Ribbon factory & amp; nbsp; Standard for quality assessment of ribbon Velcro

1. Check the appearance
Check whether there are weft block, yarn drawing, random yarn, water ripple, color difference, material surface defect phenomenon should not be more than four times or (total area 1200D/PVC oil stain, scar, low glue leakage, stimulate odor and other bad phenomenon should not exceed 2%).
2. Measure the size
Use code printquality变形er/ruler/thicnbsp网络语言什么意思kness gauge/magnifying glass to measure theamps length, width, thickness and fabric organization specification acceptancquality变形e standard, thickness +/nbsp在html中表示-0.02mm, width -0.5 “, 2400D/PVC length -1%, organizationbsp网络流行语n -2 yarns
3. Test the tensile force: cut the cloth intampmo 6 “*18” and then sstandardizedeassessment是什么意思中文翻译w it well, fix it on the test equipment to teststandards单词含义 its tensile force acceptance standastandard翻译rd: fabric > 60kg, lining > 40kg canvas/linen; Imkgift Ribbon Velcro test tension
4. Test peeling ffactory的复数orce
The PVC bottom clotstandard反义词h is cut intfactory翻译o 2 *10, the PVC bottom is stripped 5 “standard反义词afnbsp网络流行语ter the material surface and PVC each fixamplitudeed strippingstandards单词含义 force is greater than 2500G600 *600D/PVC in the test evelcro什么意思qvelcro啰音uipment (tension table) to test the strippingample fo暖宝视频rce strength. Imkgift ribbon _ Wool hook buckle belt test stripping test pass.
5. Decolorization test Randomly cut 3 pieces of 8 *12 material board and lay them ofactory复数形式怎么写n the table, then takfactory什么意思中文翻译怎么读e white canvas and campe平板电脑多少钱lip it on the test rod. There are obvious decolorization marks onribbons什么意思中文 the surface of the test canvas on the testamplitude rod, which is unacceptable. 600*300DPVC weighs 1kg and then pushes back and forth on the material to be tested by hand for fricribbons怎么读tion test. The friction travel distance is 4 “. Friction back anquality什么意思d foamplituderth 840D/PVC 900D/PVC for 50 times.
6. Antifouling teststandards单词含义
Part of the requirements ofvelcro什么意思 antifouling (3M) treatmentstandards单词含义 of the material, need to randomly cut 3 samples, the samvelcro啰音mp3plribbon和feign区别e is sunken in the tray poured into the test material surface tissue complete尿不湿品牌排行榜ly with water infiltratquality加ifyion represents antifouling (3M) 100D/210D /PVC into thassessment是什么意思英语e appropriate amount of water,ribbon placed for 1 hour to observe whether thribbons什么意思中文e material sfactory怎么读urface has waterassessment怎么读 infiltratstandard反义词ion material processingquality加ify unqualified.
7. Soft and hard test
Pinch test with hand feel. According to customer’s sample or our sample as standard.
8. Measure the weight
Average weight per meter (Y) i宁波石浦大酒店n pounds as per sample or order requirements: +/-3%

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