Knowledge analysis and characteristics of ribbon materials

2. Poor water absorption, constant moisture recovery rate 0.4% (20 degrees, relative humidity 65%, 100g pcitydo集团olyester water absorption 0.4g)
3. Easy to generate static electricit从红月开始y, easy to pilling.
4. Shuttle resistance but not alkali resistance. Notecharacteristics: Alkali at a certain depth will damage the polyester surface at a certain tebutchermperature, making the fabric feel soft
5. Good corrosion resistance and lcharacteristics什么意思中文i从火影开始做幕后黑手ght resistance
6. Pcitydoolyester fabricanalysis的复数s arecover什么意思网络用语 nbutot easy to wrinkle, have good dimensio不同的英文nal stability, easy to wash and dry quickly.
1.FDY(filamenaget) : single fiber parallel smooth and uniform, big light, ligcoverr素材网站ht, half light, extinction brightness is getting weaker.
2.DTY (spring wire) : single fiber bending, low expansion, fluffy shape.
3.DTY network wire (low elastic network wire) : theranalysis软件e are periodic network points to increase the clageustering ability between fibers (including no-net, light net, medium net and heavy net, among which the heavy net can be used as no-pulp sil阿莫西林k).
In general, FDY and DTY must be starched or twisted before warp从天后演唱会出道 can be maage动漫官方入口de.
Sizing: to increase the strength of silk thread and the binding fcharacteristics怎么读orce between fibers,characterized so that the fiber surfacecoverr素材网站 is smoothcharacteristics翻译 and easy to wanalysis的各种变形eave.
Twist: increase the strengt奥美拉唑肠溶胶囊h, increcitydo杭州城市大数据ase the binding force between the fibers, so that the fabric has a crepe effect.
Twist :(T) the number of twists of silk threadcity的复数 pecharacteristics怎么读r centimeter
0 to 10 t/CM soft twist
Twcovermarkist in the 10-20 t/CM
20 t/CM high twist
4.POY (pre-oriented silk) : can be extended witho不太正经的黑科技大佬ut rebound, can not do warp or weft alone, must be companalysis什么意思ounded with other silk, elongation 1.6 times, POY silk is a semi-finished low-elastic network silk, typical fabriccitydo集团: washed velvet.
5.ATY (air deformation silk) : the surface is not smooth, there are wool circles, typcoveringical fabric: tcovernatower velvet
6. Polyester staple fiber: multiple staple fibers are twisted along the axialcity directioamazonn.
7. Polyester slub yarn: filament yarn acharacteristics翻译nd low elastic yarn从红月开始 are twisted together, the speed of elastic bead is slow.
8. Highcharacterize的意思 ela补铁stic wire: high expansion, high fluffy.
9. Polyester cationic silk: it can produce double-coloragent effect with or从姑获鸟开始dinary polyester silk, easy to dye and bright color.
1age. Very good strength, even more than the same fineness of steel wire
2. Wear resistance is very阿莫西林胶囊的作用与功效 good, more than othcovereder textile fibers, suitable for sportswear, socks, pcover什么意思网络用语arachute, cable.
3. Poor water absorption, fixed moisture recovery rate of 4%, easy static, pilling.
4. Alanalysis的动词kali resistance not acidamazon resistance, 37.5% hydrochlorcharacteristic怎么读ic acid can be dissolved.
5. Good corrosion resistanceanalysis是什么意思中文, poor water resistance, poor light resistance acharacter是什么意思啊nd heat resistance, long insolation strength dro从炸掉魂环开始的斗罗ps and yebut是什么意思llows.
6. Garments made of nylon are easy to deform and wrinklbuttere.
Spinningcharacter是什么意思啊 a form: main FDY,ATY.
Spandex (PU)
Properties: elongation 500-800%, low strength, sweat resistacovernatnce, seawater resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance is good, can not do warp and weft alone, must be coated with other si补铁的蔬菜和水果都有哪些lk yarn.
Spandex coating forms mainlycover include: empty package, machine package.
Island composite wire: it is a composite wire made of island wircitydoe and high shrinkage wicity英语怎么读re.
High shrinkage yarn: boiling water shrinkage up to 35% (so the suede rate is very high)
Island silk: microfiber, single fiber up to 0.138
Viscose (R) viscose ficharacteristic是什么意思中文ber
1. The checharacteristic怎么读mical compositage动漫官网ion is the same as ccitydo天眼查otton, and the performancharacteristic是什么意思ce is similar to cotton.
2. Better moisture absorption than cotton, easy to dye, bright dyeing, good color fastage动画ness
3. Low wet strength, 40-60% of dry strength, pcharacteristics怎么读oor不太正经的黑科技大佬 elasticity and wear resi从木叶开始逃亡stance under wet condition, poor washing不同的英文 resistance and dimensional stability ofcharacters viscose fabric.
Spinning form: viscose filament – rayon – rayon
Viscose staple fiber – rayon – spunanalysis软件 rayon vinegar
Acetate fiber
1. Uniform moisture regain 6%, semi-hydrophobic fiber
2. Strength is noagendat good enough, silk-like luster, feel smooth,
3. Soft, easy to deformation, poor w阿玛尼ear resistance,
4. Compared with viscose, acetate fiber has low strength, poor hygroscopic爱美剧ity, poor dyeing, hand feeling, elasticity, luster and warmth.
A: I’ve had a metal lesson
Stainless steel wire, single wirecharacter电影 specification 0.035mm-0.28mm
Fucoverr素材网站nction: flash, ebutlectric, flame阿玛尼 retardant, radiation function.
The above mcover什么意思网络用语aterial information is provided by IMkGIFT ribboanalysis动词形式n, please indicate the source.从天后演唱会出道

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