Between ribbon yarn-dyed back ribbon

What is intercolor
Intermediate color, also known as “second color”. A color of which two of the three primyarn的工作流程ary colors ayarn是什么意思re mixed together. When wribbon和feign区别e mix tyarn是什么意思英语he rbackup是啥意思ed and yellow of the three primary colodyed下载rs eqback是什么意思中文uallbetween翻译y, we can get orange, mix the red and cyanback equally to get purple, and mix thbackbonee yellow abetweennd cyan equally to get green. In professional terms, we call the colors produced by the equal mribbon负载均衡策略ixing obackf the three primary colors secondary colors. Of course, the three original tones are nearly black. In the deployment, due to the amount of primary colorbackward in the number of different, so can produce rich color changes. In the Book of Rites, Yu Zao says: “Dress in proper colback是什么意思中文or, dress in alternate color.”
What is an interribbon
Intercbackolor ribbon is the ribbon ribbon product in the face of a relatively single and pure color ribbon produbackpackcts with difdyed软件fbetween的用法是什么erent colors of strip shape, intercolor is based oyarn的工作流程n the ternary color reason, color mixbackspace键是什么意思 configubackspace键是什么意思ration of different colors intercolor ribbon. Most commonly seen between the ribbon is in the children’s plush toys above thyarn全称e interchromatic lattice belt. Interribbon is not only ubetween的用法是什么sed for children’s toy decoration,ribbons怎么读 in clothing, luggage industry is also very common.
Intertone back pattern
When it comes to the ribbon, the ribbon has to be referred to as the color back, with the pursuit of the beauty of the individual consumption in recent yribbon怎么读ears, different people interpretation of the United States is differenyarnst. Prefeback怎么读rence also vbetween怎么读啊laries, especially for men’s interlace, which is often used to adorn men’s jeans abackgroundnd suspenders. And the use of interchromatribbon怎么读ic ribbon is elastic intercbetween是什么意思英语hromatic ribbon. Wdyed怎么读ith the different needs of the marbetween翻译ket intercolor ribbon is alsoyarn安装 useful in gifbetween是什么意思英语t packaging edge decoration and sportswear decoration above.
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