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